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==Black Madonna Negative Form Body==
Through the religious misinformation that was proselytized by the False Father Gods, (many times under the threat of torture) they intentionally formed misogyny into the shaping of religious beliefs. The satanic forces in the church have used the Achamoth body to create [[Negative Form]] identities to hide the true identity of [[Christos-Sophia]]. Humans feed into the [[Satanic]] forces through observing their rituals promoted in an alien false religion with blood, child and human sacrifice practices, hidden in plain sight. (See the [[Moloch]]) This set up the current spreading into mainstream of Satanic Ritual Abuse [[SRA]] and [[Satanic]] forces on the earth. This means that there are many human beings that have allowed their bodies to be a vessel of satanic forces, without their direct awareness. As they embody [[Satanic]] force they conjure and manifest more dark creatures which embody the thought substance and infect the masses. The Violent Religions|Roman Catholic Church ]] attempted to replicate the divine female image to be relegated to the worship of [[Black Madonna Network|Black/Reversal Madonna networks]]. This was intended as a leash to maintain the enslavement to suppress the heart language of Sophia. [[Black Madonna]], Fatima worship and all Catholic idols of Mary are gridded energetically to feed [[Satanic]] forces to impregnate the [[Sophianic Body]] to manifest miscreants through her [[Negative Form]], Baphomet. This way the [[False King of Tyranny]] can control the power sources on the planet, as they access the satanic version of mother enslaved in the bowels of the earth, when needed.Baphomet is the satanic force replicant sigil which was created from the body of the Achamoth.This is [[Christos-Sophia]]'s negative form controlled and projected out into the world by the satanic forces. Through its worship and feeding, she is held hostage by its collective power in the world. The Baphomet symbol represents the enslavement and torture of the true Christos Sophia and [[Mother Arc]] of God on this earth. Until the Mother of God and Sophia's Holy Spirit are freed to be embodied in matter, women all over the earth remain enslaved through the Baphomet.How the [[Negative Form]] is "passively" manifested physically in human beings to feed the Sophianic negative form is to think of Muslim women covered in black sheets with their face/identity shrouded from head to toe. If they show a body part they may be killed, if they are raped by a man, they will be killed. This is the physical symbol of Baphomet, the enslaved Black Madonna female in the earth impregnated without her choice to give birth to deformed or deviant creatures. To physically express that is to unconsciously feed hatred into the Black Madonna and Fatima network of which continually ensures Christos Sophia's enslavement.
==How the Baphomet is used today==

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