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Themes :guardian of the land, , crystal caverns, portal and pylon networks in mountain, Underground Rail System Session (Dulce & Denver) used as a trigger event, trumpet pulses via Haarp and horseman, collapsing a timeline that would have decimated the nature kingdoms, they are in celebration with their human representative.

Opening: As we set the intention of our alchemical container and space, that which is dedicated to the purposes of God. Beloved God please open all unifying channels please open all spiritual links and etheric lines. We ask now as we set our space fully through our alchemical container, we call upon our defenders those warriors of truth sovereignty and liberation, our Guardian families and the races that serve the light and Law of One. Again beloveds through our unification principle we ask for gate-keeping hold our mission and mutual God purpose in service to the one light source, the living code. Our intention here and now through unification as the cosmic Christ principle is made as an energetic reality here now. Please fortify our spiritual links and our communications into the core the zero point God matrix, the source of our genesis. Beloved God please breathe the life code into our form and into all created form. We set our intention now to be remembered to that which we are fully and completely, as we state or mutual purpose as one please resurrect any inorganic pattern to the organic living light now. And to that we say thank God we are the Cosmic Christ. Beloved God thank you, thank you, thank you.

In the highest capacity of our transmission here and now, we ask that all that is in priority and service to this beloved being and that which is in her group intention and focus of God actualization and spiritual mission manifestation. Again we hold this fully in our hearts to be exchanged in the highest capacity here and now. Again as we open into the elemental kingdoms and feel that that multidimensional kingdom is a part of what connects through you. It's like seeing that multiple layers of dimensions of the kingdoms are now being allowed to connect without the membrane or wall of separation within the dimensions. It's like seeing that a part of the dimensional time is collapsing, and the dimensional collapsing which is part of our Ascension process is allowing some kind of new orbiting or circuiting that allows us to connect to multiple kingdoms at once. Through some kind of structure that we have going on in our consciousness fields these days.

Mountain Grids and Pillar Network

I'm feeling that with you there are these pillars that open up into the elemental kingdoms and which connect directly into what looks to be the mountain grids, that which is connected to that time space reality. Okay so looking at this, they are showing me, I am looking at a mountain. So just focusing there for now, anything that needs to be supported. Looking at the mountain and we're going into the base of the mountain. Is this your mountain? Okay yes. The base of the mountain has a doorway, at the bottom or at the side of it? I'm looking at an entrance at the bottom of the mountain itself.

Okay, so again there seems to be a reinforcement awareness of challenges you've had with this because in a sense, you been assigned to be a guardian of it. Because as I'm at the base of the mountain I am recognizing that the entrance to the inside of the mountain, or wherever this portal is leading, goes into the inner caverns and is something that your spiritual being or is a part of your group consciousness focus. Understanding at this point our bodies are like the singularity focus in the physical that a group consciousness is working through.

So it's almost like seeing the group consciousness working through your form and knowing that there has been a protector role of the mouth, the opening of the mountain. Because again the mountain has I want to stay cavernous, there are cavernous tunnels in this mountain. There is something that when you go through this mountain it is like there is a portal there, there's definitely a time dimensional portal there that allows you an opening into the mountain. I see that it's like at the base of it and it goes down. And when it goes down it hits caverns that are a part of a network of some kind a system of transit down there.

Underground Rail System

I don't know where? Let's see if we can get to that. It's a transit system that's wild. Okay again please only take in what feels in alignment. But what I am seeing is a railway there this reminds me of the subway. Like it's some kind of inner transit system actually. When I look at this, the interesting thing about this is seeing overlays of various time cycles. I'm seeing a modern time, (modern God what would even constitute as modern), I mean in this contemporary society now. What I'm seeing is that there is a transit system being used down there that is used now. We are not talking about Atlantean millions of years ago. There's something going on down there right now.

It reminds me of what they talk about with the complexity of what's underneath Denver like it's an underground city. I don't feel a city I feel a transit port. It's like there's not a big city but there is a transit station, which means it takes you somewhere. It's like you can get somewhere really quick. Because it almost feels like to me that it's been used, like you can go in there and then you can show up on the other side of the United States in five minutes or something. It's a strange quick transit thing and it's odd because it looks like a railway, but it looks like a futuristic one. Meaning it's not like our subways we have where if you took a train across the United States, how long would that take you? It would take a long time right, it's not a five-minute trip.

