Luciferian Abyss

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At the stage of achieving the monadic embodiment of the Observer Point, one will progress in Consciousness to become a vessel of which expresses the Law of Compassion, or will remain stunted at the stage of Observer Point consciousness.

This level of the Observer Point is when the higher mind remains static as a result of not synthesizing with the higher heart opening and this is what defines the Luciferian Abyss.

This is the aspect of the higher mind which holds access to a threshold of observer consciousness that is devoid of deep heart based Compassion and true empathy. It hangs on to the edge of the consciousness abyss in the higher mental body until it can fully let go and surrender, dissolving into the vast oceanic field of loving compassion. Jumping over the Luciferian Abyss is the final point of surrender where we may feel fear that we will be swallowed into the black hole of nothingness.

At this point we stand at the edge of the abyss peering over the massive void. We must surrender to God fully in order to make the leap of faith and jump over to the other side into the loving arms of our Mother. This is why after achieving the Observer Point and emotions go extremely flat, if feelings of Compassion and Empathy do not naturally follow through an open loving heart, there should be an intentional effort to continue to open the heart, to commune with Mother and heal the inner child. Discovering the true bond made between our real God parent, as well as healing the Mother and child bond will be required to access the higher heart principle and fully embody the attributes of Christ Consciousness.

The next stage progressing beyond the Observer Point is feeling encompassed in the Universal Love of God, which emanates loving, peaceful and heart based feelings that are present in the complete state of the Compassionate Witness. Herein lies the Perfect Peace of God.

Practicing the Law of One with the intent to serve God and open one’s higher heart to Compassion and Empathy in meditation is the process which expands consciousness to the levels which access Compassionate Witnessing, through the continual increase of Higher Sensory Perception through acquiring deep sensory feeling abilities. [1]

True Humanity is Empathy

God’s Natural Laws returning to the planetary architecture is of an intelligent design which is manifested directly from the Compassionate Witness of the God Source Essence. The God Source essence is experienced within as that true reverent heart based feeling of Compassion and Empathy for all of life. This is the key to regain our true humanity on this planet, when the majority of people have forgotten their true spiritual identity to the alien Mind Control programming. The Anti-Human structure and laws which are defining the current material reality have been set up and bound to serve the gluttony of the STS agendas of dominating egos. The more the negative egos sacrificed and murdered life for personal or selfish gain, the more karmic disease was spread through Dead Energy and Dead Light miasma, as the polluted imbalances spread into the Collective Consciousness. The collective pollution of the artificial intelligence mental disease has resulted in Psychopathic behavior and an belief system and attitude that is fully disconnected from life. When disconnected from life, one is disconnected from Soul and God’s Source Light. In order to reconnect with life and thus have value for human life, to remember that we are all interconnected, one must practice feeling empathy and Compassion for self and others. This higher quality is the true core essence of every human being’s highest potential in their life expression. Without the experience of feeling deep sensory emotion, a human being becomes disconnected and unable to feel or experience higher consciousness states which are inherently our direct connection with God.


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