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[[File:AscensionProcess.png|thumb|Initiation,Absorption & Integration]]
Inner Sustainability is Integrated Spiritual [[Ascension]] and is the ultimate energetic sustainability when we self source from within our [[Soul]] and [[Monad]] connection, our personal spiritual source field connected directly with God. As we are progressively undergoing undergo [[Expanding Consciousness]] through the activation of internal [[Kundalini]] energies traveling up the spinal column and into our [[Chakra]] system, we end consumptive modeling and vampirism of other people's energies. Then we are capable to self source internal life force energies and develop our spiritual bodies into their highest expression and clear purpose, clearing [[Negative Ego]] and the [[Pain Body]].
* Inner Sustained Vs. Energetic Parasitism (ending recycling of reincarnation and Alien [[Mind Control]]),

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