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... this particular 3rd level of our Yellow star Crystal Seals is a primary crystal seal that relates to certain important bio-energetic functions in our bodies. This means that the processes that relate to corresponding physical functions and its systems may have periods of change or adjustment to upgrade the body into higher functioning. The main physical upgrades will be focused on an improved cardio-vascular and pulmonary system functioning and the ability of the body to convert nutrients into usable energy management for the body.

This means we may experience radical changes with our food, food consumption and how our bodies convert food into energy. We will require less consumed food as our bodies use light source as a nutrient to convert energy for our bodies.

This particular Crystal Star seal will also unlock upgrades in the etheric Nadial Body and the Lightbody structure which is the energetic Blueprint for our physical body’s Central Nervous System (CNS). This means upon completing the star Crystal Seals release our CNS will have an upgrade that will allow greater capacity of electrical functioning and prepare the bodies to receive whole new levels of conducting, transmitting and holding frequency that is of the Soul Matrix. The natural sequence leading us through this cycle of mass Solar Plexus activation 3rd Chakra is to begin to merge the Three stations of 3rd Dimensional Identities (1D-Subconscious, 2D Instinctual, 3D Conscious or Reasoning/Ego Minds, see Three Layers of Ego) and as these bodies combine into one 3D energetic grid level of a body, together they form a triad and create a “Shield”. This formed Shield, or Horizontal Triad Body is akin to a energetic completion of the 3D experience for the personality and the 4D Identities of the Soul Matrix and its Frequencies start to pour into the energy bodies Lightbody. It is the 4D Etheric Nadial Complex that is a final function of the upgrades governed by the Yellow Crystal Star Seal being released in the masses at a planetary level. This allows the Soul Matrix and its 4D-5D-6D frequencies to be physically embodied.


May 2007 Newsletter

Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 193