Black Holes

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Black Holes are crossing streams of concentrated plasma comprising accelerated particles of protons that are increasing their rate of speed as they discharge from the Sun. Protons are accelerated by magnetic forces that is created by the electrical currents that are interconnected between the Earth and Sun. When you take particles and pass it from electrical field, it accelerates and creates a magnetic field around the particles that are streaming.

Black Holes are electrical plasma that are concentrated spinning fields in a small space, that space is primarily comprised of protons. Black Holes are an inherent part of the mechanics of creation of our universe. The NAA abuses quantum technologies and uses weaponry in order to rip black holes in space time field, which is inorganic and artificially created black holes. Artificially created black holes are very damaging to the fields of the planetary body.

Inorganic Black Holes allowed Parasitic Invasion

This greatly damaged and destroyed sections of the planetary grid system, creating electromagnetic anomalies and inorganic black holes, as well as adding pollution in the form of chemicals and waste products. The toxic dumping ground is obvious in the material realm and is present in the etheric body of the earth down to the quantum level. These toxic waste products are energetic pollutants that infect many other dimensional realms, and can be observed in membranes around the earth where parasitic alien forces have infested. This planetary damage and toxic infestation greatly concerns many neighboring civilizations. This has instigated many benevolent extraterrestrial races to attempt to open dialogues for diplomatic relations with the World Governments, which have been mostly refused thus far. Hence, the benevolent races regularly contact humans who are not involved in the enforcement of the controlling structures, to support open knowledge about extraterrestrial civilizations.

The inorganic black holes are rips in the time space fabric, which weaken the planetary atmosphere and allow much more access to Negative Aliens interference and dark force infection into our world. Clearly, the NAA were well aware that greedy controller humans would abuse the technologies, from the trade agreements, setting the stage for the next advancement of technological warfare against the earth during the critical years after 2012. For many years the continued mind control and intimidation tactics towards making global war, spreading fear and poverty consciousness, while distributing disinformation through the mass media, has been to keep the human population distracted and dumbed down. Meanwhile, the greedy antics and power abuses of the Power Elite would remain hidden, allowing diversion for a full scale infiltration of corporate conglomerate control into the highest chains of command in the world governments. By maintaining strict codes of secrecy on penalty of death, and aggressively hiding the extraterrestrial problem from the general public, the military industrial complex, corrupt governments and corporatocracy have handed the inhabitants of earth to the NAA on a silver platter. This is why full extraterrestrial disclosure to the masses is critically important. As long as this agenda remains hidden, it generates deeper and deeper parasitic infection into the earth that harms all inhabitants.[1]


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