External Distractions

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External Distractions result from something coming from outside of yourself that distracts from focus or concentration, it could be anything stemming from the external such as other people, loud noises, smells, or interference.

For most people, there are a limited amount of things that we can think about or focus upon at the same time. If the Controller generates an incredible amount of External Distractions and bogs down the conscious mind with many personal problems that we have to think about, we pay less and less attention to what is going on around us, in our environment or in the larger global scape. It is evident that the Controllers rely heavily on using Distraction Principles to incite survival fears, as the fear agenda exists everywhere and is heavily exploited in the mainstream media. Their thought process is that if they can distract your attention into fear, they can slip around your guard and remain unseen. Distraction and Misdirection of Attention are very similar and are tactics that are often used at the same time.

Distractions can come from both external sources and internal sources. The motivation of someone intentionally creating external distractions is that they generate an assembly line of interference, which disables their ability to focus their attention on meaningful, accurate and truthful things. When people are unable to focus their attention, they effectively have attention deficit and scatter themselves. Thus, it is much harder for them to manifest anything meaningful to their spirit that requires a deeper concentration of focusing ones energy and intention. External distractions may include a variety of factors such as internet click bait, social media, phone or text messages, emotional dramas, substance abuse, porn, and fear based media and television shows. There are also Internal Distractions, which are mostly caused by the unruly Negative Ego’s survival fears such as anxiety, worrying, obsessions, and fantasizing.[1]


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