Whatever this is this is like some kind of monorail or some kind of transit system that's very fast. And there is a mining front but what is really there is something that's being hidden in there. Whatever this transit station is there is some deception or manipulation on the surface as to what it's about. On the surface it looks like there is a disagreement over mining rights. Because honestly I feel one party knows it and the other doesn't. Is there some kind of dispute between two people or two groups there? There is someone, there is a human being our company it's a company that has mining rights to the land in this area. There is a dispute over whatever the mapping and property lines are or something. There is some kind of dispute between like the county and where those property lines exist and there is someone that is trying to say it belongs to the state. It's like understanding state parks I don't know I'm not at all familiar with government. But I could just feel that there is something else going on at the city level or at a planning level.

Like at the state level it has to do with like when a state actually declares a landmass a state park or a protected reserve. And it becomes part of as odd as this may sound I want to say it's inventory. Because it's like looking at the state and then having this value, it's land value that then belongs to the state or the government. And that the government uses its resource for whatever it can to promote supposedly the financial or economic needs of running the state itself. There's something bizarre going on with that. I don't know what the dynamic is with that? Do you know, who is the company that is wanting to blow up the mountain?

That is what I'm seeing is that the state is becoming involved and that seems to change something, because I feel like the state is going to get involved in this. Yeah that's what it feels like. As we are connecting to this what we're doing is we are clearing a timeline. Because it's really weird I can see us going into the past, and leading into a future timeline and doing something to it. What it feels like to me is something that is found in the mineral rites of that company, that are somehow rendered, I feel like they're going to find something. It feels like the state is going to take it over, through some clause and I don't know what that would be.

I can't tell who's who in all of this, there is all of this energy involved in it. I don't feel that the mining company people know what's under there. It's weird there are what I want to say forces that are not embodied that are manipulating the mineral rights people. Meaning they are just doing whatever they're doing, they're not aware of the hidden stuff they just want to go in and make money. They're not a part of the shadow type of thing, they're just puppets being manipulated. It's a very interesting thing because there is a conflict that's not physically human there. I can feel forces manipulating this that are not human beings. Meaning it's not a physical human awareness where this person has this whole scheme going on, but there are forces manipulating it. Its bizarre as it seems to create this weird deadlock as well. As weird as it is there's a battle going on and it creates stagnation in anything getting done in the physical.

Pylon Networks and Crystals

What I'm getting is that we want to untangle the knots and get to the truth and the illumined part of that which is in the highest service of the land and that, which is being safeguarded. Because I feel again you've been safeguarding a portal in the mountain and it's higher uses. Because again the pylon network of those crystals is some kind of station. Meaning when we understand the grid systems of our planet there are certain mountains and places and vortices in the earth crust, where massive amounts of crystals and selenite rods have been placed to create pylon networks. And these crystals, these are the Atlantean pylon networks that were placed at the end of the last cataclysms, because they are holding the program so to speak. So when I'm talking about the holographic architecture and how they're actually working with holographic technologies to control and manipulate the consciousness fields, these networks are actually pivotal for that.

Because the networks have actually been, these crystals and these large amount of crystal pylon networks they are clustered together. They are holders of information and they've been programmed to omit certain frequency fields or projections or whatever. What they are basically showing us is that this mountain here is an inner transit station that has an access and it looks like it goes all the way to the West Coast, to be truthful here. I don't see it going east but I see it going West. Wherever that opening is, it goes all the way West really quick and it looks like it goes through Dulce New Mexico and Denver as well. Additionally with the transit you have the pylon network cluster, which doesn't feel like it's activated it feels somewhat dormant. It feels like it is a contingency or subsidiary system that can be brought online when there is a particular something that they want to do.

Trumpet Pulses and Haarp

As an example when the shadow forces and controlling forces use something called trumpet pulse technologies out of Haarp. They usually will use something satellite or Haarp. I'm seeing that's what Haarp is connecting to. They are able to access to these underground caverns were these dormant pylon networks are based upon local, like say if they wanted to collapse a bridge in Minneapolis. They would be able to shoot a scalar wave to a particular pylon network in the local area, and it would create an earthquake or a collapsed building or whatever. That's what these things are capable of doing they create surface cataclysm.

So you apparently honey, have been somewhat of a guardian or protector of it. So it's like understanding that through you in your consciousness and your being you're holding the program for that. Because it's like an environmental harmonization, right. You're protecting the crystals from being abused so that the area of the radius of where you're living is not going to be misused with a climatic cataclysm, or some kind of massive earthquake or damage. That's what I feel that is. Whatever that crystal network is underneath our earth, is a contingency of what I call one of the horsemen. You know how in Armageddon when they're talking about the horsemen of pestilence and the seas turn to blood in all this crap. What they've done is they have programed that stuff so that if they want to create the "holographic illusion" that we're in some kind Armageddon, that's actually one of their One World Order plans. Because if they got enough of us to be biblically or Bible brainwashed to think that's going to happen, then the consciousness is powering and supporting that vibration and they are able to manipulate the consciousness through this field.

