Starseed vs Planetary Light Worker

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Themes: Starseed Briefing: Starseed vs Planetary Light Worker, astral and Twilight Mastery, 5D Ascension not possible, recent 11 gate opening and Armageddon fears, Nephilim rehabilitation related to Sirius B, Christ Body as Unity Intelligence, "Resignation from Control" script to collapse the control programs, monadic level.

Opening: We are memorializing our session here today on May 21, and please interrupt me if there is something, like a tangent of information that you want clarity on or want me to come back to. My feeling is that it's really challenging for someone like yourself, because you've already had several different reincarnations while you've been in this body. And it's attempting to understand what levels of connection, like who are you, what are you doing? Because there are different levels of the holographic architecture the blueprint that the consciousness is and your role with this planet, and the things that you have contributed and are as you're here. You've been one of those beings that started earlier than most and had to go through several different deaths and rebirths.

So the drill about the death and the rebirth thing. Sometimes it's really confusing to try to figure out what is in alignment with what is, because you finally get the wing of something and then all of that collapses and it's gone. So you're like okay, was their purpose for that? Is it Plan B? I'm feeling that with you, that you have been one of those compassionate benevolent beings that is here to really work with the planetary evolution in those fields. And the confusion sometimes is, that you're constantly being asked to reposition and change yourself, and there's not the same level of linear continuity. The issue with that is, is that at one time around 1987, in the 80s and 90s most of the light workers the planter light workers still had some level of continuity. Right now many of us don't have a choice, it's now moment and that is it, right. But in the 80's and 90's in the first part of that 20 year cycle, I'm just giving you a context to see if this applies to what you're feeling.


First of all when I connect to you, you're not from this universe you're a being that is more of a Starseed because you're not from here. So in a sense there has been a different level for you that is more unique than the general light working community. So at times it probably made it difficult for you to find points of connect and points of family, like frequency and a home soul frequency that you could recognize, because there are not a lot of you on the planet doing the same kind of thing. So as an example from 1987 to 2007 from the Guardian perspective, and the guardians when I'm talking about them I'm talking about ultra-terrestrials. Beings that are beyond time and space beings that are not from this universe. So it's a different level of perception I guess, a different frequency and a different perception. So the way they describe it is that period of time was indeed a cycle, just like 2012 is a cycle of the 26,556 years, with this revolution around the galactic core. That there are cycles upon cycles, so 1987 began a cycle of enlightenment and the beings that were encoded to do that work, they refer to those levels of consciousness as planetary light workers.

So that meant their role for that 20 year period was to start seeding the mass consciousness with new thoughts and New Age philosophies. And part of that was to help remove the fear around "death" and the fear implants around the invisible, right. Making the invisible visible, starting to get people comfortable with Angels, as something that is more commonly spoken of without somebody rolling their eyes or getting that woo-woo thing. So we can see that in the last 20 years that they've been very successful, because we have the New York Times bestsellers of Sylvia Brown, Doreen Virtue, and Wayne Dyer. And we have seen the ghost whisperer and paranormal and John Edwards and everybody on TV. So this level of paranormal and psychic ability is the first level of "enlightenment". Getting the consciousness, getting human beings out of the fear place and out of the 'oh that's the weird woo-woo stuff' and get people more desensitized to it so it becomes more normal, more mainstream.

So my point is, that's not my feeling about who you are at all. So the issue with this is, that you're a galactic being and your primary directive is that and not planetary. So the issue is and again feel what feels in alignment with you first, as that's really the most important thing. But from the guarding perspective we didn't really know what it was going to look like when we came in here. We had options but ultimately the vibrational choice and the timelines dimensionally that are chosen are chosen by the group consciousness down here. So the issue is that there were several alternatives in terms of evolution and ascension and helping the species move into a more advanced civilization and way of living. However, I don't think anybody really knew what that was. So we were given certain parameters of which to work through and focus on, at different periods of time and space. So what was going on in 1987 is entirely different than what's happening now.

Literally we really didn't know. I think there was an attempt for all of us to support the entire merging with the fifth dimensional frequencies in parallel Earth, into the third dimension. But from my Guardian work dealing with the ultra-terrestrials who are looking beyond space and time, they said in 2005 that that option was not available anymore. Because whatever threshold was needed, was not reached. So we're working on yet another plan. So from their perspective 1987 to 2007 was the planetary light workers doing their thing, the Doreen Virtues of the world, the Sylvia Browns of the world. The beings that worked in that parameter with the planetary consciousness and some of them were very successful. Now you're not a planetary light worker, you are a Galactic Starseed that is actually a Galactic Commander and has a lot more genetic memory. And this is the thing that is very challenging to speak of in words, because I'm not at all trying to promote anything that is beyond the oneness or division or any less than or better than. It just means that your holographic architecture and the consciousness that you have seeded and retained has more genetic memory, more star memory outside planet Earth, outside human experience. And this is very valuable and it is absolutely the currency of life that is the conflict down here. It is the genetic material which creates the forms ability to have a level of consciousness and a purity and quality of consciousness. It is completely dependent upon the genetic material that has created the blueprint of that particular form or structure. So whether it is a consciousness like a human being, or another form, another extraterrestrial form or whatever. Anything that has content, anything that has consciousness has a blueprint. (question...)

