From Ascension Glossary

A toroid is a doughnut-shaped object whose surface is a torus. Its annular shape is generated by revolving a circle around an axis external to the circle. A coil of insulated wire (usually around a core of iron or similar metal) in a doughnut or pretzel shape is an example of a toroidal object. These are used as inductors in circuits such as low frequency transmitters and receivers because they possess higher inductance and carry greater current than similarly constructed solenoids. They are also used as transformers in main power supplies. Toroidal coils reduce resistance, due to the larger diameter and smaller number of turns in the winding. The magnetic flux in a toroid is confined to the core, preventing its energy from being absorbed by nearby objects. In the geometry of torus-shaped magnetic fields, the poloidal flux direction threads the "donut hole" in the center of the torus, while the toroidal flux direction is parallel the core of the torus.

Human Toroid Fields

As we are blossoming into our expanded level of Multidimensionality our energetic anatomy is evolving and our auric fields are becoming a moving field of directional energy in a geometric toroid shape. New energy centers, such as new chakras, commonly activate thus creating new directional movements in how the Auric Field directs and moves itself energetically. Previously the 3D human auric field moved outwardly in a stair step fashion, like a large oval pancake. When the new layers of the frequency field became activated they then merged into and within the human aura's layered structure. It appears like oscillating patterns of energy within a matrixed field or "blueprint" holding form within each layer of the aura. These new Multidimensional Auric Fields seem to have a greater ability to be much more contained thus insulated from external energetic influencers. These Multidimensional Fields have abilities to induct incredibly high and powerful frequencies with less physical pain, discomfort or ramification.


February 2007 Newsletter