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The evolution of the embodiment of the #REDIRECT [[Krystallah]] female principle architecture has been producing “[[Mother Plasma Rings]]” around the diamond sun lightbody which link directly into the Universal [[Creatrix Field]] and have a function of installing sonic pillars in the planetary grid for the purpose of correcting the inverted sound wave formations, collapsing [[AI Timelines]] and anchoring [[Sophianic Female Coding|Sophianic codes]]. The [[Cosmic Trinity]] connects directly through these plasma rings forming into sonic pillars that are creating new structures in time, adjusting the [[Cosmic Clock]] through the upgraded sound tones.<ref>[ Sophianic Plasma Shield]</ref> ==Mother's Stream==[[Mother’s Stream]] has manifested into [[Plasma Rings]] that appear to be transfiguring previously dormant or nullified sound bodies in the morphogenetic imprints of creation. These sound wave transmissions are rapidly building vibrational pressure that is amplifying polarities in the world of forces which are catalyzing oceanic cascades of tri-wave source energy transmitting into the quantum layers. This seeds light sparks into the [[Dark Matter Template]] which is activating its higher spiritual functions. The circulation of the recently activated magnetic sound fields are transmitting liquid plasma crystal sparks that are activating more of the 45-degree diagonal lines in the diamond grid network, which as a result of being turned on are purging out reversal female networks and shadow elements used by the satanic hierarchies. The verticals and diagonals are emitting liquid plasma light crystal sparks from the [[Mother’s Stream]] running into the female principled sound body architecture, which is forming into the larger [[Plasma Rings]] that create the [[Sophianic Plasma Shield]].<ref>[ Sophianic Plasma Shield]</ref> ==References==  <references/> ==See Also== [[Mass Consciousness Global Awakening]] [[Krystallah Sophianic Sonic Pillars]] [[Mother's Stream]] [[Dark Matter Template]]    [[Category: Ascension]][[Category:Newsletter]]

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