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Audrey (talk) 18:08, 13 November 2012 (PST). Research Crystal Seals, Seed Crystals,DNA Crystal Seals,' etc. - found this link where someone randomly? posted all this info I seek just a few days ago. How anyone bringing this knowledge onto the planet and then claims copyright limiting others speaking / writing about it is distorted. Lisa will have to write these definitions from her experience. (talk)

Research Trumpet Pulse */ 

Someone mentioned Tesla and I'd like to add to that:

The Trumpets, Towers an Terrorists-

The Trumpet technology in which the Jehiovian Annunaki and Necromiton-Andromie Fallen Angelic races specialize is a physical technology that utilizes a mechanical frequency generation apparatus to create and project very specific sound structures to desired long-range targets. The Sound Structures are specifically formed sub-space wave fields composed of micro-sub-atomic units called Mions. Mion units are a natural part of manifest matter, composed of groups of the smaller Partiki, Partika and Particum units that form the blueprints of matter. Mions represent the stage of transition between the scalar-standing-wave Partiki Grid Template and the manifest quarks, mesons, mueons, and sub-atomic particles, that group to form the atoms, molecules and matter structures that our contemporary scientists presently recognize.

The Trumpet technology utilizes specifically calibrated electromagnetic wave fields, combined at precise angles of interface, which, when "sparked" with a specific type of electrical charge, create a "Sub-space Sonic Beam" that is literally shaped like a trumpet. The "Trumpet" Sub-Space Mion Field wave-form has a long tube like extension emerging from its point of projection to its target. At the target site, the Trumpet wave-field expands outward into an inverted cone, like the "head" of a trumpet instrument. The Mion vibration rhythm of the Trumpet wave-field can be presicely calibrated to "match" the scalar-template of any matter form.Once the "From-lock" is established, the vibration rhythm of the Trumpet wave-field is progressively accelerated, which causes the template of the matter-form to which it is bonded to instantaneously shatter. When the scalar-template of a wave-form shatters, the physical matter structure literally "de-manifest" into vapor, leaving only a trace of residual ash behind. The Trumpet technology can be used with loving intention in a variety of ways, but in the hands of Fallen Angelic races, the Trumpet is a weapon of mass destruction.

Strong Trumpet Pulses are more difficult to direct with pin-point accuracy over long distances-matter surrounding the Trumpet Pulse target can be structurally affected in long-range, amplified Trumpet Pulse projection. The Jehovian Annunaki and Necromiton-Andromie races of the UIR knew this on August 12, 2001 as they strategized their plan to fully reconnect it to the "Grid Spikes" of the Phoenix wormhole transmission, if the United Intruder Resistance was to fulfill its mission of activating and connecting three of the Primary Phoenix Spikes to the Montauk-Phi-Ex Port Interface Network and Falcon wormhole.

The site of the WTC Twin Towers buildings in New York City is one of numerous Phoenix Spike Sites in NYC that connect directly to the Phoenix wormhole via the Manhattan Vortex and Montauk-Phi-Ex Falcon APIN. The area of the Pentagon that was damaged in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks was built over another Primary Phoenix Spike site, as are numerous other buildings and the White House, in the Washington, D.C>, area. The Third Falcon is located in the Philadelphia, PA. The UIR mobilized the bin Laden Sleepers group to orchestrate "terrorist attacks" in NYC and D.C. in order to produce a "cover" to hide the potential effects of the Trumpet Pulse that was to be sent to the Phoenix Spike sites ate these locations. If the WTC Towers " just happened to falldown" and if part of the Pentagon "just happened to collapse" around the same time, somebody would definitely take notice. The terrorists attacks were staged by the bin Laden and related UIR Illuminati Sleeper factions to create a "public smoke screen" should the Trumpet Pulses cause collapse of the buildings atop the Phoenix Spikes. This is the reality of what took place on September 11, 2001, as the UIR began their aggressive campaign to accelerate their OWO dominion agenda.

pg 407 - Voyagers Vol. 2 Second Ed.

One of the many grid-type systems implanted into our Earth by invader ETs involves the spiking of seed implants (programmable mineral crystals) into the Earth; a little like embedding programmed microchips, which when activated by both the natural planetary alignment and also scalar sonic pulse technology (even from other planets through subspace) become a transmission station linking to other implant and grid systems (reference-1). They create a myriad of mini-wormholes connecting to, for example, the ET's large Phoenix and Falcon wormholes around the Bermuda area (hence the Bermuda Triangle mystery). Technically the spikes create scalar standing columnar waves (a Tesla discovery). When the spiking matrix is combined with other systems it would cut out man's higher perceptions and prevent any aid (at the non-physical level) from enlightened ETs. The spike seed implants are prevalent around the globe. Primary points existed under the WTC region and the Pentagon.

Sonic pulses, are used by these ETs to expand and activate their seed implants (referred to as Trumpet Pulse Spike Activations). Trumpet technology creates and projects very specific sound structures to desired long range targets . . . "Sound structures are specifically formed sub-space wave fields composed of micro-subatomic units called Mions" (reference-2); Mions represent the prematter transition stage between fundamental particles forming blueprints and atomic particles known by science. This technology is also capable of turning matter into ash. However, such a powerful technology would likely collapse structures on the surface. The ETs take particular care not to arouse too much suspicion and will go to great lengths to cover their tracks (hence the re-writing of our history)---in fact, seismological pulses (spikes) were detected deep down under the buildings immediately prior to the fall of the structures. The aliens had planned to achieve a 'double' by blasting the spiked grid system below the WTC and Pentagon to further establish their grid agenda; also provide a cover and achieve the desired war (as part of a bigger plan to eventually stir up WWIII). Thus any terrorists, such as, bin Laden (unaware of the ET manipulation), working with the government Illuminati (mainly ET infiltrated humans) provided the perfect cover, and also created conflicting conditions in the world, that is, a polarity, division, rather than a unity of nations by condemning those not specifically supporting anti-terrorism. We know that many of those not supporting the anti-terrorist coalition, suspect covert-government's involvement. Thus this major terrorist event was also a contrived 'trigger' for international wars.

Scalar sonic pulses can cause beams shaped like trumpets (hence the Biblical reference to 'trumpet') are so powerful they can create wormholes, leaving matter turned to ash and dust. Towards the end of WWII the Germans developed an inferior form of a laser sonic beam---highly destructive at a few hundred yards but it had too much spread, creating dangerous conditions for both sides. Most of the German advanced technological ideas were ET-inspired.

The scalar sonic pulses sent along horizontal Ley lines and vertical Axiatonal lines that similarly have some spread were timed in relationship to other events when bringing down the buildings to minimise suspicion. The Pentagon (and many more significant buildings) was also built on the spikes. The pulses would have had to be synchronised to strike those spikes underlying that part of the Pentagon hit by the plane. This is not as difficult as it may sound using ET technologies (it would seem that there's always the possibility that this underground disturbance might not have damaged the building).