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[[Dark Force Manipulation Methods]]
[[Holographic Insert]]
To have better discernment, the experience of New Age Astral bliss has a profile that may look like:
* Complacency
* Easily mentally confused, vacant eyes and expression, incoherent speech or communication
* Hedonistic or bohemian personality, a total sensualist nature (Do what thou wilt)Alien implanted, unaware of the existence of implants or mind control
* Unwilling to confront or face negativity or bad behaviors for fear of being labeled judgmental
The [[Christ]] energies feel "foreign", uncomfortable or dark to many astral bliss people. (the 12 D shield may feel incongruent to those who like hanging out in the astral body, there is still a lot of fear and addiction in the body)Sickly green colors, feels slimy energetically, similar to drug feelings like "pot"(Lower sexual abuse energy with astral bliss is 2D Baphomet field. [[Baphomet]] field is where the body is contorting with lower spirits passing through it, eyes rolled back, panting, sweating, like in tribal spirit dancing)
All of the above are stages of astral exploration and a normal process of soul evolution. The problem happens when the person refuses to grow out or evolve from this lower state. This is the general state of what the New Age circles have created, there is no ego clearing, people are emotionally wounded and stunted and as a result, lack the higher stages of spiritual integration. People get stuck in the [[Astral Plane]].
There are many mastery levels of the Spirits and [[Virtues]] of God which result in stages of mastery with certain embodied levels of consciousness experience, and one of those experiences is Bliss. This is an organic and natural result from the acquiring of spiritual virtues and spiritual ethics that result in the state of achieving God-Love-Bliss.
==God - Christ Bliss State==

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