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When a person chooses the intent of learning, clearing, exploring and studying the Ascension material provided by Energetic Synthesis or HGS, and when directly using HGS calibration procedures, one must take responsibility for their personal sovereignty by setting personal intent, consent and authority. This body of work is in the Law of Intent, Law of Consent to Authority of the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One. If one does not agree with these Terms of Use nor understands its Consent to Authority, one should not study or use this material.

Having clear intent with the purpose of which the Ascension material is being created and accessed is referred to as GSF or God-Sovereign-Free Behavior, which include actions made towards one's self responsibility and personal Accountability. Personal responsibility and accountability are necessary steps of commitment in developing higher Consciousness.

Statement of Action and Responsibility

If you are in agreement with the Terms of Use and its intentions as stated above, please continue to state the below commitment to yourself and then continue to the Introduction and Overview. If this Terms of Use does not resonate with you, it is suggested to discontinue reading and stop now.

By continuing to read further, you are agreeing to collaborate with the HGS energy network in alignment to its mission statement as above.

I, ________________________ state with my whole heartfelt intention and agreement to use my personal consent and privilege to access the HGS template from the clear intention of maximizing my highest spiritual expression and consciousness power while being of harmless service to others. I accept accountability for my actions and behaviors and I am willing to open my heart to know my true self and personal power. I am aware that intentional violation of the Terms Of Use will render the system inactive, ineffective and will amplify energetic cause and effect.

I am the Cosmic Sovereign Law made manifest.

Signed, this day of ________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for choosing to be responsible for your actions. Please continue with many blessings to share with as many people as possible.


Found on Page 10 of the HGS Manual

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