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There are many mastery levels of the Spirits and [[Virtues]] of God which result in stages of mastery with certain embodied levels of consciousness experience, and one of those experiences is Bliss. This is an organic and natural result from the acquiring of spiritual virtues and spiritual ethics that result in the state of achieving God-Love-Bliss.
==God - Christ Bliss State== 
Higher bliss states are very much what has been discussed previously with developing Krystic attributes, and include a natural expansion of virtues that are spiritual forces in nature. The profile for higher God-Love- Bliss states achieved in sacred marriage with God are:
* Access God-Love-Bliss whenever one is still, there is a consistent flowing of loving and peaceful energy
I hope this is helpful to increase higher discernment as the state of being and the definition of the word Bliss can be very confusing. The states of Astral bliss generally promoted in the New Age have nothing to do with the state of God-Love-Bliss achieved in the natural communion with God. [[Astral Bliss]] is an addictive substance that is sourced from the false light in the NAA’s [[False Ascension Matrix]].
<ref>[ What is Astral Bliss]</ref>

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