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Transmuting Energy Belching: This is the shared inside joke with all energy workers that transmute or transfigure negative energies, entities or Black Subtle Forces, at a certain level your body will process the dark energy through belching and burping. I never belched in my life, until I embodied higher spiritual aspects and began to move energy in table sessions or gridwork. If you are in a public place this can be somewhat embarrassing, because if the people in the vicinity do not understand this function of the consciousness body, they may think you are very rude or uncouth!

However, it is not that you are being rude, it is a transition of the heavy or negative energy and negative spiritual attachments and dark entities that you come into contact with. This reaction has nothing to do with what you have consumed, like food or drink.

Many energy session workers share this same reaction, but I'll share what happens to me.

  • Clearing blocked energy when I touch a person's body, like through massage or laying of hands - automatic belching ensues.
  • When exposed to an area, place or building with negative energy or AI Signal, belching.
  • Talking about any topic with a build up of toxic or negative energy - belch, burp.
  • Coming in contact with demonics or FA's anywhere, nauseated and burping.
  • Working any kind of session or gridwork when coming upon miasma or negative energy in the planetary field - belching ensues. Usually loud and intense.

As an example, what comes to mind as one of the most loud and intense belching episodes was doing PEG Week 5 at the Vatican under the St. Peter Square and Obelisk. The necropolis area was so toxic and filled with energetic sewage, when I opened that area up, it was a massive floodgate of Miasma and Dead Energy, as well as trapped souls, that the belching was equally as intense. Those that access the session recordings after have been spared these nasty details, but belching is the true glamorous life of planetary Gridworkers! [1]


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