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Themes: Reversal Monad, Quetzalcoatl Lineage, reversal monad, DNA pair bonding, fire letters and Tribal Shield, Quetzalcoatl and Blood Sacrifice, body repelling spirit, mother and son mission to repair DNA and restore lineage. post session update; Seraphim as Guardians of the horizontal, dark cycle of Annu and Draco control of grids, release of blood covenants and major healing of Seraphim races through lineage of Quetzalcoatl, many beings returned home through this portal.)

Opening: As we set the intention of our sacred space and container, beloveds we call upon those of the cosmic triad and Melchizedek order, those serving the ascended races the sacred light and Law of One. From our still point of wholeness in manifest decision we decree with sovereign knowing here expressed at our command lovingly stated with absolute intention the divine will that is the intention of the one self one God.

Okay in setting the sacred intention and container of this space beloveds, I can see a trans-harmonic portal coming out in the 45° angle and anchoring through the sacred container and space through I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free. As we bring and hold this being within this session remotely, we again ask for that point of creating triad for the sacred container and space with open permission and that support. This is interesting now, because what I'm seeing is the Avatar Lord that was split in the monadic reversal. Again this is connected to the Quetzalcoatl Lineage, what is attached to him or is an aspect of himself is like an Avatar Overlord of some sort that has been bound.

Reversal Monad

Remember how we were talking about the enslavement of the beings even at the galactic level that had split into polarity reversal and through that became damaged and started to lack integrity. So in a sense what's happening is even at the galactic level there was fragmentation. And that from these reversals that started to degrade the consciousness or the form, which the consciousness had taken. So they're showing me this is similar to what happened to Archangel Michael. It's like a polarity reversal because that consciousness was connected to the whole of the human collective consciousness. It got sucked into a polarity reversal and started to fragment itself and then became shadow bits, literally.

But in a sense the pain of this was, is that they couldn't stop it. Because it was the breakdown of the universal structure, it wasn't by choice of the individual consciousness. It was a byproduct of what was happening in the structure as it was literally it's almost like seeing it being sucked into a black hole, into a reversal form. Or whatever we could call time and space, which is so difficult to quantify from this place. But what I'm seeing is that this lineage of Quetzalcoatl, which is connected to a group consciousness because it's so large, it's not just about this individual being Quetzalcoatl. It is like it's an Avatar group consciousness that is on a galactic level that has been we could say infiltrated.

But again there was damage perpetrated through the creation of fields that started to degrade and breakdown. It is like I'm literally seeing that consciousness was bound to sacrifice and to perform sacrifice. It was forced I don't know why it was forced. I'm seeing that it was bound through whatever the structure was, that made it only sustain itself through the sacrifice of others, so through the blood. It's like the original intention of this creation was certainly not this. What I see with this actually is intense sorrow and remorse.

You know how reptilian energy is non-remorseful I mean they could care less. This is a consciousness that has been trapped by the Draconian or reptilian force somehow and through this construct it's in, it has to perform things that it really doesn't want to do. And yet it's like a robot and has no choice. But it has consciousness enough to know it doesn't want to do this. It's very strange I don't know why it's bound in there. Okay so in looking at that beloveds, again assisting in bringing the triad opened into the cosmic levels we call in the Aurora force, because I'm seeing the elemental structures of re-encryption to assist at whatever level this is dealing with.

First it's about the natural astral body anatomy. So what they're saying is earlier this year when we went through this astral reconfiguration, they're showing me that the astral plane has a lot to do with why this structure could not be obliterated. It was absolutely connected to this. So now we're able to do the next level because the atomic astral body and the Astral Plane, apparently has been merged or there has been enough healing on it to be able to open some of these dimensional locks. They're also saying that's why we're getting these pour throughs. The pour throughs are actually remnants and remains off the astral.

What they're showing me is the astral at a huge spiral layer upon layer going through the astral levels and layers. And as they go through there are entities and beings getting displaced from whatever location they were in, within these particular time space vectors within the astral. Every so often it's like a big chunk gets moved out, but in essence it looks as though there has been a lot of progress on the astral body.

