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Surrender – By being present in the moment, and surrendering to the now, judgments and future expectations of others are completely dissolved. Every connection or personal contact holds an opportunity for growth and learning. Attempt to neutralize polarity thinking and division by asking for the deeper meaning, the needed change or lesson of growth that is inherent in a circumstance, especially one that appears or feels painful to you. Surrendering to the now moment and feeling the feelings, while holding unconditional love allows greater acceptance to neutralize painful or confusing situations. If we constrict in a defensive posture or hold on to defend the situation, it amplifies the negativity of that situation and makes that situation vulnerable to interference and superimposed wills. Learn to let go, and let God.

Relationship Mastery Guideline

Relationship Mastery Guidelines is has nine basic steps and is a Service to Others method based in the Law of One and cultivating GSF Behavior, while reaping the mutual energetic benefits of experiencing more spiritual connection, and increased love and appreciation returning back from others to you.

Improving our Compassionate communication with others, improving our relating skills, personally and in group dynamics, is a skill set that will go a long way to serve your mission. With that in mind we set forth a few guidelines to remember when communicating with others or relating with others. The eighth step is Surrendering to the highest expression of your purpose by being fully present to the now, not defending Negative Ego positions.

Dismantling Ego

In the process of our unraveling consciousness in this human drama setting, this is one of the experiences that we have set up as "spirit" to create the experience of learning to FULLY Surrender to divine forces. It is a complete dismantling of our ego and Ego Defense Mechanism. This is the crossroads where we start to leave the world of human order and align to the divine plan for our lives. To many of our earthly cohorts, biological families and old energy friends, it will appear as if we have stepped off the edge of a chasm into a realm of insanity.[1]

Letting Go

This is the aspect of higher mind which holds access to a threshold of consciousness that is devoid of deep heart based Compassion and true empathy. It hangs on to the edge of the Consciousness abyss until it can fully let go and surrender, dissolving into the oceanic field of loving compassion. Jumping over the Luciferian Abyss is the final point of surrender where we may feel fear we will be swallowed into the black hole of nothingness.At this point we stand at the edge of the abyss over the massive void. We must Surrender to God to make the leap of faith and jump over to the other side into the arms of our Mother. This is why after achieving the Observer Point if feelings of Compassion do not naturally follow through an open heart, intentional effort to open the heart, commune with Mother and heal the inner child will be required to access the higher heart principle.[2]

Surrender to Now

Everything is in the now moment. When our core existence is challenged during such immense levels of transformation, we may feel the magnification of the smallest issue be amplified so that it feels like a life or death matter. This may feel scary, we can feel threatened by being forced to change. This is why knowing these changes are critical for our evolution and trying to surrender to them without fighting it, lashing out or becoming angry will make the process easier. Greater acceptance is required now, learning how to surrender is a daily practice. Problems we used to obsess about or believe they were a big deal, are losing their importance in our lives. There is something so much larger happening here. There is nothing to hold onto any longer. We must become less attached to things and be willing to let go of spiritually bankrupt values in order to survive the transformation required to become more balanced with our own sense being a true human being. So what does it mean for us to be in alignment to the God Source and Law of One, which is the same as asking; what does it mean to be a true humanitarian? [3]

Divine Surrender

We are experiencing the pushing and pulling between the old energetic structure and the platform of our new energetic reality through radical Magnetic Field Shifting. We are being asked to hold the core of our essence and truth vibration in the midst of some challenging external events. (ever developing the continuing strength of our core and sublimation of our Ego Mind’s need to impose its will on the situation. Not my will but God’s will!) Divine surrender has taken on another level of meaning for us at this time. There is nothing else to do but Surrender to the moment that’s in front of you.

It makes for interesting moments of spontaneous synchronicities and out of the blue and sudden movements in between long runways of quiet or stillness. It gives us a feeling of magnetic choppiness as the sensation of how we actually feel the external energies moving around us. That choppiness can make one feel disoriented (what day is this?) to lightly dizzy. (what’s going on in my brain?) We have been spending a lot of time needing to sleep, to meditate or lay down in order to integrate our new selves.[4]


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