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The main gender center blueprint is located in the 2D layers, when these centers are being activated to clear out corrupt elementals or make corrections to gender balance (Rod and Staff), there are plasma flames that burst out in the feet, ankles, calves and knees. This generally continues to cycle through and activate the flame access points in the entire Lotus Point sets throughout the Monadic Bio-Computer layer. This can set off a chain reaction of detoxification symptoms as the consciousness body is doing whatever it can to drop density.[1]

Lotus Points

Flame Access Point or Lotus Points

These are multidimensional centers in the body and they control the neurological processes in the physical body and also adjust the brain nervous system. As the body undergoes adjustments in the Heart Chakra (this particular part of the bio-computer is controlled by the Monad) these nervous system adjustments control the currents that work with the pulsation on the heart rhythm. And then there is the heart rhythm Axiatonal Line upgrade in the center of the chest and heart. The Lotus Points work with a part of the architecture on the Heart Chakra where these Lotus Points come out of the heart and are a part of breathing the Zero Point.


Session Transcript: Embodying the Monad


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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 50