Tribal Shield and 144 Fire Letters

So specifically in working through his astral body anatomy and looking at the atomic body astral. This radial cord that connects him into all of these, they are showing me Tribal Shields. He is a being that is connected to the Tribal Shield which is about the 144 fire letters that are contained in all of the sequences of the DNA, between all of those four rounds converging. And this is why his role of clearing this lineage is something that he has taken on. It's hard for me to explain what the lineage connection is, but what I'm seeing is that in his radial cord, and this is a cord that comes out from the navel. It's where fetal integration and where the soul goes through Bardo, the Bardo period. It's a tube that goes up into the astral projection into the tunnels, and when people have near-death experiences that is what they're seeing, their seeing that radial cord.

When I follow that radial cord into the astral it connects into this group consciousness. It's either like a family of Consciousness or fragments of consciousness that are connected through him. What I'm seeing is that he has, and I hesitate to say this, because I want to get some confirm before I say something like this. But what I'm getting is that he has potential 48 strand DNA. And it's almost like he has come in with this extra level because it's connected to the four rounds. I'm seeing that he has in his coding, which came from his mother so it's you, the 144 fire letter sequences that correct the base code and acceleration codes of the DNA.

So literally there is a key between you two as male and female that together complete this. It's almost like he's got the masculine accelerator or base code. Within each of the DNA strands there are these base pairs that create the chemical parts. There are female base codes, so 12 base female codes and 12 base male codes. The two of you complete this, you have both of them but there's something about the physicalization of it as well. We're both male female, so the codes exist in us, but there is something about this Quetzalcoatl lineage and the past. Or simultaneous lifetimes the two of you have shared around healing this particular lineage and having the experiences that you did. There is something important about the physicalization of this. And it is happening in this way as mother son.

He's holding the male acceleration code, your holding the base code. Where the base code is holding the program and the females holding the creational blueprint, and the males holding the activating force. So it's like when that comes together then this creates a chemical that bonds these base pairs and it starts to clear the checkerboard mutation. That mutation that's in the Earth's grids and it starts changing the time. What I'm seeing is this is beyond DNA in terms the activation. Literally when these codes merge between the layers of the DNA, it changes time. It changes what's known as vector, which means the placement of the consciousness on the grid.

So as this genetic alphabet of DNA starts merging through the DNA template, the consciousness is moving through time and that the vector code on the grid is completely changed. And that is the key of the healing, because literally where we are is we're stuck in a vector, we're stuck in time. And this is what the reptilians are so brilliant at doing. They have warped time to keep us stuck in a vector, in a place on the grid where we're not moving in our natural organic pace, whatever that would be in our evolution. So the key to this is these codes, that are in the so-called genetic alphabet of the 12 strand DNA template.

It's almost like what he did is he came in after you, because he's holding what I would say... God how would I say this? He came plugged in with an extra level set of DNA in case his first set didn't work. It's kind of funny to say this, but because he came in later than you and he could hold it and you couldn't. Your physical body couldn't handle it yet. So he was born late enough where they actually squeezed in another level. It is almost like looking at DNA ladder, seeing ladders and spirals and seeing these expand like an accordion. Most people would only have like one ladder, because what's happening is about DNA braiding.

Okay they are showing me the braiding is what activates the fire codes that start activating the chemical. There's a chemical they're talking about. There's something about what's been happening with the Tribal Shield and why we've been working with it. Now as the two sets, in a sense I'm seeing base magnetic female, but this is also particle antiparticle. When the antiparticle and particle starts merging, and we are working with the DNA templates of it at this level. There is a level where a biochemical production of some kind of substance, it is something that bonds the double helix strands together. Because what's happening is these two sets of DNA are almost never bonded and that is what creates polarity and split, like the schism. There's something about the chemical coming together, which bonds the double helix DNA into a merge. And when that merges there is a chemical that starts being manifested in the hydrogen bonds. And this is why the reptiles are crazy, because some of us are starting to do this.

Oh wow, okay. When we start bonding DNA, you know the white powder and Egypt whatever that is? This gets created in the DNA hydrogen bond and that celestine starts being emitted in our skin. And this is the Holy Grail, this is like what these beings want. Okay, I understand. This is why were being watched right now, because some of us are working with this and they want it. (question...) Yeah, well both of you are actually it's definitely a mutual process between the both of you.

