Holographic Insert

Holographic insert, (an insert is a false or real memory being programmed upon our consciousness for Mind Control purposes or DNA genetic manipulation from the NAA).Holographic inserts are used to bend time and space and therefore manipulate Timelines. Inserts are implanted into the Consciousness layers though the frequency manipulation of the bodies energy fields or Lightbody. [1]

Mental Holograms

Mental Holograms are projected as reality pictures or images that are generated through the creation of a technological Holographic Insert using artificially encoded symbols of the native language of human beings, for the purpose of manipulating the individual or group by controlling their perception of events or energetic conditions. [2]

Alien Machinery

For those of us in the Indigo and Krystal Star families, it is important to understand that Alien Implants are Artificial Machinery, inorganic technology that is being used in the planetary field to manipulate the collective mind for Mind Control purposes. The vulnerability is that the “collective consciousness viral program” that promotes the Artificial Timelines, can influence or interfere with our natural physiology, Brain and nervous system processes therefore controlling our perceptions. Mental and emotional imbalances are energetic disease patterns that create energetic blocks which lead to physical disease patterns. Alien implants which include Holographic Inserts reinforce the Negative Ego and the Archontic Deception Behaviors which contribute to manifesting disease physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Alien machinery and their mind control implants are artificial and can make us sick in a variety of ways, if they are not corrected.

War Over Timelines

There has been an acceleration in the war over the timelines involving artificial base 10 architecture that supports the holographic projections of Artificial Timelines used by the NAA to generate splits and inversions throughout the earth’s dimensional fields.[3]

Manipulation of Timelines

Mental Holograms and holographic inserts have been used throughout our historical timelines by the NAA, including during major historical events in order to manipulate and eradicate true events in human history. Holographic Inserts can be used in many sophisticated ways to alter perception and install programming through the manipulation of the human DNA code, by altering how this signal is being sent to the brain and neurological system. The human body and energy field is a living light hologram, thus through Holographic Inserts, the entire physiology and consciousness of the individual can be altered.[4]

Dead Light

...the “dead light” mental disease that accumulated from our histories is becoming unhinged from the other dimensions that are in a state of accelerated collapse. As the Dual Spiral [of the Dead Light and the Liquid Light descending and meeting in the physical worlds as Equals for the first time] breaks through a reality (timeline) it releases the toxic disease of the mental bodies pattern and its dead light is scattered and spewed into the environs. The dead light matrices aka Phantom Matrix, also reflect the Artificially Bent Light Holographic Inserts (which contain the controlled versions of the nature of this reality, such as Crucifixion Implants) and these are also shattering and exploding systematically into the outer fields. These are false realities (artificial holographic inserts) that we have thought were “real” and then developed mental beliefs that held that specific version of reality in place. As these false realities are shattered into pieces (for those maintaining energetic balance in this explosive terrain), we can read the signature of those Dead Light pieces that reflect the nature of its disease and its schism. Further we can read the field signature to reveal the truth of what really catalyzed certain world events, such as the Hiroshima Bombing or Jewish Holocaust. As an Ascending human that activates Higher Sensory Perception and is cleared of most negative ego, one can clearly read the energetic field memory as a manipulation of the Negative Alien Agenda NAA. We then start to realize how little humanity has actually been in control of any cataclysmic world events in the physical plane.[5]

Armageddon Software

The Armageddon Software Mind Control programs, such as War, Pestilence and Cataclysm fears, or many other fear programs which can be interchanged as they are similar bio-warfare Mind Control programs used on the earth to suppress and control human consciousness. This is a Psycho-Spiritual Warfare strategy used against humanity by the Negative Aliens through their False Gods and False Father Satanic religions to use SRA to repeatedly kill and torture humans through Religious Violence and war. The Armageddon Software is the enslavement companion Mind Control system which is activated through the Crucifixion Implants in Holographic Inserts embedded into the planetary body and human body.


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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 56