Wesa Tunnel

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The Wesa Tunnel is the inorganic wormhole that was used by Black Hole Entities that used advanced AI technology to connect from the fallen parallel Wesa system by ripping black holes into the fabric of space and time in order to gain access into our Universal Time Matrix and the Phantom Matrix. The Black Hole Entities that originate from the Wesa system are the self proclaimed ancient enemies of the Christos races, and comprise the Anti-Christ Universal Shadow races.

These Phantom Fallen Angelic races that exist within the damaged areas of the reversal 11th dimensional fields connected to the Wesa Tunnel leading back into the Wesa black hole system, are Phantom Shadow Creatures. These Phantom Shadow creatures are extremely advanced in the use of technology such as brain-machine interfacing, and thus they have developed themselves to be extremely mentally sophisticated via consciousness assimilation with AI inorganic technology. These particular Phantom Shadow creatures are essentially black hole entities from a parallel fallen system, that became entwined with the Phantom Matrix system in our Universe when they entered the black hole that was generated from the Fall of Lyra. These particular black hole entities source from outside of our Universe, yet, when they entered the black hole which was formed from the exploded Lyran stargate, they were absorbed into the antichrist fields that make up the Metatronic Spiral and reversal polarity currents. As a result, the Wesa fallen black hole entities became extremely polarized into factions of antichrist hatred and warring, even fighting amongst their own factions while targeting the races existing within our Universal System. They appear to place blame upon founder race lines for their consciousness decline and the predicament of ongoing genetic deterioration without an option for Ascension. They hold the primordial seed of the antichrist gestalt’s seething hatred for the Christos in which they seek revenge by attempting to annihilate the diamond sun timelines and by targeting the Founders and Christos race lines.[1]

Fallen Wesa Matrix

This ancient history is entwined with the Wesa races that decided to utilize the technological weaponization of shadow forms in which they generated the Monsters of Chaos to create a vast army of Antichrist Shadow Creatures. The timeline damage that was caused by the several concurrent historical tragic events generating the formation of the darkest aspects of shadow creatures and AI assimilated entities into an organized hierarchy, which then sought to exist and find immortality by creating phantom systems. These antichrist shadow forms created the phantom matrices via metatronic (anti-life) reversals and by directly enslaving other living species in order to consume their light and resources. The shadow creatures of the phantom races seek to harness the living consciousness energy that is found within those races, within lineages directly connected to the God Source fields. They seek out those Christos forms which hold the Sacred Crystal Heart permanent seed atom, which ignites their inner spirit eternal God body, and try to capture it and replicate it on several other phantom dimensions.[2]

Carpathian Red Crystal Time Dilation technology

Thus, Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar presence as The Supreme Grand Master Architect now stationed inside the 8D Galactic Gate, among several 8D portals in the Planetary Grid Network, has brought on the stage of destruction of AI False Templars which are putting an end to centralized layers of several of the AI Networks. These enormous AI Quantum Supercomputers have been running many dimensional layers of Inverted Systems for transmitting Metatronic Reversal currents (anti-life or death cult frequencies) which are used for harvesting Collective Consciousness Loosh for maintaining the NAA’s insidious antichrist AI False Templar architecture. Such as the 9D AI Machinery Kronos, Carpathian Red Crystal Time Dilation Wesan Tunnel Technology and the Thoth-Enki-Enlil generated AI Quantum Supercomputer networks, which are planetary prison alien machines used to enforce the Black Flowering systems for installing Anubian Black Hearts and maintain the false magnetism and Reversal Currents in the Poisoned Apple network which is hospitable to the invaders. [3]


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