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Contrary to the current controlled scientific narrative, the [[Egyptians|Egyptian races]] are much older than believed as these spiritual lineages have genetic memory that originally came from [[Tara]]. When these lineages incarnated upon the earth, they were the main human hosting tribe and were much more technologically advanced with diversified diamond sun genetics, in order to redirect the Egyptian culture back to the practices of the [[Law of One]]. Hence, the [[Blue Flame MelchizedekMelchizedeks]]s and the pharaonic royal lines had retained written records from Taran [[Tara]]n timeline history and had cellular memory of the [[Galactic Wars]] transpiring in Orion and [[Fall of Lyra|Lyra]]. They had a basic technological knowledge of the mechanics of the planetary ley lines[[Ley Lines]], and were aware of the location of the celestial star patterns and planetary stargates.
Thus, they had much higher functioning brains and a working thalamus center that gave them consciousness transport capabilities, along with a sophisticated understanding of how the planetary templar functioned to move spectrums of frequency into the [[Ley Lines]] from the energetic current circulating throughout the planetary grid network. Some had access to high level Atlantian hand-held technology that was left to the [[Maji Grail King|Magi grail lines]] by the Founders after the cataclysm, as well as having ongoing communication with other off planet civilizations to cooperate with utilizing ancient builder technologies that would help to rebuild and advance the earth civilizations from out of the dark age. The accurate historical timelines of the Egyptian civilization have been erased in mainstream science and replaced with the approved controller narrative of humans evolving from apes.
The three main pyramids at the [[Giza]] plateau were intentionally built to align with the three main stars in [[Orion’s Belt]] in order to harmonically resonate and transmit the [[Artificial Flower of Life]] Geometry frequency patterns, through massive sizes of mathematical transmissions in golden mean rectangle current spirals sourcing out from the [[NAA]] base in the [[Metagalactic Core]].
The golden mean spirals would transmit from the Metagalactic plane and then descend into the lower dimensions, which would compact into smaller sizes of geometric formulas that produced finite energy fibonacci spirals in order to recode the [[Giza ]] stargate system and run these reversal codes into the planetary grid system. Thus, the fibonacci [[Fibonacci]] spiral and its mathematical sequence is found on the earth within physical forms that hold a finite nature, as this mathematical pattern is designed for the recycling of finite energy while existing within [[Closed Source|closed energy systems]]. It generates a growth pattern that disconnects it from the eternal source field, thus propagating a finite life cycle and rapid deterioration during the aging process. The [[Fibonacci]] formula does not have an inner spiral which maintains its center point connection, as it expands and grows larger it is progressively disconnected from the source field, removed from the direct connection to its heart center.
As biological forms based in the [[Fibonacci]] sequence grow and expand they require more energy to maintain themselves and thus, require external living things and energy sources in which to feed upon in order to maintain their existence. As these beings grow into larger field sizes, they require more consumption and this implodes the heart center into a black hole, disconnecting them from their center and then destroying the emotional body. This helps us to understand how these entities digressed into metatronic bodies and were left without a heart or emotional center, which disconnected them from the source field.

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