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The User Crystal is either a “etheric” spiritual crystal that is specific to that User, or a physical piece that the User has for grid work configurations, such as a “special piece” that is a crystal that belongs to that person (Amethyst, Quartz, Citrine, etc.).

Crystals are holders of information, frequency, and can be helpers for various energies, like amplifiers. A great example of this is Crystal Skulls. When I met Max the Crystal Skull, “he” reflected back to me consciousness units I was holding in my aura related to my Sirian Self, and reflected that imagery and “downloaded” to me in a holographic transmission. I could have thought that Max was the source of that information, but it actually was inside me. All Crystals have that possibility. They can also hold information for you, and be communicated with to help with certain projects, like a computer.

In the “etheric” meaning it’s a spiritual body “piece” that is specific to that soul-monad spiritual body. It could be a piece that has a specific purpose. Every being has a specific ray configuration in different Multi-D body parts that are holding unique information. When we come to incarnate we may have brought Star Crystals from other planets, or a plethora of information that is stemming from somewhere in the Universe. Many of us had our “crystals” stolen from us out of our spiritual body by the NAA and they took them and used them. So this term could encompass crystals your consciousness connects to in other realms, planets, bodies, experiences. As an example a Lemurian or Atlantian Crystal. If you came across one that had not been reprogrammed or erased yet by NAA, the crystal may project out the holographic memory of what happened and show the Lemurian Holocaust. It may hold fragments of the souls that became bonded in these crystals. Or it may be totally dead and has to be loved back into consciousness.


Lisa Renee, HGS Stewards Discussion