Magic Cubes

Guardian transmission to include Magic Cubes into the HGS commenced in December 2014 Ophiuchus transmissions, and as a result, basic 5 by 5 Magic Cubes were introduced to assist in formulation of code to create more complex formulas to help solve a variety of potential mathematical problems in what we refer to as, gridwork equations. These equations are designed to correct damaged code written into the field, as well as build new architecture , such as repair Geomantic Structures in the planetary Morphogenetic Field. Many complex issues in the planet field require determining a set of values to find an equation to solve the problem. Some of the energetic variables are unknown and using the Magic Cubes, they are applied to find equations that can satisfy the equilibrium of forces required, from creating mathematical formulations translated into geometries that include potentially, millions of possible solutions.

The Trinity of Triangles and the Magic Cubes formulas were introduced under the HGS Manual blueprint section as "Correct Symmetry, Proportion and Ratios". This gives us information on the intended design of the mathematical formulas to create symmetry in the field. I am not a mathematician, and am acting solely on what I have been instructed through my Krystal Star teams to increase the effectiveness of our fieldwork through the creation of complex formulas that help our interdimensional teams arrive at increased solutions for restoring symmetry.

Magic Cubes used along with the section "Correct Calculus and Mathematical Code" is a transformative solution for working at the quantum energy state level of the blueprint which converts chaotic energies into an uniform resonance and coherence of harmonized electromagnetic currents, which are managed in usable formats, like newly created complex geometries, for our Guardian teams.

The Magic Cubes demonstrate the equilibrium of forces that are balanced in the natural Universal Laws. Magic Cubes correctly transpose the base code, overtone code, and resonant tone code, into the squares and into line values that all add up to the same value in any direction. This results in a uniform state of summation that translates into the energetic values to create many variables, without creating more or less value than the total sum of the cube.

Five Magic Cubes by 5

In the HGS we have been given five potential sets of Magic Cubes to work with in creation of symmetrical code equations.

  1. Mothers Magic Cube is the base tone math that make up the Universal Mother principle in the field current and equations, these also correspond to the frequencies, and dimension of base code in the DNA.
  2. Fathers Magic Cube is the resonant tone math that make up the Universal Father Principle in the field current and equations, these also correspond to the frequencies, and dimensions of resonant harmonic tones in the DNA.
  3. Child's Magic Cube relates to the Cosmic Christ math and is the offspring of the Universal Mother and Father principles. These are the overtone codes that make up the field current and correspond to the dimensions of the overtone coding in the DNA.
  4. Blank Magic Cube is a construction of new math formula as designed by Krystal Star.
  5. Magic Cube 369 is the keys derived to material manifestation inter-dimensionally that correspond to all things in the external manifest realms. These are the horizontal math keys that build the clock shield and repair the alien machinery in the horizontal grids, and help repair and build the Rod.

Magic Squares

Magic squares have a long history, dating back to 650 BC in China. At various times they have acquired magical or mythical significance, and have appeared as symbols in works of art. In modern times they have been generalized a number of ways, including using extra or different constraints, multiplying instead of adding cells, using alternate shapes or more than two dimensions, and replacing numbers with shapes and addition with geometric operations.Magic squares were known to Chinese mathematicians as early as 650 BC,and to Islamic mathematicians possibly as early as the seventh century AD. The first magic squares of order 5 and 6 appear in an encyclopedia from Baghdad circa 983, the Encyclopedia of the Brethren of Purity (Rasa'il Ihkwan al-Safa); simpler magic squares were known to several earlier Arab mathematicians.

Magic squares of order 3 through 9, assigned to the seven planets, and described as means to attract the influence of planets and their angels (or demons) during magical practices, can be found in several manuscripts all around Europe starting at least since the 15th century. Among the best known, the Liber de Angelis, a magical handbook written around 1440, is included in Cambridge Univ. Lib. MS Dd.xi.45. The text of the Liber de Angelis is very close to that of De septem quadraturis planetarum seu quadrati magici, another handbook of planetary image magic contained in the Codex 793 of the Biblioteka Jagiellońska.The magical operations involve engraving the appropriate square on a plate made with the metal assigned to the corresponding planet, as well as performing a variety of rituals.The Sator square, one of the most famous magic squares found in a number of grimoires including the Key of Solomon.[1]


Found in HGS Manual on Page 78

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