Melchizedek Deception

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At the top of the cosmological-astrological pyramid of the Black Dragon Avatar Collectives directed by Wesan invaders, the Alpha Draconis-Orion Group anti-human agendas were being orchestrated through the Eye of the Dragon Templar, the star Thuban located in the Draco constellation. From the Historical Timeline Trigger Events; approximately 26,000 years ago, the Luciferian Rebellion wreaked havoc upon the planetary templar. This is when the NAA finally reached its apex of planetary stargate domination at end of the Atlantian Cataclysm, sealing angelic humanity’s fate into experiencing the spiritual warfare and consciousness enslavement in the Dark Aeon. This signified the end of the previous Astrological Aeon, in which the Black Suns and Sons of Belial fully enslaved their preferred Gold Ray Seraphim lineages on Earth and began to recruit them into their mind control slave work force in the space colonies. Further, the accumulative cellular memories from the galactic human holocausts stemming from the Michael Wars and Golden Eagle Grid Wars were installed as destructive global mind control programs that emphasized enemy patterning, crucifixion and class discrimination to effectively divide and conquer the angelic human tribes on the Earth.

The Melchizedek deception was carried out by invading imposter spirits that rapidly progressed from the onset of the Luciferian Rebellion, where the black hole intruders aim was to control the planetary rod system through the horizontal ley lines. This is why they invaded the Golden Eagle Grid, in order to hijack and fully control the Emerald Founder Dragon Timekeeper functions on the horizontal ley lines that directed the Seraphei-Seraphim lineages. These were embodied timekeeper functions of the original Melchizedek Logos and his direct lineage of Blue Ray Melchizedek’s that were from the Cosmic Christos Sun dragon king families, in the higher God Worlds. The invasion of the Stonehenge, Iran and Giza stargates began the dark history of artificial timelines and artificial identities being generated in base 10 metatronic coding, used to merge organic and artificial timelines into a blended reality system in the Earth.

As the result of the blended realities, when more technologically advanced beings from other worlds came to Earth, if they accessed the planetary records, they were unable to tell the difference between the organic records held in the natural memory matrix versus the artificial records held in the artificial memory matrix. As an example, there are Nibiruian-Nephilim groups that buried artificial memory records in the Bucegi Mountains, in the underground tunnel system of the southern Carpathians. This was done to confuse the inhabitants and those Earth humans who might evolve to a level that could gain access to those holographic records. The information warfare with artificial cloned identities on the planet is incredibly extensive and is the result of the various intruding factions attempting to rewrite Earth history in order to control humanity and serve their own species agendas.

Further, these groups acted as Solar Dragon Michael Usurpers, the False Nephilim Michaels, for the purpose of manipulating awakening humans and routing them into false channelings and artificial frequency initiations. These were designed to distort the 6D Indigo pattern in order to get Indigos to reject the authentic Mother Arc blue ray transmission of authentic Melchizedek-Maharaji unity consciousness. These are the Fallen Nephilim Luciferian entities that were masquerading as Archangel Michael to hijack the planetary ascension teachings, since the Luciferian Rebellion. It was discovered that this complex artificial network extended into a phantom Nibiruian-Tiamat network that was used to hold the Melchizedek Logos hostage in the Wall in Time. This network was also being used to invert the Holy Mother’s sophianic rose lineages, forcing her to give birth to satanic gestalts of demonic entities.

The hijack and abuse of creating the grotesquely frankenstein AI hybrid of Archangel Michael had the particular focus of being powered by those carrying out global satanic ritual abuse of children. This was to defile the Cosmic Mother’s Dragon parts and to taint the Krystic blood records of the authentic Krystic Red Rose grail lineages that had the genetic keys to Universal Ascension, through the planetary rose lines. These particular invaders organized into what eventually evolved into the Thothian Luciferian Leviathan forces of the Illuminati Power Elites on the Earth surface. These controllers built an infrastructure of underground bases that shaped black operations, industrialization and infiltrated the primary military control centers of western civilization. Through their hidden wealth and infrastructure they could continually enforce their anti-human agendas with full spectrum domination, carried out underground and above ground via global militarization that was strategic in leading to the One World Order (Great Reset-Agenda 2030) timelines.

Fall of Nibiruian Net

To set free the Melchizedek Logos and Emerald Order Melchizedek family, the Nibiruian Net system had to be in free fall decline so the Guardians could strategically gain control over the NAA network frequency fences and begin to repurpose the Crystal Temples located underground. The original planetary body in this Solar System that functioned as the 12D portal access into the Universal Lyran gate system was actually Nibiru, before it was invaded and subsequently outfitted by the NAA races as a battle star.

Melchizedek Logos Appears as Maharaji Blue Human

As several long-term Emerald Guardian Universal grid projects finally come into completion, many of these rehabilitation missions were actually designed to rescue the Melchizedek Logos from his imprisonment in the Wall in Time splits, which had been formed into the extensive NETS running the phantom Nibiru-Tiamat fallen matrices. [1]


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