The thing with this is, I think it has to come into what you really want. Because honestly what you're saying to me I relate to as well. I had no idea that this was going to be such a solitary and a learning process, and that I would have to hold this burden entirely by myself. And that has been a bone of contention, because it seems utterly cruel and inhumane to be requested to do all of this without any emotional support or romantic support. It's not like I think our partner has to be fully aware of what were doing, but for God sakes there is some level of humanness, that human connection. Coming home and having someone give you a hug and say it's going to be all right, because it has been a very intense tour of duty. And again to be perfectly honest with you, I think that there has been in some ways a disservice in what the New Age has done. Because they have done the rainbow and butterfly thing in order to seed a level of consciousness on this planet to deal with this shift. And what is really happening, again from the Guardian perspective, is that now we've got to come into the wisdom. The last 20 years has been the love and light, you know what I'm saying? And a lot of the new agers, this has devastated me at times because there would be people in that space that would say 'I don't do extraterrestrials, and I don't do negativity'.

And the issue is we are going to have to face it folks. If we're going to deny it exists consistently, then you're going to live in a fantasy-land. Because the bottom line is, what you deny creates deception and deception allows you to be manipulated. And I think what's happening is, in differentiating between planetary light workers and galactic starseeds, is that we're the ones bringing the wisdom in here. The wisdom is that we have to look at all of it we can't deny what has happened here. We are going to have to face some of the very unpleasant aspects of what has happened on this planet and what has suppressed human consciousness. And as well to integrate that with the beauty of the love and light, it is not about polarizing into judgment. It's about using discernment and having an accurate assessment of this reality. I think the pain that we have had as consciousness down here, is that we didn't have an accurate assessment of what was happening in this reality. Because everyone is pretty much asleep to it and the bottom line is that this planet is in a war. (question...)

The level of our exchange is helping to crystallize a shift in vantage point, in who you are and what you're doing. So that you can have more clarity as to why these things have not manifested, and another level of the revelation of what your origins are. Because you're not a being that is here to do the planetary light work, you actually never were. So in a sense the beings that are doing the love and light work are also subject to a certain level of their own manipulation and genetic digression. Because it's like saying someone got stuck in their astral body, thinking it's an enlightened plane when it's not. What I'm saying is with most of. Because the astral plane is the collective emotional body of the human being and as beautiful as some of the higher layers are, it's extremely distorted. So what happens is that people's projections of their fantasies are connected to and thought of as a reality, when they're not.

So the Discernment of being able to connect to the various levels of intelligence is key. Which means discerning the difference between the energetic signatures. Like is this an illusion, is this a manipulation hologram? Because what was happening is the astral plane became a false hologram, it was like a hologram that was put there so that the light workers would go into the astral plane and see all of this beauty and paradise, they would go in there and they don't have to do anything to get there. So what it was doing is it was creating complacency and avoidance of any real work that needed to be done. Because the bottom line is that our personal accountability is our responsibility, to deal with our own emotional dysfunction and very few beings will do that. Who wants to deal with the pain and the fear in your heart, you know. So let me just project on my service and what my identity is as a light worker and I'll just exist in that field. And the problem with that is a lot of beings in the planetary light working level, have gotten stuck in obsessive looping in a false matrix not realizing what it is. It's kind of like being given bliss on tap and you're now inert. You're not doing the work of consciousness you're basically just sitting there in the inertia of the complacency.

We all know that human beings are going to take fear avoidance, pain avoidance, and complacency over actually really having to do something. So this is the challenge that we have right now. So first of all when we understand and have an accurate assessment of what's happening on this planet as a consciousness, I know as well as you do, that neither one of us would have chosen anything different. Because the bottom line is when you start to see what has been perpetrated against humanity and what is going on here, there is no way we could allow it to continue. When you actually are able to face this and understand it there's really no one to blame. It is a figment of the byproduct of what is happened over many years of time, in which humanity has been manipulated, suppressed, genetically damaged, mind controlled, you name it. And beings that think they have free will actually don't.

So this system is something that is operating in the planetary fields at this time, and there are beings that have come from other systems that were not part of the original indigenous human Earth experiment to try to help with this. To try to hold the genetic code to try to embody a more advanced genetic material and therefore support a higher reality. Once we got here no one gave us an instruction manual and honestly I don't think we knew how difficult this was going to be. Because a lot of us from the galactic family have had a very intense life, full of disappointment and sorrow because we didn't understand what was really going on down here. Because when you walk out into the world and you look at everybody, the happy asleep people. People seem to be engaged in their life and doing their thing, and meanwhile there's the starseed feeling disconnected and in a world where you're not engaging in life. There's a feeling like you're observing everybody and your watching but you're not really living. It's a very strange existence at times.

