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The damage on the [[Golden Eagle Grid]] is related to the [[Seraphim]] group consciousness bodies that became inverted or reversed upon themselves, as a result of these alien machines that used [[AI]] to gain access to the 3-6-9 Arc Portal passages, and spawned Fallen Angelic Seraphim.<ref>[ Artificial Timeline Wars]</ref>
[[File:375px-Seraphim - Petites Heures de Jean de Berry.jpg|thumb|Seraphim]]
The '''Seraphim''' lineage is one of the original Founder Primal Sound Fields of the Gold Order [[Ray]], which encompasses the Seraph lineage of which would be called the Winged Ones, in terms of avian genetic bird beings, or the Angelic Seraphim. They are a extension of of the Family entity of RA (14D) from the next Universe through [[Andromeda Galaxy]], the [[Seven Higher Heavens]] which live within the practices of the [[Law of One]].

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