Primordial Imprints of Separation

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The Primordial Imprints of Separation, the first level is shock, trauma and devastation; the second level is the lack of trust, lack of trust in spirit of course; number three is the betrayal and its polarity, abandonment, the two work together the betrayal and abandonment come in together so it's listed as one. The next one is fear, the next one is cosmic rage of cosmic anger, the next one unworthiness, the next one is shame and guilt, apparently that's the same vibration and the next one is feeling entrapped, so entrapment.

When we came from the potential of the 12 Strand DNA consciousness and came into a body on the earth in two strand DNA consciousness, the pain of that separation was pretty devastating to the human collective soul. So that is what they're describing is the core imprint in the human soul that now which every other trauma and every other fear grows off of as the Seed Fear. So after the Imprint of Separation, let's say if we go back into the moment of time where consciousness actually decided to come in to form at this level of density and experience polarity and duality consciousness and these imprints, there was a direct, at the individuation level, an imprint of separation and through those imprints, through our consciousness and through our experiences in these lower form worlds, we started to form different emotions that had different energy signatures, but yet they were all still related to the Imprint of Separation. I am going to go through these right now with you and if you are called to as well, when we’re doing holographic re-patterning or as you listen to this recording later you may want to look at the primordial imprints of separation and clear these from your holographic consciousness.

that now, those particular energies let's say fear and unworthiness, the primordial imprints as we list them out, they actually became like things, like planes of vibration and these planes of vibration over eons of time of human evolution and having experience that imprint of separation; we started to now create, because these particular energies and these particular experiences had not been experienced before and all of a sudden they are created in the planetary fields and in the human consciousness. So we start to actually have these particular emotions and experiences that all come off the Imprint of Separation that we originally went through in order to have this experience here.

These further went into like main polarities of fear vibration, we could actually just describe these Imprints of Separation and these sub particular emotions that all sourced from separation they started to become polarities of fear vibration.

So the fear vibration everything is, vibrating at a fear level but they said that now those particular levels of like each of those layers of imprint started to create like planes of existence because they were governing thought forms. So because we are God beings and we didn't recognize the power of our thought forms when we were having thought forms of betrayal, abandonment; thought forms of fear and unworthiness, we started to create planes of existence that existed at that vibration and these are the planes that are considered hell, if we think about the biblical and all of the fundamental religious mumbo-jumbo that talks about heaven and hell this is actually what they're describing as hell; is that these actual planes now that exist like throughout the lower astral levels where souls can get trapped when they are fully vibrating at that level.

So when somebody comes into consciousness in third dimension, you know, and their soul is aspiring to get beyond polarity and separation consciousness and back into the unity consciousness it has to go through these main polarities of fear vibration; to experience that fear vibration and to through the experience of 'beingness' actually transforming it, into higher vibration in order to transcend it and that's actually what we’re doing here as a group at so many levels, so it’s like a different way for them to give me some clarity on a lot of this.

So now they are talking about these planes of energy, so just think of like a huge group plane of space where there's just a plain of fear, a plane of unworthiness because that thought form now over so many eons of time of humans experiencing that, it actually became an existence, it became a plane somewhere and it became a part of the seven planes which are also known as esoterically as the seven solar planes of the earth. These planes of the earth are what light workers and healers and all of us actually that are here incarnating are in agreement to transcend and heal by unifying theses main polarities of fear vibration to finally unify and clear our imprints of separation so that we can move into the thought forms and the light codes, the language of the light, which is really the Law of One which is founded and is existing. The language of light is really a set of tones, and vibrations, and color and instruction and language that is all on Unity; it’s all on Oneness, so as we are moving into the language of light and we're getting re-coded not only in our bodies, but on the planet Earth, we're clearing these planes that exist of those main polarities of fear that actually sourced from the causation of that imprint of separation that originally was a part of what happened in humanity's evolution. I guess we could actually refer to as the fall of the divine human consciousness when we actually came into the density and these particular experiences were then created from our unknowingness.

They're talking about as we integrate these planes each of our parallel lives is also working on this at a certain level, so each one of us as a soul has unique sets of polarities that are expressed on multiple planes of reality through which all levels that we exist on and this is the part of what work healing and clearing now. So what they're saying is, is that as we go through these particular cord cutting issues; it’s actually a lot more complicated than I realized it to be that these cords are actually attached to these particular planes of existence and also to those levels of our evolution as a Being because remember we are the earth, we are all one and each one of us is clearing particular levels of whatever those separation imprints are for us, but their point is that those separation imprints and those polarity imprints of fear have created miasms in our core manifestation template and this is what we need to clear.


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