From Ascension Glossary

Transcript: In the awakening human, especially our particular group of awakening World Healers, I am observing all kinds of new energetic phenomena with much more complexity. I have viewed various structures and devices from Alien origination (other life forms, non-human forces) and what I would refer to as “Super-impositional” forces draining or creating discordance in a person’s energy field. I define Super-impositional to mean thay the person is not consciously aware of this energetic or alien attachment and this energy structure or program has been imposed upon them in an area of their consciousness that they have not yet cultivated. This superimpositional energy is uninvited and parasitic in nature and utilizes the power source of a particular human energy body that the human may not even be aware he or she has this as an foreign aspect operating from within themselves. When your energy is being drained or utilized by another source, even if you are not aware of it, it depletes YOU.

It becomes a negative interference in your energy body creating blockages such as illness or difficulties in manifestation. In accelerated cases it can result in a full or partial Possession. This is why it is important to begin to use your own higher sensory perception so that you can become aware of these energies and then take charge. You become the captain of your ship by directing your own personal energies for your own intentional use. In this way you, as a multidimensional energy being, become very difficult to be manipulated or controlled by these negative forces. As you have greater comprehension of how these dark forces work, you will gain greater self mastery and awareness, creating liberation from these lower forces.


PSD Class One

Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 42