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Twilight Mastery

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God Source can be discovered from within everything and IS everywhere. So even in this realm of dark, false or corrupted systems, while facing it can be an unpleasant experience, many of us undergo our initiations into higher wisdom by facing the “dark” forces present within these systems. We all will undergo [[Ascension Stages|spiritual initiations]] of developing inner knowledge by comprehending the difference between the dark and light without judging either side.
These circumstances can provide a level of service leading us to energetic Self Mastery in order to fully comprehend the illusory nature of the 3D reality, and the various agendas at work down here in the globalscape. Once we understand how the [[Negative Ego]] works and how the [[Pain Body]] controls us until we learn [[12 Practices of Self Awareness| personal self awareness]], then we start to observe the [[Law of Vibration|vibrational ]] and energetic nature of reality. We then may understand these hidden agendas at work and stop them from manipulating us into lower desires, [[Addiction]]s and [[Archontic Deception Behavior|destructive and painful behaviors]]. When we start to be responsible and [[Accountability|accountable]] for ourselves and for our behaviors, then we are given a choice on how we wish to participate. This is the road to personal freedom and Sovereignty or [[GSF]].
A common denominator that seems to be observed in the Spiritual Leader’s blind spot leading them to participate in [[Twilight Mastery]] is the lack of [[Negative Ego]] training or awareness of the multidimensional bodies (the spiritual-energetic anatomy). The biggest spiritual test is one of personal character and will, when given fame or power over others. When an ego is given a perception of power, money or influence over others, such as in a [[Group Consciousness]] who does s/he become? A Spiritual Leader is a humble servant. Any person who is a leader is a servant to the people, and if they forget this they easily digress into a [[Leadership Vs. Tyranny|Tyrant]].

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