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'''What is the New Age Astral Bliss?'''
What I have observed is that when the soul-spirit is wounded, people lose their deeper emotional sensory ability, thus, many of these people become buried in [[Three Layers of Ego]] and the subconscious pain [[Pain Body]] that they may refuse to face or deal with in the material reality. As a result of pain body avoidance, their body’s inner child defense mechanism will split itself in the personality layers which creates walls of separation. That wall exists as a blockage in their emotional body, and this prevents their ability to feel or sense deeply, only the surface instinctual emotions will be experienced and to which are confused as "love". This kind of instinctual feeling of love or bliss has an attachment of addictive like reactions. Most people do not realize to access true love, one must access truth, the ability to see the actual reality as it is in the moment. So if someone refuses to deal with pain or fear, they are blocked from seeing the light of truth, and they create a reality bubble of fantasy as an type of escape mechanism for the inner child.  
Some of the New Age material has promoted horrifying damage to people this way.

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