Nadial Complex

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Nadial Complex

The Nadial Complex Control Panel is located at the back of the heart complex. This is the location of the physical bodies "Circuitry Board Control Panel". This circuitry board's main function on the spine is to route the Neurological Messaging System that carries impulses to and from the Central Nervous System and the Brain. The entire Nadial System is the etheric blueprint of the physical body's Central Nervous System and receives its instruction set from the 4D Astral Layers. This area can be corrected and healed from receiving messaging from alien machinery. This machinery is called alien implants and is when the nadial complex is receiving inorganic or harmful messaging that runs programs in the central nervous system and brain.

See also: Nadial Atomic Repair[[1]] See also: Nadial Plexus[[2]] See also: Nadial Upgrades[[3]] See also: Nadis Capsule[[4]]

[NTE/D: there are 10 terms in HGS Manual Glossary Outline referencing 'Nadial' - including: Nadial/Atomic Repair, Nadial Body, Nadial Complex, Nadial Cord, Nadial Plexus, Nadial System, Nadial System Control Panel, Nadial Upgrades, Nadis and Nadis Capsul. The only info I was able to find through ES Search and Google (besides Deane material) is below. Help!]

... the etheric nadial structure which is the energetic blueprint for our physical body’s Central Nervous System (CNS).

It is the 4D Etheric Nadial Complex that is a final function of the upgrades governed by the Yellow Crystal Star Seal being released in the masses at a planetary level [2007]. This allows the Soul matrix and its 4D-5D-6D frequencies to be physically embodied.

(Ref. LR NL May 2007)

Term first found: Page 57, HGS Manual