So in terms of supporting the foundational part of this process in the body? Okay first of all somebody just came in from the Melchizedek group and just told me he is completely protected, and to please not worry. He is like surrounded because of what he's doing. It appears that we have been successful in past sessions, opening the channels of spiritual links. They are showing me that is one of your roles for him, is that he couldn't open the spiritual links himself. And therefore the protection and handshake for him wasn't fully established, and now it is. (question...) It's awesome, because what they're saying is that's why you've been impulsed to work with the shield with him all the time. Because when you do that you allow them to get closer. It's almost like if he's not bringing it in and creating that field around him, they can't protect him that well. They can't be in his field because that frequency isn't there to let them come in.

So you've created, the handshake is there for him. And now it's at a level where his God-Self the Avatar self as well, is connected to his personality, this is part of himself and now there can be exchanges made. Where previous to this, and they're showing me when he was really having a hard time flipping out around November of last year. This is what was going on, because there was a conflict between literally his cells his physical body and these energies. It was like resisting the change. I can see that it creates intensified polarity when that energy starts coming in. It's like seeing the internal Armageddon of the body, because the ego constructs and all programs that are controlling the body seize up, they go into fear they go into resistance and they flip out. Because literally the body has its own consciousness too, and it's got its own programming. So that was a really challenging time for him, because that was when the hub that was actually when it was being established. And he could barely take it when it was happening, because it was bringing up all of that, addiction wiring and all the stuff that is in his physical self. Okay thank you so much, thank you so much for that confirmation.

Quetzalcoatl Lineage

What they're showing me is that when he starts to merge, there is work being done within his body about the DNA merging. And it is this that is connected to the Quetzalcoatl lineage, and I would say is the mutual goal or mission between the two of you. That when this is actually healed, your giving this freedom literally to this group lineage of Quetzalcoatl. Because it's like they are enslaved, where ever this time and space is. Believe it or not I'm seeing this is like 10th dimensional, it's Galactic. This is definitely galactic it's not coming from the lower soul astral level. But for some reason the astral level has enslaved it. I'm trying to see how that is connected in there.

So what was that? Is this the layers and levels of that? Because now I'm looking at the Galactic 10th dimensional place where this is. Oh, Okay. So were working with the monadic layer? Okay so we were working with the lower layer. So as the monad comes in and it creates soul extensions that go out and extend itself into lower dimensional planes of vibration. So it's collecting, collecting, collecting, Okay. So this is the source of the monadic? No it's not. Okay were still working with the layer and level, at the 10th dimensional level? Okay. What I'm seeing with this one is that on the left ear there is an opening that connects the capstone on the bodies above the head.

There is a chakra 6 inches above the head, referred to as the 10th chakra. This chakra when it is merged with the Avatar, with its 12th dimensional counterpart it's like a capstone comes in and activates inside the 10th dimensional chakra. What they are showing me is the 10th dimensional chakra is the broadcast of the higher self. That this is the area where the higher self is broadcasting through all of the tribes and that the tribes are receiving distorted information. So in a sense what this is, and this is so strange. Here is this group avatar existing here and it is the quote unquote higher self. It is the consciousness intelligence that is broadcasting the frequency that in us is received behind the left ear.

This 10th dimensional opening is the broadcast of the higher self. What I'm seeing is that in this tribe in this lineage, beings were being orchestrated to do this sacrifice stuff. Whatever that is again and it looks like a blood sacrifice, blood lineage stuff. So in a sense there was impulsing that was coming in at this level, and these beings were feeling that they were doing the right thing to satisfy their quote unquote God. But in actuality this was one of the brilliant manipulations, because what I'm seeing is that the reptiles and Draconians, these beings did not perform any direct hands-on manipulation in these cases. What they did is they corrupted the original monad. This was about usurping the light source. (question...) It's not implanted it's like in a structure I can't explain. It's like the structure has reversed it upon itself, its operating in its polarize negative or something. It's really strange I can see, it's like it's inside out and it shouldn't be. It's really weird.

