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[[Lyran-Sirian Founders|Lyran Sirian]] contact expressed that those responsible to guard and protect humanities genetic records and hidden histories were primarily ambassadors of the Sirian administration councils. The Sirian Lodge is a Hall which oversaw the 6D networks which acted as the portal for Star and [[Indigo]] Races to incarnate on the earth plane through the [[Amenti]] halls. This Lyran-Sirian administrative body created the Azurite council for the sole purpose of a collective team to support the human embodiment of the [[Jesus Christ]] or Yeshua Mission to repair these networks and secure the Amenti field. The [[Azurites]] were assigned primary responsibility for the carrying out of the [[Covenant of Paliador]] which is to recover the lost souls of Tara.The origination of the [[Azurites]] goes back to the races that were formed by the [[RA Confederacy]] and seeded on the [[Gaian Matrix]].
Three embodiments were always used to hold the tone sequence in matter, base, overtone, resonator, or positive, negative, neutral. The Azurite task force was created to protect, build and guard the Stargates on earth from 1D-5D. This failed, thus, the inner gates of [[Amenti]] were sealed and LR was disbanded from the Azurite teams in early 2004 to begin reclamation of the [[Christos MisssionMission]] with upgrades for [[Ascension Plan B]]. Internal conflicts remained and some former members defected.
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