Black Dragon Queens

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The Omicron-Draconians and their hybrids from the Alpha Draconis network are affiliated with the mind control mechanisms used to enslave human consciousness through the Black Sun’s Church of Rome, Islamic extremism, Nazi groups, Maltese Knights, Santeria and related Voodoo religions, Black Dragon Queens with hijacked Red Rose mysteries, certain schools of Reiki as well as African-Aztec-Peruvian shamanism. The monstrosity they built in the Peruvian gate system is finally coming to an end. However, we can see the extent of the immense damage they have spread throughout humanity with their twisted satanic death ideologies. Many people will require in depth spiritual healing and Compassionate Witnessing when they wake up from this nightmare. [1]

Lunar Female Demonic Hierarchy

Assorted energy signatures for the Lunar Female Demonic Forces have been identified as holding anti-life reversal architecture designed to hijack authentic Essene and Cathar timelines which include genuine embodiments of sophianic female enlightenment, and to run Black Madonna Programming in its place, to maintain the Black Sun Church of Rome's narrative of Misogyny for solar female spiritual oppression. These entities are found throughout the planetary grid power centers, such as Notre Dame, Vatican City, Macchu Picchu and Temple Mount, for the purpose of suppressing the Mother's sophianic flowering shields and the building of the rainbow Eukachristic Body for the planet. [2]

Evicting Black Dragon Queens Underground

This involved tracking these down in the underground spaces such as crystal caverns, Crystal Temples and aquifer systems in order to evict these Black Dragon Queens, their black heart crystals and lunar female demonic forces. These alien machines are used for cloning and soul harvesting of the planetary inhabitants, as well as instilling mental and spiritual bondage into Mu’a females from the artificial timelines, by hijacking the records of the Mu Island holocaust histories in the planetary body. The controllers know that many of these organic records of the Solar Feminine Melchizedek leadership in Lemuria and early Atlantian culture are powerfully strong on the island chains and can bring the “Rise of Mu” to spread rapidly among the powerful nature spirits that are connected to the island culture populations.

Observing the hijack of underground Crystal Temples with Black Dragon AI Hybrid Queens was yet another satanic ritual program customized to torture all things solar female, such as targeting the female sexual organs. This SRA program was also running in the Thuban network, and was being customized for spiritually torturing those that held 12D Stargate genetic codes and held cellular memories of the Mu’a staff holder females.

The final pieces of the evictions in the underground caverns were Black Dragon Queens enthroned during the Atlantian fall cycle, which presented as hierarchies of imposter lunar female demonic forces emulating the sophianic template in her divine position as the Mother of Dragon’s Solar Queen consciousness. This Black Queen network to dethrone the White Diamond Elohei Solar Dragon Queens, revealed the identity of Merida from the Atlantian colonies, and was deeply enmeshed within the lunar matrix and dark side of the moon to continually run satanic rituals and female inversions into the planetary grid network. This black magic program was designed to split the Mother to child organic bond, as well as separate the hierogamic genetic bond with the solar females true spiritual husband. [3]


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