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There are extradimensional forces that have exploited the human race for very long periods of time by harnessing the power of humans and by harnessing the power of this planet in purposes that are very counter-evolutionary, constricting and ultimately degenerating and destructive for the species as a whole. So here we are at a certain apex in the Ascension process where our family of light and when I say our family of light a simple way, this is very simplified, to discuss the beings that are in the human experiment on planet Earth at this time we could kind of call them ‘Earthseeds’ and ‘Starseeds’. And Earthseeds were souls that came to the planet earth to experience, never created nor destroyed, but through the creational experience of God source, to feedback the treasures of experience and knowledge into the one universal databank so to speak, and through that experience of physicality, actually grow to experience evolution and joy in the physical realms.

Here on earth we've got a lot of different dynamics and off planet agendas that have occurred, that have veered us off course, and now we are here again, because of the planetary dynamics of Ascension, the planet is evolving faster than human consciousness is at, in terms of human consciousness in its own self-awareness in its connection to the oneness of why this is happening. And to the larger dynamics of the planetary relationship to the human species at this time. So strange other worldly entities bombard us with their energies. Some of them obviously for evolutionary purposes, and some that are not for evolutionary purpose, but to enslave and control. So again strengthening our field, understanding the agendas, understanding why there are particular beings that are extremely interested in this planet and why, really helps us to understand as well why these particular conflicts exist and will help us again to navigate as we understand as beings in the human body at this dimensional level. We have power and dominion here. We do not realize we have power and dominion here however when we start to fully comprehend who we are as multidimensional beings, it is the key to the holographic template of which we exist. So when we start to understand this particular knowledge, it opens the field of our own self-consciousness into the realm of pure consciousness that will allow us to access God power and fully understand how to utilize that spiritual power in service to the greater good. [1]

Earthseeds and Starseeds

In the Earth human lineage there were seven (7) Root Races and five (5) additional races seeded within the Earth gene pool. The 7 Root races are called the “Earthseeds”. Each Earthseed root race evolution cycle was to develop one of the first five (1-5) strands of DNA within the 12 strand DNA original divine human blueprint. The latter additional five races are referred to as the “Cloister” races. Their function was to keep the 12 strand DNA potential alive for the entire human race and represent the advancement of human evolution. The Cloister races are also called the Starseeds. So the Earthseeds were a part of the planetary evolutionary cycle to activate each DNA strand 1-5 and then to anchor in each new respective level of dimensional experience for the human species on Earth. And the Starseeds were a part of the planetary evolutionary cycle to hold the dormant DNA strands 7-12 in order to have the template of the divine human in tact through the cycles of evolution. Even though these DNA strands are dormant, it keeps the potential of the divine human’s True Spiritual Inheritance as a 12 Strand DNA Avatar possible. Each strand of DNA when activated correlates to the dimensional field of awareness available to the soul when incarnated in the human physical body.

Throughout the course of human history there has been additional genetic material contributed from various Star Families creating large varieties of Starseeds on Earth. Further hybridization and genetic enhancements resulted in a perfect prototype intended as the seed race for humanity. The perfected genetic code created through this hybridization is referred to as the Indigo Grail Lineage. This Indigo Grail Lineage holds the DNA design to transmute entirely out of biological form and/or hold simultaneously a 12 dimensional awareness within a biological form. These Indigo Grail Lines are the primary grail lines or the “Christ” grail lines among the human races. Absolutely all human biology’s have the potential to receive genetic acceleration, evolutionary advancement that will allow the 12 Strand DNA template to regenerate. This is one of the major purposes of the Indigo Grail Lines to regenerate and activate dormant or damaged DNA templates in the Human races. [2]


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