Now the reason I am telling you this, is for a level of empowerment and having clarity and an accurate assessment of the polarity hologram that we are existing in. It is absolutely critical for us to be empowered and to change our reality and that we understand what's going on here. Because without that we succumb to the illusions and fantasies of what we think is going on, when it's really not true. Because that part of us that is still carrying pain around, will be manipulated by forces that know who we are and are able to manipulate those energies. So first we have to come to a level of acceptance of what is truly happening here on this planet. What is truly happening is there is a battle over consciousness. And the issue with this is very challenging because on one level the paradox is that outside time and space, yes it's true polarity doesn't exist. But while we are in a human body and we are navigating this plane, it absolutely does. For us to negate polarity and run around talking about oneness without understanding the holographic constructs is not helpful. There are energies that are very large and very powerful, not more powerful than God, but they are powerful at manipulation and hiding and trickery and illusion. So that means that we have to become masters of the illusion. We have to understand that this realm is one of illusion and learn how to discern the difference between that which is our God source and eternal nature, the impulses coming from that level of intelligence and the impulses coming from the illusion.

So when we start to get clear about this and accept that as a consciousness, you and I chose to do this and we chose to be here, because we saw that something that had incredible potential was being destroyed. And that is basically the bottom line the human beings and the consciousness on this planet have been genetically digressed to such a level that if they continue this destructive behavior, they're going to decimate themselves, which they've proven a couple of times already. So the issue with this opportunity that we are taking part in this time and space is knowing that we are here to contribute to the evolution and potential of the human being and that which also creates unity consciousness. Not just among the human beings but that which is uniting the galactic and cosmic consciousness communities, with the human being as well. Because we're all actually sourced from the stars, we are all extraterrestrial genetic material. But all of that has been forgotten and veiled at this particular time. So by default because of who we are, because we are Galactically based beings that have agreed to come into a certain space and time to work with this consciousness field, there are certain things to make our life more enjoyable here, that were going to have to learn to accept in order to have a more accurate assessment of the reality.

This is not about negating miracles of God and manifestation in the highest light source, but it's understanding that because of who we are, our challenges and our unique position on this planet is going to change the physics of the manifestation laws that we are working with, in comparison to the rest of the human beings here. Now this sounds like an arrogant statement and it isn't, but it's very hard to describe in words. It's understanding that through the levels of intelligence and the physics of how the dimensional laws work, most of the human beings on this planet most of the bodies running around here are working in the third and fourth dimension, maximum. That's not who you are that's not who I am. That means that how the law manifests for them requires understanding that every dimension, every energy, every sphere of influence that has a reality, has an attribute and an energetic law that governs the movement of that consciousness as a particle wave.

So how you manifest and how a third dimensional person manifests, is not the same. At times in your life I'm sure that was very confusing because it would be why is that person using the law of attraction and the secret and when I use it and try to manifest what I want in my life it doesn't happen. The issue with this is that we as a consciousness have given our consciousness as a part of divine will and that which serves the planet is a larger whole. So at our level of what is working in alignment to the planetary consciousness, we will be subject to what's happening on the planet as a macrocosm, where most of the others are not. And that is because our consciousness on this planet, our light bodies interface with the planetary light body, and it changes the planetary light body depending on what we choose and how we direct our actions. This is not what happens with the masses. Now again this is not about arrogance, it's about the physics of energy.

Until one has learned to master certain levels of intelligence through one's own spiritual consciousness, one cannot influence larger fields because it will create even more chaos. So in a sense what's going on is because humanity is in kindergarten stage of not realizing the power it has when it thinks a thought, when it directs energy, when it chooses actions and emotions, every single one of those actions and thoughts and emotions have a consequence. And because they have a consequence it means it can impact a larger and larger field of others around you. So there is a certain cap or limitation, that has been given to humanity that's operating at certain levels. And so until that being has an ability to comprehend itself as a divine being, as an energetic being and starts to act more responsibly, it's influence in the world is capped. Because energetically it's literally like a ring pass not and in a sense that's what happened to the planet until the last six months, we had a ring pass not on the planet. This prevented certain impacts from going into cosmic or different levels of the galaxies, because we impact other races, we impact other planets. What's going on in our world is impacting the universe.

And now we are reaching a level where because these galactic gates are opening, it's going to happen and it's going to force a change on the planet regardless, because the forces of transformation are going to necessitate that. Now the issue with beings like us honey, is that there is a level of a framework of understanding who we are and our role on this planet so that we can be more empowered and except that we are energetic leaders by default. There's no other way to say it or to get out of it. It is what it is because of who we are. We were given something or we accepted something, as representations of God source energy. It's like saying to God source, listen I'm going to retain as much of that spark as I can, as much of my genetic material as I can, that connects to God. And therefore I'm going to represent that when I go down into humanity and that's basically who we are. We are here to hold as much of that genetic material of God source through the various levels of intelligences that exist in the cosmos, and get it down here in the human form, so humans have an opportunity to re-evolve and rehabilitate themselves out of the destruction that they have been existing in, in this last 30,000 year cycle.