I can sense it, it's like it's got bindings around it. It's like its body is inside out upon itself, and its reversing itself instead of generating. Rather than expanding into the light it's like imploding, it's moving in reverse it's moving in the other direction. In looking at that, beloveds what is our part in this? Oh. So when we work with 12th dimensional energy, the triad is with the 10th, 11th, and 12th. That's why this is helping, okay I understand. When we consider the Avatar it's a trinity between the 10th, 11th and 12th level of energy and it is the 10th dimensional part that we're looking at today.

I see okay, so the Tribal Shield is a group field that has the record and instruction set of each of the evolutionary cycles, of these four rounds converging. Through that is accessed the correct coding of the 144 fire letter sequences that are needed, because it is the fire letters that create the chemical composition to activate the DNA codes if you will. I see, so the base codes are there the acceleration codes are there, both of you are holding it but the fire letters are not. The fire letters are coming from the Tribal Shield. The Tribal Shield is connected to the base of his neck at this point. And this again is allowing a sequence to bring a geometric arrangement of these fire letters to begin the chemical composition of bonding or braiding the DNA template. The DNA template braiding, I see, so you go through the layers, and the DNA has to go in its harmonic structure order. It's going 1-2-3-4, it bonds through the tones it doesn't jump around.

But they've been doing, in anticipation of the next level I can see that they have been doing corrections in between the sub-strands to assist the identities and actually holding that entire template structure. So what is interesting about this is there is a co-partnering process that his body is participating in that is sharing. It's like he's holding one piece of the set you're holding one piece of the set, and this level of identity that I'm connecting to, with the Quetzalcoatl lineage is holding another piece of the set. And there is something that locks in between the three and that is what we're working for. That's what the ultimate healing is for everybody. Is like making this right or correcting whatever this is that had happened. Which means that there obviously has been something from the past which has been a part of your direct experience and lineage for this to be your responsibility. Okay thank you.

Again in working with the bodies please show me what is next in terms of support. In clearing and removing negative form from that polarized projection coming from the 10th dimension, and how we now work with that program. Okay so frequency bands and codes from the rays that allowed the nucleo-chemical reaction from the fire letter sequences attached. So there is fine-tuning of the harmonic of the Tribal Shield. Something it's interesting, he has the ability to hold onto this. It's so fascinating to me because in the physical it looks like something totally different. Like in terms of him, but it's all in his body. It's like it's all in his body without his current awareness. So in the base of his neck there is that atomic doorway that is opening, that is connecting into those four wormholes. Or four openings that are merging that are creating what's known as a Tribal Shield. And this Tribal Shield has each of the shield fire letters of the 144 souls.

And there's something about the 144 that's very important in this case. It seems to have to do with this level that I'm seeing in the 10th dimension that is connected to the Quetzalcoatl lineage. So it's like 144 of the original monads that were impacted by this or something. The 144 is important in the fire letters and that comes from the Tribal Shield. For some reason the DNA codes were there but the fire letters weren't. The fire letters are now starting to be transmitted by the connection through the Tribal Shield. Again there are two humongous purple guides on either side of him. It's interesting to see this, it looks like an assembly line because there is information coming through and they are stabilizing him on either side. And they are very long they look like trees actually, really long and thin and purpley. I just got Andromeda Council.

So a part of the Aurora are coming in to hold that. It's like there is a Stargate there, an opening there that allows this to pour through. And this is a fire letter sequence coming in through the body. I'm just watching it for a moment. It's like there is a link up connecting him to the Tribal Shield. And what they're showing me is that the Indigo transmission that you did had to be done to allow him to hold this. So that turquoise light, it's like whatever this stream of information is coming in on, it's coming in from the turquoise light. And it's like this fire letter arrangement is connected to the field instruction set of the Tribal Shield, which comprises all of the rounds of human history. All of the cellular memory record is connected into this. And the connection point that was now the next piece of it, couldn't happen until the turquoise light was connected to him. Now what they are showing me is the turquoise light is an opening into the neutron window, and therefore is very safe. There's something about, these lower guys can get in there. This is an energy they haven't had access to and is actually new for us as well, as it is just getting connected in here. Thank you. So yes that would be a confirmation that the turquoise has been brought into the body.

