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==Power Elites or Cabal==
The [[Power Elite]] are a small group of people who conjure [[Black Magic]] through dark rituals that are used for maintaining contact with the [[NAA]], in order to control the entire planet through the manipulation of the [[Collective Consciousness]] through fear based programming that is transmitted via [[Mind Control]].
==Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide==
Sadly, the heavy burden most [[Awakening]] people carry is the difficult realization that the majority of intelligent people around them will only glance superficially at some enormous [[Disclosure]] event of great importance, disregarding any semblance of [[Critical Thinking]], common sense and reason.
As the result of full spectrum [[Mind Control]] programming exposure, many still don’t seem to care to inquire any further into the crimes made against humanity. Instead, their situational awareness is compromised as they continue to ignore blaring red flags and reinforce the mainstream [[Propaganda]] of [[Satanic]] based ideological subversion and their [[Controlled narratives]]. Rather than dig deeper to question what has happened to our civilization through an open dialogue or be willing to review critically important information that is available to those willing to look at it, they just shut down and ignore that situation entirely. Many of those awake and aware to current anti-human genocidal agendas see that many people around them insist on avoiding addressing anything that would disrupt their reality bubble or personal comfort zone. Those awakening to the [[Controller]] deceptions and atrocious crimes of [[Genocide]] will be facing more of these social and relational difficulties this year, as the [[3D Breakdown]] continues to crumble the [[Controller Pillars of Society|main pillars of society]] from within. <ref>[ Enlightened Contact]</ref>

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