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Abbreviation: White Blood Cells

Whenever a germ or infection enters the body, the white blood cells snap to attention and race toward the scene of the crime. The white blood cells are continually on the lookout for signs of disease. When a germ does appear, the white blood cells have a variety of ways by which they can attack. Some will produce protective antibodies that will overpower the germ. Others will surround and devour the bacteria.

White blood cells, or leukocytes (also spelled "leucocytes"), are the cells of the immune system that are involved in defending the body against both infectious disease and foreign materials. Five different and diverse types of leukocytes exist, and several types (including monocytes and neutrophils) are phagocytic. All leukocytes are produced and derived from a multipotent cell in the bone marrow known as a hematopoietic stem cell. They live for about three to four days in the average human body. Leukocytes are found throughout the body, including the blood and lymphatic system.

Bone Marrow

Bone marrow is also a key component of the lymphatic system, producing the lymphocytes that support the body's immune system.

The bones in our Skeletal System are frequency resonators (Law of Resonance) and are able to conduct frequencies through out our bodies physical inner matrices that are a natural part of our biological spiritual ascension process. These frequencies may change our blood and bone profile as we undergo spiritual ascension and embody these new frequencies.[1]

Thymus Gland

WHAT DOES THE THYMUS GLAND DO? The thymus gland is situated in the upper thorax. Large in infants and children and shrinks as humans grow older. The Thymus Gland creates specialized white blood cells that are crucial for the body’s immune response. It is linked to our lymph tissue development as well as the immune system. It produces hormones that stimulate general growth, particularly in early life. It has a purifying role in the body producing lymphocytes, which form part of the blood’s white cell’s defense system, attacking invading organisms and providing immunity. Scientists also recognize that auto-immune diseases, where the immune system attacks its own proteins, mistaking them for a foreign substance, have an emotional link and are not simply due to physical or environmental causes. The thymus gland is responsible for the production of T-Cells. These T-Cells regulate the immune system. It has been proven these cells have an innate intelligence that ‘eavesdrop’ on the internal language and grant the subconscious to either extend life or death of the physical body.

The gentle tapping of the thymus gland can create major changes to a person especially as they take an inhaling breath. This is the place of spiritual evolution right within our core being. The core spiritual essence of the inner Christos is held in the Seed Atom which manifests the Crystal Heart and is infinite and eternal.[2]

Permanent Seed Atom

When the Monad spiritual body begins to inhabit the physical self through the process of spiritual Ascension, the 8th Chakra that contains the Seed Atom in the higher heart center begins to shift and change. These shifts within the frequency of the Monad activate the Thymus Gland as the main gland in the upper chest. This manifests as an increased immunity protection and strengthening of the blood in the physical body. The activation of the Seed Atom is the beginning of the change of metabolic (hormonal) system and the spiritualization of the blood chemistry.


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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 49