Now what I have found with this is that beings like you and I, and those of the Galactic families, we have a different role and a different contract with this planet. When we start to understand better what that is and we learn to accept that we are energetic stewards and leaders and we are a part of the changing of the guard then we're more able to deal with power conflict structures and the issues that seem to be problematic and challenging to us. It becomes a lot easier. What I notice is that when you don't know who you are and you haven't recognized and acknowledged this part of yourself, walls to your manifestation are put up. Because in a sense what's happening is the universe will not recognize you until you recognize yourself. And the issue with you is my darling and I can't mince words with this, you have more responsibility than most. And it's just the way it is, it's because of what you said you would do when you were here, and the fields that you hold in your light body. You already have them, you can't say I'm not going to do it, you're here, right.

So here it is you have amazing power, amazing. The issue is that it's not applying it in the same way that power is mirrored in the corruption as it is here. Because the power source on third dimensional Earth is psychotic and destructive. Because what we value as power, what we value in manifestation is a psychosis and a manipulation, in which energies outside of the human race have been working to brainwash and mind control human beings to think this is the way that it works, when it's really not. So this is the game we're playing that is very difficult in understanding that this hologram is polarized. This hologram and reality system is literally in a war over consciousness.

Now the issue is, there is nothing more powerful than God and we are eternal beings. So at one level the point is moot with this. But while we're here in a physical form, because of who we are and what we have agreed to represent, we in our group are going to be more vulnerable to targeting, to energetic attacking and deception. Because these energies are going to attempt to get your Achilles' heel, to make you not as influential as you were designed to be. So in a sense things that create pain in you, things that are unresolved in you, things that confuse you are things that you can be manipulated with. These will be used against you if you don't understand the game that you are in. That same attention is not given to the third and fourth dimensional beings, because they are not breaking through frequency fences. They are going along with the program in the status quo. If you go along with the status quo and you're feeding the dark energy agenda they could care less about you, because you're going along with it. So those of us that are here to be system busters to be the changing of the guard, we have a vibration and an energetic signature that's different. Extremely different and they're able to see this.

Now it's important that we understand who we are and what were doing here and that our power and authority is none other than God, and we were given God's authority to be exactly who we are and what we're here to accomplish. And it doesn't matter what they want. But the issue is, if we succumb to some of the pains and challenges of our humanness because we didn't understand why our life was so hard, why we've not been able to manifest certain levels of our dreams here, why we feel like authentically we can't express who we really are because something always comes and takes it away from us. A lot of us have had this experience and a lot of it is because of not having an accurate assessment of the nature of this reality. Once you are able to understand this game from a clear place, and you eradicate fear and you eradicate self-doubt, because you know who you are in God's eternal light. That is who you are.

And you command your space in the authority of God, and that authority becomes your power source. You are learning how to become inner sustained and inner directed, rather than externally directed. And for us in our family I have to say that is critical. We have to learn how to become inner-directed first. If we are externally directed we're going to be caught in the waves of illusory forces, and get carried on those waves. It is more challenging for us because the same physics of how these energies work are going to be more amplified and more challenged for us. We actually have more spiritual energetic power but we are learning how to use it. We have the power to influence the planetary field, because we interface with the planetary collective consciousness that means what you are healing yourself, is like healing 10% of the collective consciousness. If you decide to do that and become aware of your power in doing that, you're basically changing group consciousness by your self.

Now everybody has to a certain degree a level of that 'change the world change yourself', but the issue is that most human beings are not activated in their spiritual bodies at this level, because this doesn't come online vibrationally, until a being is hitting the seventh dimensional plane of their light body. Using the chakra column as a model again, and understanding each of the chakras are levels of intelligence, of divinity that are a part of the spiritual consciousness. There is much more then just one layer there are infinite layers of divinity. Most of humanity is only working with the first three or four layers, even among the light workers. This means that they're going to be subject to that delusion and illusion, not realizing what they are connecting to in their heart energy is the astral plane. The astral plane is not an enlightened plane. So with you honey, you were born with an open third eye, you came in with six dimensional plug-ins that 99% of the planet doesn't have. And you did this as a part of being a task force for the indigo and crystal consciousness that we were planning on getting in here.

So the issue was that in order for the human body to be able to heal itself and to move through an experience of actually feeling and experiencing itself connected to others and connected to a consciousness field, connected to soul and connected to God. Because what had happened is that these bodies, physically the consciousness was coming in and was not able to tell was not able to feel, was not able to experience itself as connected to anything. It was the ultimate separation. So what would happen over the last 30,000 years or so, is that a consciousness, forgetting it was a piece of God and a piece of soul, would come into the physical world. Would then have a lifespan and would pass it would be time for the body to pass, and it would go directly into the astral plane because it didn't know it could do anything else. There was a chord, an umbilicus that was taking the bodies into the astral plane, which created a problem in the astral plane because nobody was actually ascending. Nobody was moving into any other dimensionalized experiences and this was happening largely because of manipulation and darkness, because energies in the astral plane were manipulating human souls in this way.

