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Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) are a group of progressive and fatal conditions that are associated with prions and affect the brain and nervous system of many animals, including humans, cattle, and sheep. According to the most widespread hypothesis, they are transmitted by prions, though some other data suggest an involvement of a Spiroplasma infection.

Mental and physical abilities deteriorate and many tiny holes appear in the cortex causing it to appear like a sponge when brain tissue obtained at autopsy is examined under a microscope. The disorders cause impairment of brain function, including memory changes, personality changes and problems with movement that worsen chronically. [1]

Breakdown of Mental Faculties

Additionally, there are the harmful effects of the toxic substances being put in some of the injection lots along with the inorganic and artificial magnetic nanotech frequencies that are digressing mental faculties through a gradual deterioration over time that is similar to Sponge Brain symptomology. The bio-weapon was designed with many experimental mind control nanotech elements which were intended to degrade the human target’s Bio-Neurology during real time mental and emotional body processing which can suddenly reach startling levels of incoherence, mental fracturing, memory problems and confusion happening mid dialogue.

Observing the breakdown of mental faculties and vaccine related accidents happening around us is something that those awakened to this harsh reality must prepare for in coming months [2022]. The outer environment is shifting with the increased onset of strange or unusual behaviors linked to social situations which surface sudden physical, mental or emotional impairment. [2]


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