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Phantom Matrix

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==Tiamat as Phantom Matrix==
This collision with [[Nibiru]] happened millenniums ago with a 5D planet that was between Jupiter and Mars referred to as the female principle Stellar body [[Tiamat]]. This collision was catastrophic and severed the consciousness units of [[Tiamat]] and her Moon consort (Apsu, then son Kingu) which were strewn into pieces as an asteroid belt. This asteroid belt changed the orbits of the inner planets and outer planets of our Solar System. The severed bodies and consciousness of the planet were absorbed into a [[Phantom Matrix]] and its physical remains plummeted into a descending orbit into the 3D density where we now exist. It is a part of this 3D earth planet that we now exist upon.
==Daath Portal==
Essentially, during the [[Luciferian Rebellion]] the [[NAA]] captured the [[Family of Michael]] and got access into the Arc portal passages and gained control of the [[Spine of Albion]], which infected multiple layers of portals with artificial matrices transmitting from within the 11D gateways, including the [[Daath]] portal. They intended to infiltrate all of the [[Grual Point]]s in the [[Universal Time Matrix]] with artificial coding which would drag the consciousness located there into the [[Phantom Matrix|Phantom Matrices]].<ref>[ Artificial Timeline Wars]</ref>
[[Beast Machine]]
[[Artificial Timelines versus Organic Timelines]]
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