So here we are, we're dealing with this and a massive shift and change that is allowing a freedom and liberation from reincarnation into the astral planes. And it is one of the reasons why galactic beings that did not have to come into karma, did not have to come into the polarity matrix, we did it anyway because what's happening here is destroying the human race. It has been genetically digressing and destroying and separating the consciousness from its ability to connect to God. Because if you don't understand you are a part of source and you can't feel it you can't experience it in your emotional body, you don't know what it is. Therefore we can see religions, addictions, distractions, perversions have all been placed in the external, to keep people's focus of consciousness on everything external. So that they don't go inside and actually learn how to connect and rebuild those stations and those channels within them, to connect to their own God consciousness.

So the galactic beings this is our role. We are the ones that are here to hold genetic rehabilitation and literally transplant host matrices into many of the human beings, to help them connect to their soul. Because many of them are not connected to their soul and they don't know how to connect to their soul. They can't feel it. They're having their own experience as a personality, not realizing there's so much more than that. Now you came in with witness consciousness, because you were already plugged into your soul. That doesn't happen, that's very rare, the indigo beings a lot of them that come in half to plug it in. You came in plugged in, which is rare actually for the time that you were born. Because generally the ones born after 1987 were the ones that had the pre-plug-ins. It's almost like saying those of us that came in prior to 1987, we had to do a lot more transmutation and healing and rehabilitation work, in order for our spiritual bodies at the holographic template level, to be able to hold and be aligned to these connections. You came in with connections that I don't see very commonly, because the time that you were born in the early sixties didn't support what you brought in.

So that meant there were a lot of challenges, and a lot of beings from your guardians and councils that had to help you with that. I'm not sure what the entire process was, of why you decided to do it that way because it was more difficult for you to do it that way. But in a sense what you did is you squeezed in a lot of different genetic material and connections that were not on the planet at that time, in order to bring it here. Because the only way to get it in here is to embody it, is to be physicalized. That was one of my first questions, why did we have to embody into the human form. Why couldn't we like stand on the outside and just throw it in here? When I started to understand the physics of the energies and the particles and how the matrices, the creation of matrices work it started to make a lot of sense to me. I understood we had to embody in here and call in the genetic material and the source energy. Because literally the way we did this, is if we interfere with the free will of a race that was going through a creational journey, the destiny of the being is even more genetically traumatized. And that's really what's happened, the Guardian races beings that observe an honor the oneness and the interconnection of all species, and the right of all species to connect into God consciousness. These are our families, our families are connected to these advanced understandings that nothing is separate.

Now beings like the Annunaki and other beings that were close to the octave of the third dimensional plane, they did not honor this. What they did is they came in and they interrupted, interfered with and disturbed the echo system the genetic material of human beings that are here. And they deliberately manipulated the genetics in order to achieve certain results that they desired. When they did that they created a lot of distraction and a lot of problems for the species to be able to evolve naturally and organically as was the original designe. So in order for us to assist the planet and assist the species, we literally had to embody in this form in this reality. Because we had to be human in order to ask for the help. Because the humans didn't know, right, they don't know there's help out there. So if you don't ask for it, if you don't know how to connect to God if you don't know how to pray, if you don't know how to connect then nothing happens.

So what was happening is they were bringing in religion and they were bringing in structures to keep us busy down here, so that we wouldn't actually start looking at the consciousness in these higher levels. So we wouldn't start to bring in these intelligence fields, start to connect to the soul energy, start to connect to other beings that were enlightened and could give us memories of this information or these advanced technologies. They put a cap on all of that. They made it controlled so that humans would then put all that unruly, unmanageable world that they didn't understand, they put all of that fear into a God. A god that somehow said we were sinners and lowly worms, and we had to pay alms and to sacrifice and martyr ourselves, and persecute people in order to be saved. All of this was a perpetration against humanity.

Organized religion has been something that the negative extraterrestrials have placed here so that humans will not evolve, and will just be warring and killing each other over these concepts of God. So this has really digressed us quite a bit. So in order for us, other races that understand what's going on here and see that the parasite has taken over the human race, which is really what's going on here. They decided to parasitize and vampirize human beings because they can. So other races saw this and said what do we do? We can't interfere it'll create more trauma create more problems. So we are going to incarnate in there. And that's what the indigo family is, we incarnated into the human form. We're bringing in information and star genetics and material from all kinds of other places that hold more advanced understandings, to help rehabilitate humanity to help rehabilitate the consciousness and to help support this planet, which is also a sentient being and a part of the collective mind of the human race.

So this is what we're doing here. While we're here we call in and we connect to our families of light, we connect to our frequencies.