Gender Fin Polarities

Okay I see. What I'm seeing is like a domino effect through the layers. What we are working on here is the gender fin polarities. The ultimate splits and schisms of these monadic reversals and how they have happened. Originally like from the physics part of the light body it is coming from the Merkaba split. When the Merkaba split and the masculine feminine particles couldn't merge or fit together in the same way, it created destruction and breakdown of the Mekaba itself. Then of course it just kept breaking down, it splintered and that's where those frozen light shards come off body. It's like the frequency the energy and the ray are not lined up into the appropriate filter. It should be filtering, but it doesn't and starts building up this frozen stuck energy. It's like the pipes are off, the pipes get rusty they start to decay they're not being utilized etc.

So what I'm looking at here now is the next piece. My question is about helping him remove the negative form and some of the personality issues here. Let's also be aware that we need to assist in the personality integration with the soul and over-soul actualization so he can function here better. And we know that this is all going on and I understand that it does have impact on him, these mutations have impact on him for sure. In terms of his personality it drills down into this. But I do want to look at what we can do to help the personality integrate into this level of actualization with the bodies and assisting him in functioning better here.

It's something that is holding the body in place but it's distorting at the same time. If we rip that structure off he's going to be a mess. Because it's almost like even though it is a distortion, it's a part of the body at such a deep level that we can't just rip it away, because it will collapse the structure. Psychologically he will feel it emotionally he will feel it. My question is that within the structure in looking at that and knowing that is responsible for activating the impulse into those frequencies. My question is where is the program located that has to do with impulsivity or rebellion or anti-authority, which is creating the conflict within him? This is what we want to look at.

Any transposition fields that are reversing or creating energy disturbance or interference of any kind in this way, can we neutralize their effects in the relay to the motor neurons of the brain and the central nervous system? What we would like to do is circumvent the relay. If we can't completely dismantle this structure then where can we circumvent the relay that is impulsing the frequency into the brain neural net and into the neurological structure itself? That is where we need to look. Looking at the spine and the vertebral area, again mid-thoracic. Most of the manipulation comes in from the back, thoracic 4-5-6 is what is impacting the heart chakra. So a lot of the issues comprising the astral bodies, a part of the impact is not supporting the synthesis of the spiritual forces into the material forces of the body. This is creating a schism every time the soul or a level of divinity is attempting to embody itself, and the physical body has a volatile reaction to it. There's something blocking the synthesizing of the material and spiritual force in the body, through the heart. The heart is a synthesizer, you need to find the component that helps assist in removing any membrane of separation that allows the heart to fully synthesize the spiritual forces coming in. Because the issue is the body is reacting violently or hostilely to the spiritual energy, or the actualization of the divinity into the body. This is the process. Please show us how to open the orbits and allow the synthesizing of those forces through the heart center, as it naturally organically should be.

They are showing me every time this is what happened. When a massive part of this divinity or intelligence comes into the body, his body reacts really violently to it. Is this an implant is as an interference or is this a structure problem from the heart synthesis level? Please check for any booby-traps, implants and cords these are hooks that are associated with a reaction impulse to when soul energy comes into the body when God energy comes into the body, that the body resist and reacts violently to it. We need to neutralize that and clear that from the bodies template, permanently totally and completely. Through all layers and levels of central nervous system, etheric nadial system. The sourcing of this is in the etheric nadial system.

Interesting if the controller is that place in this 2nd dimensional opening down there. (question...) Yes, it is the negative form controlling that. Okay it's a layer by layer by layer. With each layer that is collapsed and what is connected into holding them in place, whether it's the emotion coming from another time and space. It's like this group consciousness field in the 10th dimension, whatever this lineages is that's connected to Quetzalcoatl, is connected to the negative form. This whole level of consciousness is what is holding it in place. It's almost like until it's cleared none of it's cleared. It's much larger than his body it's like a group lineage connection. So that when it clears for him it clears the entire lineage. There is a layer and level of this so the question then becomes at the personal level, if we can support any of that impulsing in his consciousness level at the personality program.

So what can be done and assisted to clear any impulse coming from the negative form, that is aggravating or instilling that response in the nervous system, specifically within the second dimensional layers? What I'm actually seeing is like frequency disturbances that are brought in. Like static, I can see all the static energy in his body and they are clearing that out. They are clearing that because what happens is the static creates irritation, it builds up irritation. That's what it looks like it's a static energy that's uncomfortable and it builds irritation and then he explodes. Because he doesn't know how to get it out.

