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Art of War

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Session Excerpt
==Session Excerpt==
 Transcript - Right now we're in a bit of a holding pattern in the larger collective fields, because what I'm really getting is that because of what's happening in mid July, nothing is being grandly orchestrated into an initiation of something radically new right now. We have a massive conflict happening right now on the earth, and what I feel we're waiting for, and when I say "we", I am talking about the Guardian consciousness that is witnessing the resistance patterns that is current happening in the earth body. You have to understand, as strange as it sounds, it's like we are in the [[Art of War]]. You have major events that happen to the planet, like a massive opening or major change in the [[Planetary Grid Network]]s, and then you have a bunch of entities from different factions with different agendas, these groups are jockeying for position to try to steal it or access it or get in through it. And you don't know, at the least from their standpoint, we don't know what the result of that jockeying for position will be. Once we get a certain level of critical mass where an action needs to be taken given the information we can get in the current conditions, then we take it.
I know right now that's what the project in Egypt is about, because the area of Giza in Egypt is the fourth dimensional Stargate and is the solar gate. What happens there has a lot of determination in terms of the future, which is what is happening right now. Meaning what they're basically saying is that this last May, June and July (2010) is an extremely important period in the shift into a new timeline, which decides different vibrational choices for the direction of human beings as a group in the Solar fields. So I feel like what were doing as a part of the Guardian family is we're standing around in a holding pattern, waiting to see who's going to choose what and then with that information, we can move to another direction as the strategy. Because this event creates a change in the way our missions are oriented toward [[Service to Others]], in the most efficient way that supports the larger whole of humanity.

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