And while we were here, not understanding that was our directive of course we had a lot of pain. Because we were trying to be human, we were trying to 'do as the Romans do', because that's kind of what it is. Just get in there and act like one of them. But we can't, because we don't have the same connections genetically, it doesn't feel right. We can't go and engage in certain behaviors that are a part of the mass excepted social norms. And therefore because we couldn't, we started developing orphan complexes and belonging complexes and isolation complexes. Because we felt so isolated from everything, that feeling of who do I belong to, where do I go? I love humans and I love the planet, and yet I still feel really lonely, I feel really alone and by myself. And this is a starseed blueprint just to let you know. This is something that all of us feel at a core level, because this isn't our indigenous planet. We weren't here as a part of the experiment, it's like we came from a more advanced culture, a more advanced consciousness. And then we lost our connection and that hurt like hell. (question...)

The 144,000 has a lot of different meanings, it is also the number it's going to take to shift the planet out of this reality. It has to do with the number of the grid like if enough of us reach a threshold of a frequency that has a base 144, we can change the group consciousness, period. And that's what we're here to do. What we've learned while we're here, is that the way that beings have dominated and controlled humanity is they have controlled the consciousness grids. And the consciousness grids are a part of the planetary light body. So this is why those beings don't like us very much, because if we change the consciousness grids then we're supposedly infringing on their territory. Because they feel they have a right to be here, they feel justified in manipulating and parasitizing humans. In fact many of these beings such as the Annunaki believe that they created humans. The Annunaki races have been told by their higher-ups, they've been educated to believe that they created humans. And that means they think we are their creations and therefore we should be subject to their tyranny. (question...)

Yes Jehovah and Annu, Marduk, Enki, Enlil these are beings from Nibiru. The issue with these beings is, understanding that even though they are extremely powerful large cosmic beings they're not connected to God consciousness. They have evolved themselves outside of their feeling connection, the interconnectedness of the energetic reality of unity. So what they've done is like the Annunaki have manipulated humans to become like them. So what we see is we've disconnected just like them, and what we forgot is the actually body. So let's say from the Guarding perspective, they call this model of the body a Christ. Because to them the Christ is an intelligence and that intelligence is a unity field. The reason why these bodies were created apparently, was to be unifier's and singularity points of all of the genetic material in the universe. Because this body has a synthesizing ability and because it has an emotional body it is always connected to God. You can always connect. Now the thing is, is if you don't use it you lose it. Because that is the choice when you're down here.

And we can see when you think about your astral body, and the human emotional body, think about how messed up the astral is. Because the emotional damage that happened in those bodies is what prevents most human beings from connecting to their soul, because they're in so much pain. You have to work from macro to micro. Where everyone else has got a work micro to macro. Until you understand who you are at this macro level and how you influence this globe and your power, you won't see it drilled into your micro personal experience. Because you have to understand this first, before you can actually experience the other. Because who you are is not what most of the population on this planet is. And there is a responsibility to your own energetic usage and energetic direction and the influence and power that you have, to awaken others and change consciousness fields and heal things. This is big. And so it's not about freaking you out. It's just about understanding you have a different stewardship responsibility and it makes you inherently a leader, whether you want to be one or not. It just is, you can't get away from it because of who you are.

So once you accept this is not a delusion of grandeur but that which is the legacy of your origin as a part of the holographic blueprint of your consciousness. And that which your God-Self chose for you while you're here and you agreed to this. So it just is what it is. Some of us were chosen and accepted were chosen by God and we accepted to do this. And its different because energetically it influences and has the power to change things in a more amplified way than most here. So prior to being able to really experience this in your personal life, this awareness must be anchored in you. You have to be absolutely clear and not confused about this, and beyond any self-doubt or self-recrimination, or anything that takes you out of your power, because again your authority is God's light period. And that means anything that is getting in the way whether it's self-deprecation, a lack of self-esteem or confidence. Because you see what happened is because of our history here, like as a little child we didn't understand any of these things, it really did a number on our self-esteem. It's almost like we didn't understand the dynamics and the things that were going on, and many of us felt really confused and lost in that. Because you're looking around going how can it be that I have two eyes, two arms, two legs, and yet I can feel when I apply myself in this way, what happens for other people doesn't happen for me. Why is that? How can I be any different, we're all the same what the hecks wrong with me? And we go through that mental looping, like was I 'Atilla the Hun' in my last life? What is it? And the issue is really this and again not to take us out of our accountability and responsibility for what we create, because that is true at a certain level.

However, there is an additional piece of this that needs to be integrated into your understanding, which is a part of who you are. And that is that you impact fields in a big way. So that means that you're always going to need to understand the law of harmonics. When somebody comes into your field, they are sent there. And they are sent there because you're holding an activation field. And that means that you have to understand that that exchange is happening, so that if that person succumbs to emotional drama or projection or demonizes you, that you don't accept that as the truth. You understand what is happening between you, because that is what goes on here the source is demonized here. And this is the difficult part. (question...)