So in assisting the body and opening any releases, or preventing that static energy from accumulating, I see. It's coming in through the negative form and releasing that static energy within his particular light body. And again we need that to be brought out and we need someone to relieve the burden of that. Like open a channel so it can be released through him and out. They said reversing the flow back, would hurt him and cut off his life force. (long silence)

Honestly, what I'm getting with this is that the translation part of the DNA is the Holy Grail piece. This is the piece that is completing this lineage issue that is connected to that whole group soul, monadic soul, connection that we were working with her today. What I feel is that in essence, until this level has its own process of completion this part of what were doing admittedly feels like a band-aid. It feels like when we go into the emotional body and I can see that they are cleaning it up. But I can also see there are some structures that are sitting there in place that can't be removed entirely until this other process is complete. So I see this arrangement in a sequence that's got to be revealed, and go through it's own process in order to complete.

Honestly it feels under way, it feels that he has much more protection and interaction than he ever did before. It seemed more intermittent before, now it's locked on, and the guides and beings around him are working with this. So now it appears the next sequence is about the braiding that is creating a chemical translation between these two double helix strands. And this is what is being ... oh, you know what this is? This is a host matrix transplant for the Quetzalcoatl lineage. This is a trip. Okay so literally his body is like a genetic harvesting that is allowing whatever is needed. Because whatever his configuration is genetically lineage wise, it's connected to this.

It is connected to the Quetzalcoatl lineage, so it's like his body, through his own agreements to do so, is being processed into the genetic potential of all that he carries. And literally it's going to be shared or handed over to that level of being. Which then allows that level of being to return itself into its whole potential. Apparently, whatever the reversal is of it being reversed in on itself, it's a DNA issue. It's a complete genetic DNA issue, whatever's holding it in place it's a DNA or integrity breakdown within the structure of it.

Interestingly enough in really feeling the higher self of this lineage, what was amazing to me is that he, and it's weird because it feels like a masculine energy doesn't want to do what he's doing. I mean it's weird, it's like he didn't want to become a shadow. It's like he has no choice and I don't quite understand why, it's like the structure necessitates it. And I don't why because the consciousness is aware of what's going on and in complete sorrow and remorse over it. Yeah it's like it can't get out of its trap for some reason. I'm not sure why. If it's just the way the structure is, wherever this is. (question...)

What I'm seeing is that they are calling it something else. The rebellion program is a subset of the resistance it's a hostility. Every time spiritual energy comes into him, he reacts in a very strong way. There is a resistance because what is happening is the body is being commandeered by spiritual energy. (question...) Yes. We got a lot of information today.

I do want to express our gratitude and appreciation and again in holding this space, between this triad relationship between myself, yourself, and your son and the higher self of the Quetzalcoatl lineage. We ask that all exchanges all transmissions in support of the light and Law of One, be supported and held within the containment of this space. I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free. Again as we hold this space in the light of one, we ask that all support and resonance for this beloved being at the personality level and physical level, to assist in his well being and that which supports the greater accomplishment and success and fulfillment of his soul's ultimate mission in this lifetime.

Again we support and petition all universal support and galactic support through the Melchezidek guardians and that of his lineage with the Seraphim, to assist and support in the greater wholeness and completion through again, I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free. Beloveds thank you so much for this exchange. Again in the highest light of intention we ask that all healing through unconditional love and compassion, and through the light and the truth vibration to be revealed through his very inner essence, and through all which he has agreed to assist and support on this planet. Thank you.

Please seal our session please seal the field. As we anchor lock and seal our work into the light of unity and one. Down, down, down it's a big one. There we go, thank you so much. And so it is we seal and end our session. Beloveds thank you so much.

Update Two days Post Session

Quetzalcoatl 8-14-2008

Today is August 14, 2008 and I thought I'd share with you a rather revealing intense and amazing experience. And since I, the Lisa part of me, certainly doesn't know that much about the lineage of Quetzalcoatl I thought I would share this with you, so that we could open a discussion in the community. Because some very interesting information in terms of healing this lineage has been brought forth today, which I will try to encapsulate as best as I can.

