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Folding Identities into Radial Body

Ray Bodies

The Eukatharistic Lightbody Activation begins a methodical process of depolarization within each of the centers of the spherical domains that make up the horizontal shields of the three mental body identities that are held within the hova bodies. This process of depolarization of the energy fields begins in the ego-personality, then moves into soul, monadic, avatar and rishic selves. Each density of the stations of identity will integrate and unify into the lightbody via fully dissolving itself into the outer membrane of the ascending identity Radial Body, which then forms into the next stage of development in the Plasma Luminary Body. As previously mentioned during the winter solstice activations of 2020, the plasma luminary body of the Golden Sun DNA activation is the default ascending vehicle for the majority of the Earth population. The Paliadorians, Founders and Christos Starseeds will resume their biological ascension process into the unique diamond sun arrangements that are based on their genetic ascendancy and the pre-incarnate choices and missions made by the higher God Selves. Many in the latter group have chosen to be ascension prototypes, and as such there are many types of agreements to embody sections or portions of multiple species DNA for a range of longer-term bio-regenesis possibilities. As well as the possibility of completing the tour of duty in this Universal Time Matrix by embodying the full Emerald Covenant contract as Solar Dragon Timekeepers for the Emerald Sun DNA.

There is a tri fold energetic skin that forms from the dark matter into the Rasha Body that encases all of the station of identity timelines and folds them into our spirit bodies. This folding occurs in simultaneous transtime in the eternal now moment. Having this organic structure while being the constant observer of the now moment, along with heart-based intention of living and being your Heroic Probability allows for more rapid shadow body healing and transmutation. The embedded mesh of shadows, dead energy miasma and corrupted elementals which forms into the karmic template of energy blockages can be more easily released when our consciousness is primarily focused upon God and spiritually healthy things. Thus, it has been relayed that by choosing one’s heroic probability and living in the intention of higher awareness to be of service to God, this burns off more karmic dead energy than just about anything and is a very helpful tool for fast tracking.

The folding of all soul and monadic identities into unification within the outer skin of the radial body collapses all lower density membranes in which the individual will activate solar liquid plasma rainbow currents. This is designed to spiritually heal the layers of identity stationed on any density layer in order to allow for many more ascension related options when leaving this plane. The process is that the Cosmic Amoraea transmits azurite crystal codes which begin to release density locks in the 8D Azura point. And with each of the trinity of the layers that make up density locks that are opened, it opens access into the next layer of identity and its density level in order to synthesize the polarities and integrate those particular energies back into zero point. The personality releases three density locks and then folds up those layers of the consciousness lifestreams into unification with the lightbody. Then the soul releases three density locks and then folds all of its identity extensions into the lightbody, and the monad releases three density locks and then folds all of its identity extensions into the lightbody, and so forth.

This Depolarization Event will be happening in those who have not been prepared to understand planetary ascension, multidimensionality and the reality of the soul, spirit and God. Thus, we may observe and experience some very surreal changes in the environment as well as the ongoing sensation of walking in a dream-like or unreal world. [1]


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