So it's almost like understanding that the pylon network underneath the mountain, is linked to a trigger event. The meaning of a trigger event in a timeline is like what 9/11 was. So when we think about 9/11, the consciousness as a group was at a certain vibrational field that allowed successive events to be triggered that led us to 9/11. 9/11 wouldn't have happened if humanity had been more enlightened. We could have had another choice. But the issue was, and this is a part of the game that's being played with the manipulation, is that these forces keep the consciousness within certain parameters of frequency and awareness. So their feeding fear because again two or three of our big humans seed fears that are part of the wound of our soul, are cataclysm and disaster, invasion or terrorism, and pestilence and plague.

Pestilence Armageddon Software

So because they haven't been able to get World War III going, what they are doing right now is there going for pestilence. That's what the whole swine flu crap is about, if they can get us all flipped out about sickness and we're all going die then they can use that as a control mechanism. Because the whole thing with the swine flu is using nano-technologies that breakdown our gene pool and our genetics, so we become biological clones and robots and we can't connect to our soul anymore. And basically we will just do whatever the heck they want us to do. If they want to depopulate two thirds of us, or whatever it is they want. Because they are seeking to control whatever massive territory they have left down here. There are some of us that are outside the frequency fence, and I think they are realizing a few got out of here, but they're focusing on the masses. There are a lot of them as you know with 7 billion souls on this planet. There are quite a few they've got dibs on because so few people know how to empower themselves and actually connect to their spirit and their soul and their God source.

So this particular network down there is a trigger event. It means that if certain events happen in the timeline this will be able to be triggered into an agenda that will be based upon a particular scenario that serves them, in their larger puzzle of whatever it is they're trying to do. Right now we don't know. Their focus seems to be the pestilence that's where they're going illness, disease and killing off people. So how all that's going to play out because we're seeing they're starting to try to institute mandatory vaccinations through the state government level. This feels like there is a trigger event that can activate it, and you're there to counter that and make sure that doesn't happen. That's what it is, because the pylon network that's underneath there is not being used, but it can be used. It's something that would be activated through the Haarp system, so I feel that depending on what the events are in the timeline, is what will or will not happen there. Ultimately what we want to happen there is nothing. We don't want those pylon networks activated into that agenda. Because what it would do is create some kind of climatic surface issue over there with the land. Either an earthquake or something that would be harmful at that level whether it's a tornado or something like this it's like a weather cataclysm.

I'm feeling that as we're becoming aware of this of the next level of information that in your own awareness, what of course you already know, is there are the definitely Guardian forces working with you, with it. It does feel that there is, at this moment what it feels like as we look at that timeline, is that coming into that timeline is superseding it and erasing it from its possibility in the future. It's almost like in seeing that that was a trigger event timeline, was what we needed to be aware of so that we could connect it to our teams.

Because a way of understanding this is that the war over consciousness is all on the 3D timelines. So when we look at timelines and those, which are future probable possibilities on the 3D timeline, what were doing is we're connecting the mountain and that which surrounds that consciousness around it to a future timeline that doesn't involve that. It's very strange, I'm seeing if you're looking at a timeline as a line and your traveling along this line and you're looking at an event horizon, it's like we just cut out the middle of it and we connected it to another outcome. Like we cut out the middle of it the line and then we connected it up to a different version. Like it's a different version of itself now.

Because there was something in the middle that was really dark, I don't know how to explain it. I feel like we're being protected from seeing it quite frankly. But it's like here you are, you're going along and there's an event horizon and then there was something really dark that happened. And they just, it was like this whole thing just got cut out and we were able to circumvent it and change the timeline. It's almost like understanding that everything is a chain reaction it's like there's cause-and-effect for everything. So when we actually go to the seed event where the transition occurred that created that particular manifestation we can go to that moment in time and we can change it. And something just happen with that something just changed around the timeline with the mountain.

Again I'm getting and 'that's all you get'. Like we can't know what it means now. I feel like we were just, our bodies and are being were used in the here and now. And again in surrendering this into the full service, which is aligned to the God source and through the light and Law of One of which we serve, and again protecting and accepting the guardianship role. Also what I'm seeing is I'm seeing the Devas of the land over there, jumping for joy.

Guardian Land Spirits

So something's happening, because again this is also about I want to say protecting or working or guarding the Devics over there. Because there's a big community, I feel the whole Devic thing all the land spirits and I feel that level of consciousness is very integral in this process. It's almost like we've also done something to connect with them because they are our partners in this. There's like a partnership where a human being is conversing and communicating with the sentience of the land and working together to protect it and guard it and heal it and align it to God. Align it to what is life giving and supportive and nourishing for all the beings there the plants the animals everybody. As originally intended.