Today apparently is the anniversary, birthdate or a seed intention of this God Creator being known as Quetzalcoatl. Apparently Quetzalcoatl is an aspect of a lineage that has been spawned from the Seraphim lineage. One of the original primal sound fields the Gold Order encompasses the Seraph lineages, which would be the winged ones or the angelic Seraphim. The Seraphim apparently had their own schism and enslavement issues, having been intricately involved with the creation of the planet Earth and the human species. Understanding that the Seraphim were a part of the original creators of the human species prototype, and their energy signature and imprint certainly is a part of us as human beings and a part of the planet Earth itself.

One of the things that the Seraphs did many moons ago in the human evolution experiment is actually create a ley-line grid system on the earth. And the Seraphim became the guardians of the earth until the humans could become the guardians of the earth. This was done in a grid or ley-line structure that is referred to as the Golden Eagle grid or pylon network. This was actually a creation of the guardian races and through this the guardian Seraphim and Avian races became known as guardians of the horizontals, guardians of the horizontal grid systems or ley-line systems.

Now during the Atlantis cataclysm and what's known as the Luciferian rebellion, about 26,000 to 30,000 years ago, the planetary Stargates and the planetary grids, were taken over. They came under the control of the Reptilian, Annunaki and Draconian races who used these grids in reverse purpose, from their original intent. And again not using this from a judgment base but understanding that this last 26,000 year cycle has been a cycle of a dark age of human evolution. Again is a part of the plan here, of coming into the seeds of darkness in order to return into the age of Enlightenment. I'm sure to a certain degree all of this has been orchestrated as part of the experiential God being-ness that we are, through having these experiences. And through this human experiment, through Ascension, this last cycle has been that of the dark-age. And the Stargate portal systems and grid systems have been under the control of primarily the Annunaki and Draconian beings.

So in the last 26,000 years the Golden Eagle grid became controlled and was primarily used as a mind control broadcast station, literally. That would send out false information that was about the program that Annunaki would wish us to continue in, which is one of darkness and enslavement and separation etc. So the Golden Eagle grid literally became kind of like a mind control weapon, because that's what they were using it for. And it had been reclaimed a few years ago, in terms of the guardian races, but there was still clean up work to do with the grids themselves. Because the grids were actually conditioned by then Annunaki and a way to say this is that this grid was being energized by the blood of human beings, through blood covenants and blood sacrifice.

One of the major grid points of the Golden Eagle is actually in Iran and Iraq, the Middle East and portions of Egypt. So in terms of this grid being energized in its reversal patterns, there was literally an alchemy or a container created by the Annu, the Annunaki, that when there was a death or bloodshed in this particular area of the Earth's field, that bloodshed that human suffering or karma if you will, would feed the energetic grid and keep it in its reversal pattern. We can see that some of the world events are aimed at keeping war and strife and divisiveness and the death of human beings happening in certain areas. Iraq and Iran in ancient times were the Sumerian, Mesopotamian and Babylonian areas. This has obviously been going on for eons of time in a place on the planet that is extremely war-torn and in which many human lives have obviously been given to the land to energize the reversals and distortions of this particular Golden Eagle grid.

Today through the lineage of Quetzalcoatl what has been revealed is that Quetzalcoatl was at one time or this lineage became, a part of the Fallen Angelic races a part of the Fallen Seraphim that had become distorted from the controls of this grid. A way to understand this is that this grid is like a conscious living entity. This Golden Eagle grid is literally the consciousness and blood of the Seraphim. The Seraphim gave their blood, their genetics, their consciousness to us the human being. And in their love they became the guardians of the horizontals for us, and through the fall of our experience they also fell in their own experience. And they were polarized in their own a negative form through which shadow elements of them selves came to be distorted creations of their perfection. And this is what is known as the Fallen Angelics or even down into the demonic races.

So what they are showing us here today is that the Fallen Angelics became distorted negative forms of the original perfection of the Seraphs. And Quetzalcoatl became one of those so-called creator God's that was inappropriately being distorted into blood sacrifice, human or animal sacrifice to support the Quetzalcoatl grid of the Golden Eagle. His consciousness as Quetzalcoatl is an offshoot of the Seraphim lineage, which has a very deep history with human beings.

