Template Replication (File Sharing)

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You may sense or witness a sharing of light codes/ information or templates between you and others. This is referred to as a "Host Matrix Transplant" or "Template Replication". This process is similar to say that under a mutual agreement between the Higher Selves a "file" sharing between the morphogenetic fields (the form holding blueprint with its instruction sets) of the two (or more) beings is transpiring to assist in the energy template bodies to upgrade from its original incarnational blueprint to its divine human blueprint.


January 2007 Newsletter


Varying levels of file sharing between compatible energies, may happen at varying levels of spiritual ascension and frequency level development. As an example, beings weighted with more genetic relationship to a certain star system, may collaborate and have file sharing sessions where code or other information is exchanged. This is the phenomena of soul recognition, where two beings may arrange to alchemically share energies (experiences) in order to receive consciousnesses units or intelligence packets that were missing or required for the next stages of development. Sometimes these are people operating under the same council, ascension team or star family genetic material. Many times these are confused as soul mate "lifetime" relationships, when they are actually designed as alchemical unions, a temporary experience to help grow the consciousness of the parties involved. Most commonly, when spiritual initiation or template replication has been achieved the relationship will end or dissolve. Host matrix transplant can happen in many different spiritual body possibilities. If the soul body is missing sub-harmonic strings, imprinting through host matrix transplant may occur. If the monad is split off, there may be a guardian assisted host matrix transplant for that person's monadic embodiment on the inner planes. These are specialized and not controlled by the personality. Generally these are quorums reached through various spiritual councils or when a being has demonstrated serious commitment to their spiritual ascension to heal their genetic material. One example is the 666 or axiom implants used as preventative measure of infecting higher dimensions. Petitioning Guardian council for their removal and an agreement based on personal merit, may necessitate a host matrix transplant overseen by Guardian GSF stewards.

Unfortunately template replication can also be used by Dark Forces or Negative Aliens to create Negative Forms. So being prudent with your energies and not allowing mind control manipulation to overpower your intentions, is key to avoiding artificial template replication of your energies, which is a type of cloning or stealing of one's light, or lightbody codes. The most common way this occurs is through casual sex with partners based on lower carnal desires. This is sexual encounters without love involved. Allowing your body to be used by another this way is potentially energetically harmful and not suggested.