EMF Disturbance

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ElectroMagnetic Field Disturbance.

An electromagnetic field is composed of two related vector fields: the electric field and the magnetic field. When referred to as the electromagnetic field, the field is imagined to encompass all of space; typically an electromagnetic field is considered to be limited to a local area around an object .

All of these EM Fields are constantly emitting (or absorbing) photonic fluid, which is more commonly known as Light. So how is light related to the electromagnetic field? Electromagnetic (EM) waves are the undulatory movements of light, which can always be observed to be emitted by electric charges undergoing an acceleration from a source of which it has been propagated. There can be disturbances in the electromagnetic fields or we can be overexposed to these frequencies.

So, this further takes us to understand the process of Electromagnetic radiation, as this is a propagating wave in space with electric and magnetic components (Stellar Activations). This term includes also, for example, as light traveling through an optical fiber, or electrical energy traveling within a coaxial cable. For our purposes of discussion this electrical energy (i.e. Stellar Activations) is traveling to our personal EM Fields and the resulting Electromagnetic radiation carries energy and momentum which may be imparted when it interacts with us, conducted through our electromagnetic battery body and then absorbed into our physical cells, our body in matter. We are transforming from carbon based matter into silica based forms. This is occurring at an incredibly rapid and accelerated rate as we are exposed to these "New Energies" never before felt or experienced in these realities that we are sharing now! This can lead to symptoms in the body.

Electromagnetic Overexposure Symptoms:

1. Spaciness, dizziness/vertigo, disorientation, lost time spaces or voids, inner ear sensations like buzzing or humming, feeling out of your body, feeling like you are spinning or oscillating with your eyes closed (or open!), feeling light headed as if you are mildly drunk, cannot mentally focus, feverish or heat pulses that stop and start, blurred vision, seeing spots or flashing tiny lights, cranial aches or pain (back of neck, third eye - pineal), wanting to lie down, taking excessive naps or sleeping from exhaustion for no apparent reason. The brain hemispheres (right and left, front back) and our neurological net are being adjusted and recalibrating. We feel all kinds of odd "neurological" stress. These symptoms seem to span an average of 3-9 days and began about last week of December, 2005. They do appear intermittently.

2. Solar plexus discomfort brings, consistent nausea, digestive complaints, weird bowel, food needs change, (starving, you are scarfing down food at 3 am, during the day nothing looks right or tastes right), weight gain or bloated feeling. Some muscle achey-ness generally occurs after you have passed through the first levels of "spaced out" and dizzy feeling. Patterns appear mostly in the lower body such as the sacrum, legs, lower body aches. A few days of this and intermittent symptoms. Much of this is dropping density and releasing the past ancestral issues.

3. Mild falls or accidents, hitting your head or toe several times in a row or in a short period of time. Clumsy - you are not! (Sometimes spirit uses this way to repattern and reorganize a "stubborn area" in your auric field. Say hello to your evolution support team next time you fall over! Do pay attention however... Sometimes your guidance is whacking you over your head to lay down, rest and listen internally.)

4. Ancestral and family of origin issues or conflicts from the past come to a head, are surfaced, then cleared, resolved, or terminated. People are cut away and terminated from being an active part of your life.


February 2006 Newsletter

Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 117