Now recently the guardians had mentioned (7-23-2008) that we were moving into a multidimensional intersection between evolutionary rounds of the entire history of the human species and planetary creation we know as earth. And these cycles are also called calendars, which they had talked about I believe as the Egyptian, Sumerian and Sothic calendars, which is Sirius and Coptic. There were like four major evolutionary cycles and calendars converging at this particular time. So understanding that Quetzalcoatl, possibly under many other names and energetic signatures, has been a particular godlike figure that has influenced human evolution through all of these particular timelines.

However, the name that they are using for today's session clearing and for understanding the hidden human history around this is Quetzalcoatl. This is what I'm getting and what I thought you may be interested in, and possibly also able to share your information and knowledge around this because mine is actually somewhat limited. But today through witnessing the distortion of the Seraphim as represented through one of the God lineages of the Seraphim, which is Quetzalcoatl, who has been bound and enslaved into a negative form and shadow element of its own perfection. So a way to understand this is as human beings have suffered polarization and separation from God source, and separation from their completion and their wholeness. This is exactly what happened to the Galactic beings as well, which is what Quetzalcoatl is sourcing from as a galactic being as a galactic God being.

In that relationship to the Earth's evolution, the Seraphim and Quetzalcoatl also suffered along with beings like arc of consciousness, like Archangel Michael, suffered a negative split and polarization in consciousness. That was not their choice but a byproduct of the distortion in the planetary and universal fields of creation, which comprise this time and space. So again it's important to understand this polarization this split this schism goes way beyond planet Earth. It is something that is way beyond even human beings and is actually impacting many other levels of consciousness, as has been revealed today.

So the bottom line is that today August 14th, is the anniversary of Quetzalcoatl's magnetic imprint or birth. This was an auspicious day that opened a portal of connection that allowed a new level of reveal and healing for the Fallen Angelic and Seraphim races that have been involved with the earth since the beginning of time. Which can now be released from that blood covenant sacrifice. That which had been suffered on the earth had been holding the Golden Eagle grid in reversal patterns and because of that many beings both human and nonhuman were bound and trapped in that grid, unable to evolve unable to move forward. Their suffering consciousness was the battery, literally, that was energizing this grid and its reversal pattern.

Today we are understanding that many of these beings got to return home through the portal of the next universe. Many of these beings that have been trapped in this grid are able to return to their true source Creator. Again this is the connection of the Seraph and the Avian races, the angelic races. In understanding this, the distortions of those that are known as the Fallen Angelics and the Demonics will be returning into their wholeness, instead of reversing into their digression, destruction and decadence if you will. A way to understand this is that all of the consciousness is controlled by the genetic integrity of the structure in alignment to its original blueprint. The original blueprint being restored to Quetzalcoatl allows the Fallen Angelics to heal themselves by returning home now, to rejuvenate and regenerate their genetics into the true understanding of who they are.

A way to understand this is that human beings didn't know and do not know who they are as God creators themselves. The Seraphim of the Fallen Angelic and the Demonic races had forgotten as well, and do not know who they really are. There is an understanding through the Guardian perspective that a massive healing has occurred in the Seraphim races, through the lineages of Quetzalcoatl. These are the Fallen Angelics and Demonics that were once we could say the plague of the astral. They were the challenge of the psychic attack and the various things that go on within the earth plane, which is sort of like the realm of the lower creation or the realms of hell. This level of being is moving into rehabilitation and from the Guardian perspective this is a massive completion, understanding and witnessing of the history of the Seraphim.

Honoring again the Fallen Angelics, the Demonics, Quetzalcoatl, in their own form of suffering and split in consciousness as they too suffered the fragmentation, through being a part of the human species experiment. Understanding that all of us are sharing this healing together. So I share this with you as some of us are more connected to the angelic lineages than others. I thought you might want to honor, acknowledge and connect with this in your own way.

Closing: Again holding a space of infinite love, compassion and unconditional forgiveness, unconditional forgetfulness to all that has transpired through all time and space into the singularity of now. The wholeness exists. This is yet another example of our completion and return into the one source light. So I hope this has made some sense. In deep love and gratitude thank you so much for listening and namaste. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions 8-12-2008]

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