Yes, and also you have to think about it from this level, everything wants the light. Whether it's light or dark, everything wants to go home to source. So the issue is you're beaming this beautiful juicy light, you're going to get the butterflies and your going to get the hornets. Because everything wants love, everything wants it but the issue is because you're the lighthouse it's your responsibility to understand what you want to give or not. That responsibility is yours, because you're not here to martyr yourself and to give your blood. You're here to have some level of thriving and support, so this is the issue that becomes very challenging. Our energy field is generally healing to others, so people are clamoring to get near us and you're trying to figure out who you can help and also help yourself, because you have to nourish and sustain your own cup. And that's really the challenge, because we're always in conflict about our ideas of being a compassionate loving spiritual being. From the time that you were very small you probably felt that there was a duty or responsibility at some level. And that seems to be inter-placed and interchanged with guilt sometimes. It's almost like at the cellular level we know that we're here to help.

It's almost like understanding most of the planet is a guest on this planet, having their experience attempting to learn to move to the next level. And there are others that are hosting the planet. You're a host you're here to host this planet. You're here to help it move into a higher vibration, you're here to help the beings on it move to a higher vibration. So cellularly even when you're small it generally gives you a feeling of a responsibility or a mission or something that you're supposed to be doing or not doing. And this creates confusion about how that is to be applied in the physical world.

So the first issue with this is really understanding your personal power, starting to command your space without excuse, without self-consciousness, without confusion and self-doubt. In the beginning phases of this, and really what my role is because I'm very clear about my role, is that I love the planet and I love humanity. But my role is not serving 3D people. Most of the planet and 3D people are going to think I am completely off my rocker. The reason I subject myself to the challenge of being on the fringe, is there has been no one on the planet that has been an advocate for our family, this family of consciousness. We have a family of human beings, we are all part of the One but this is a specific niche that has not been supported. And it's created tremendous suffering in this group because they don't know what they're doing here. This creates a lot if shut down of the potential of what we are really here to do. (question...)

This is my feeling too, I mean it's hard at this level of the human brain to even try and figure out what our experience is going to be. But I am aware of multiple timelines and therefore multiple reality experiences available, but that's not my concern. My focus is 1000% the Ascension Timeline for the starseed and indigo families that have decided to do this, and that's it. Somebody else's role is dealing with the 3D people and the other stuff. My feeling with this is because I want to support your fulfillment and the ability for you to experience who you are, in being actualized in the creative principles and gifts that you are while you're here. However, my feeling is the clarity of how that is going to manifest is that the greater understanding of who you are and your orientation at the macro level has to be anchored into the experience of you before this is going to manifest.

Because holding that energetic signature is going to be critical in how this is implemented as you go forward. Your energy signature is not the old energy of the planetary light worker. The energy signature that you hold is the galactic cosmic signature it is the bridge of cosmic consciousness with the human being. It has a different role and signature entirely. This part of the changing of the guard is moving into more visible or leadership or group type scenarios. It means that we must be fully in integrity with this level of frequency, because what's happened in the last 20 years is the beings that have been bringing forth material in the new age, and again it's all perfect in terms of what it served at that time, but it's not your role.

Many of those beings were in denial and in deception and in illusion therefore it created twilight mastery. It created bodies of work that had both light and a lot of dark. (question...) Yes, the dark uses that to further bring in the complacency or the illusion to that being. The new age is unfortunately even more manipulated than many of the third dimensional structures. Because once you open astral doors and you don't know how to close them, you're basically inviting a lot of different trickery and not enlightened types of entities. And most of us don't even know how to discern the difference. So you'll find, and one of the things that was appalling to me and that really freaked me out when I had my awakening is that I couldn't figure out how people had become healers and spiritual leaders, that hadn't had an experience of an awakening. It freaked me out. I was asking what are you doing this for? They were actually doing it like for a living, it was like how does one get there? I don't get it.

I would see that some of the most untamed unruly undisciplined egos and some of the most unloving souls, were the spiritual leaders. And you're going you have got to be kidding me, what is this? And that is where I learned real quick that the third dimensional old energy paradigm exists at every level, it doesn't matter if it's spirituality or New Age or metaphysics. So what's happening is you can't carry any of that old energy with you, because is not who you are. You are like living outside the matrix here. And that means you have to understand that when you are holding space with your projects. I have got to tell you it doesn't even matter what you do honey, all that matters is that you understand who you are and you're able to anchor this in you, without confusion. (question...)

I can only share from the truth of my own experience and everything that you're telling me, this is like a case study blueprint of a Galactic starseed. I mean I don't know what else to tell you we have all felt this. And for the longest time we have been holding a frontline somewhere by our self without anyone being able to truly recognize us at this level. The challenge for many of us is that we've retained an awareness of how Universal Law works. The whole understanding of what is mirrored back to you, right, the Law of Harmonics. So there you are the lighthouse and everywhere you go you're sending out a particular activation field. Because really that's one of our prime directives, get everybody as connected to God as you can, try to clear those bodies so they can start to connect to a higher intelligence field of source.

