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These collective realities provide the framework of belief systems from which these groups will learn to rehabilitate their thought-forms without [[Mind Control]], and learn higher principles of service, which form the evolutionary format for learning in the next lifetime or incarnation. Many of them will amplify their negative ego belief systems into fanaticism and they will start to leave this earth through a death crisis of the body. '''Over the next few years the tragic nature of the death of the body may be very hard to observe in the masses'''. It is a rough time for many confused people of the earth, however, there are just levels of consciousness that cannot stay upon the earth now and must begin routing for transit. They will take this belief system, whether religion, science, or violence with them in the next life, and their reality will be a holographic mirror to their matched group consciousness frequency.
Essentially the current phase of the bifurcation [[Bifurcation in time Time]] is sorting group consciousness [[Group Consciousness]] that exist between the frequency levels of: [[Negative Ego]] with predator polarities or the [[Vandal groupsGroups]], Human Ego thought-forms polarized in [[Service to Self]], Soul in astral plane willing to learn [[Service to Others]], and the [[Monad]]ic plane and higher consciousness which serves the Cosmic Sovereign [[Law of One]] completely.<ref>[ Consciousness Corridor]</ref>

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