It is like seeing that piece we just cut out would have created desolation in the area. (question...) What it does is there's a lot of life teaming there and it would kill it. That particular little area has a big ramification because it completely shifts the whole eco-system and balance in the area. What I'm seeing is the whole echo-balance gets radically shifted. It's like looking at a graveyard quite frankly of the nature. The echo-balance is critical to nourishing the land to keeping it harmonized. The birds and the beings over there, they are creating a much needed balance for the land. So what I'm seeing is that when the nature spirits are actually gone from there, cataclysm and disaster and weird things can happen because the balance is not there anymore.

So I'm really seeing that everybody over there really has a job to do, and it's about creating the harmonic balance as an energy placement with nature in that area. And how you're working with them to create that environmental balance for whatever the purpose of the mountain is as well. Like seeing the nature over there as being balance points. So if they start blowing up the area that harmonization is damaged and it starts to create severe imbalances in the energies over there. Wherever there's a severe imbalance of energy it's got to resolve itself some how.

So what happens I guess as an example if you look at areas on the planet where there are lots of human beings and there has been Civil War or strife accumulated over the years, there will be some earthquake or tsunami or something that goes on. And that's like the lands version of cleansing that from the area. Because all of that psychic energy the earth has to do something with it, it just doesn't sit there. So there's a sort of impersonal view of how energies are transmuted and moved through. Energy cannot be created or destroyed it just keeps transferring it self. It's like the nature over there through you knows what's going on. It's interesting I can feel Devas on that land working with you that know. They know what's going on and it's like you're the human that they connect to. You are the only one that's open enough to communicate with them. I see them all looking at you, like okay there's our human. They are like she's our human she's our point person. She's the one that gets it and everybody's kind of gathered around trying to focus their energies towards you as a group to help you do what you need to do in the physical as it's appropriate to the area. Because I can see its' very involved.

I'm seeing creatures that look like trees but they're not the trees. They are, I am not quite sure what that is, but I'm pretty sure this is like a Devic consciousness that connects the land. It's like a moving tree and it looks like a large tree trunk without the leaves on top. It's really interesting they walk around. They're not stationary but they look kind of like oak trees or something. I don't know I see a lot of them and there is some kind of, they are the Guardians of the land at their level. They walk they patrol the area or something.

This area definitely has a population. Because there are certain areas that have been stripped of the consciousness, where these beings don't live anymore. What I'm seeing is that this area is rich with consciousness there is a lot there. There are a lot of beings living there. Because I know there are certain places where the land has been stripped, where it's not fertile. And that's where the Devas have left they aren't there anymore. But they're here, they're everywhere there's a lot of them here. Talking about them is getting them all happy and excited. Because it's like yeah we are here, we are working we're conscious and we understand something. And we are trying to work with you. Yes, just feeling such a peace in my heart and such a sweetness like seeing them jump around.

Shifting Timelines

Something has shifted, I don't know what it is but I feel that too. I feel a sense of wholeness and completion all the sudden and I don't even know what it is that transpired. But I know that whatever our role was we did it. Whatever that was something happened. One of the things I am aware of is that as we are able to look at timelines and be able to see the probable outcomes, a part of what our role is. And that I think is something that just happened. Changing timelines, that that's our role it is about changing timelines. And that's what just happened here.

It seems that we hold the space in the moment and you know without projecting. Without, it's like whenever we put our energy forward it changes or manipulates the force. You can't do it. It's like being a clear vessel. It came through and it's been done and I can feel the connection. There was something that was connected through this that circumvented a gap in the timeline. Because it's like looking at events that happened, and as odd as this sounds, were erased. They were taken out. They were just taken out. So it means something has changed in the events, something is changed in the event of what is going happen.

Closing: So again in fully trusting and allowing that which is in alignment to our source and that which again we allow to express fully through every cell and pore of our being. And want to against send our utmost gratitude unconditional love to all of our plant kingdom, Devic kingdom, mineral kingdom and through the earth and the spirits that are a part of this. We thank you, thank you, thank you for your participation, cooperation and consciousness in working through this collaboration. In deep love and gratitude we thank you. Again please seal our field of communication. As we anchor the light through the Law of One and claim the divine sovereignty and liberation for all that is represented as guardian for the planet and humankind. We thank the beloveds here and now, as we seal the field we seal our session and we complete our exchange. Beloveds our infinite stream of love is with you and always. And so it is. We seal our session. Thank you.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions 9-25-09]

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