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Before people start to consider how [[Self Acceptance]] plays a key role in the development of one’s personal character, many have forgotten that building character through having a better comprehension of one’s own [[Self Esteem]] is indeed one of the most important aspects of personality development and spiritual development. Through gaining self acceptance, we build healthy self-esteem and this supports us to make realistic goals with higher spiritual purpose, to cultivate virtues, which are strengths of character and the power of our spiritual person. In order to progress through the [[Ascension]] process, strengthening ourselves to grow into well balanced and healthy functioning people, we will need to address areas of our self-acceptance and ability to access states of forgiveness. Finding genuine self-acceptance and the ability to feel and generate actions of forgiveness towards the self and others are important to progress beyond emotional stagnation. Both are deeply entwined with each other in developing a stronger base of self-esteem and inner core. To go beyond personal issues of low self-worth, we are required to build our inner foundation which will progress us further to develop stronger character virtues[[Virtues]]. <ref>[ Self Acceptance]</ref>
==Character Virtues==
Character [[Virtues]] such as embodying the [[Spirit of Purity|spirits of purity]], [[Spirit of Kindness|kindness]], [[Spirit of Patience|patience]], [[Spirit of Diligence|diligence]], [[Spirit of Discipline|discipline]], [[Spirit of Generosity|generosity]] all of which require great personal strength to help develop our character. It is the strength of character which allows us to more easily endure life’s challenges and deal with stressors in productive and peaceful ways. As we develop strength in our character, the virtues are powerful energetic forces which bring great harmony in one's life, filling it with great peace, comfort and joy.
However, generally what is misunderstood is that [[Virtues]] appear as weakness to many people, when they are actually great strengths in spiritual forces of power. It is much easier to live with character defects blaming others for all our problems in our life. This creates great weakness in our energetic foundation and our prayer focus and meditation strength. It takes great courage and strength to really be honest, face ourselves and be willing to do the inner emotional work. When we have reached a degree of [[Spiritual Maturity]] and we are willing to do our own emotional work, we are extremely rewarded later on the spiritual path with an incredible amount of spiritual power, strength and focus. It is the strength of one’s inner foundation and character which far supersedes the ego weaknesses of instant gratification. This strengthening of one’s internal character allows one to more easily cope with the many challenges and stressors in our everyday life on planet earth. When we are stronger spiritual people, and we have a strong internal core, this builds our relating skills through building inner confidence without ego arrogance. It improves our ability to better communicate with a variety of kinds of people, whether they are on the ascension [[Ascension]] path or not.
==Strong Core Self==
A person with a strong core does not need others to be something they are not, and does not take on others pain, their ego suffering and desperate actions as personal affronts or insults. At this level of awareness, we can see people are in pain when they lash out or play out [[Emotional Manipulation|emotional tantrums]]. Thus, we refuse to play the archetypes of drama which energetically feed into that same pain. As much as many people may not want to admit it, a stronger inner core foundation can be established with how a person builds character, especially when self-worth is a primary factor in shaping and molding the values and virtues of a balanced individual. Without a strong core developed with healthy self-acceptance and self-esteem , personal goals and spiritual goals are directly impacted leaving one feeling confused and chaotic about their life circumstances. In the swirling chaos a person without a strong core cannot read what is truth and what is deception.
==Overcoming Self Deception==

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