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In the esoteric study of the [[Sephiroth]] of the Hebrew ([[Hibiru Tribes]]) Kabbalah, this is relevant to the sphere of [[Yesod]], the [[Moon]] as well as the archdemon Black Lilith. [[Baphomet]] is intricately involved in all deceptions and trickery relating to the [[Seducer Archetype]] which promotes the [[Sexual Misery]] Programming of the lunar forces or [[Moon Chain]] Lineages.
==Aleistar Crowley==
The Baphomet of Lévi was to become an important figure within the cosmology of Thelema, the mystical system established by Aleister Crowley in the early twentieth century. Baphomet features in the Creed of the Gnostic Catholic Church recited by the congregation in The Gnostic Mass, in the sentence: "And I believe in the Serpent and the Lion, Mystery of Mystery, in His name BAPHOMET.<ref> [ Baphomet, Wikipedia]</ref>
==The Manifestation of the Baphomet==

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