Because what happens is that when a being a physical body and the consciousness finally connects to levels of soul, generally beyond the fourth dimension though, you have got to get out of the Astral. From the Guarding perspective the soul matrix is the fourth, fifth and six layer, it's a triad. Every level of intelligence has a triad, so the soul consciousness is a trinity, and it's the fourth fifth and sixth chakra. So most of the light workers are stuck in their heart, they haven't even made it up to the fifth and six layers where there working at the level. So they get stuck in the illusion of astral and the false matrices in there and the manipulations and the denial because it feels good. We all want to be in samadhi, if we could stay in samadhi all the time we wouldn't get anything done.

So that's where the dark has an agenda, to keep them in there because they won't want to do anything. They'll just be complacent and will run around in the love and light and won't really be breaking through any of the polarity constructs. So someone like you is blasting a light and what happens is a being comes into your field and your vibrating in your purple, golden and silver light, which is somewhere between 7-8-9. You're really working out the oversoul matrix, and you're in the monad. So you're blasting this light out and most people are in let's say their solar plexus area. So somebody comes into your field and your holding a stabilized field of that energy frequency. What's going to happen through the Law of Harmonics is they are drawn to that, their vibration their soul consciousness, because everybody wants to evolve into God. So the natural compelling force through the law of attraction will bring these beings to you. Beings with schisms, beings that are extremely broken, the psychotic you name it. It all shows up because the part of that being that feels it's heart knows it wants to heal it just doesn't know how.

So someone may come and show up and as they are in your field one or two things are going to happen. The first thing is the person is going to feel at peace, healed and really want to be with you or immediately really like or even love you. The second thing is going to be someone that is immediately repelled, nervous and anxious, and may even project their dark gooey stuff on you because they feel that you're responsible for it. So what happens is the light shines on the darkness that is held in the physical vehicle it. So if someone has not healed emotional pain or trauma or whatever conflict they have inside themselves, your light is like shining a light in the dark closet. And they are going to see monsters in there and they're going to think you put those monsters there. And you didn't it's their monster. (question...)

That is exactly what happens to all of us. The thing with this is, is if you know that's what happening and you are in your power with it, you will find that that won't happen in the same way. As an example, in the beginning before I figured this out I was absolutely dumbstruck. Every person, place or thing, animal mineral, man or woman that lived with me would have a nervous breakdown. And I could not figure out why. I mean it was really devastating because they are functioning, then they live with me and they are a basket case. I would come home and I had a female roommate, and she would be collapsed in a heap on the floor sobbing. What was happening is I didn't understand what my role was. See what I mean? (question...) Yes I do, but I do want to say that this changed once I understood my role. Because what happens is that if you don't understand the power of your field and what's going on here you get confused. You feel guilty, you don't know how to help them and in my case with that female I would try to make her feel good. And what I was doing was I was enabling her monster. Because I felt so bad I didn't know what to do. But what was happening is I was enabling her monster and the issue with her was she had to get through her ego problems and her emotional pain around this. And instead of me understanding what was going on here, I was codependent in that and I was enabling her without realizing it. I wasn't serving the both of us. I didn't understand my role I didn't understand what was happening to her.

Now when I started to understand this phenomena everything changed. The power struggles weren't there anymore, the drama really dropped down. So I just want to say that when you understand that, it's going to shift. And that will happen in your relationships too, with men and women. Interesting because something is happening, I've been seeing for those of us on this timeline the Ascension Timeline, they've been talking about a new energetic platform that is beyond the duality matrix. Now in February I started to see one around relationships. Because like you, I have been single for very long time and it's been ridiculous. Even the supposed relationships I have, you can't really call them relationships, their work. Their work, I do this all day long and I've got to come home and do it some more? This isn't someone coming in and showing up at your level, this is work. I really do think we are going to experience this while we're here in the physical. However, in your case my feeling is that this level of understanding who you are and stepping into your power and understanding the macro level of your influence, has to be firmly rooted in your understanding of yourself. It's almost like anything that creates any self-doubt about your role and what you're doing here, has got to go.

You are not here to do the work in the last cycle, this planetary light working cycle that's not who you are sweetie. What's happening is the galactic energy cycle just began six months ago. Literally they started to say that the end of 2007 was it, that was like the end of that planetary cycle. And my Guardian's started to say to me okay this is the beginning of the Galactics, meaning energy that supports our level of consciousness is going to start coming in. Because really what's going on is we've been waiting for the planet to get to this level, because we are the ones bringing in this cycle.

Planetary light workers they had their role they are doing their thing, the ones that have been successful and brought the information in. But I have got to tell you another thing that's not too pleasant to witness is I am seeing light leaders and beings that were very popular in that cycle, going through hell right now. Because they are being asked to change and they don't understand what's happening to them. Now it's very difficult if you've someone who's been very successful, you've gotten money and had a lot of fame around what you are doing. And then all the sudden spirit is saying okay that's done, you've got to change. Because the mind gets really stuck in that one level, whatever it is. Even someone who's supposedly spiritually developed, they have their book they are promoting or whatever modality. And right now Spirit is saying done, trash it, it is time to start over. That's painful. (question...)

Now quite frankly, this is realizing that many of these beings are coming to us for help. So what I'm noticing is that many of us that are being "attacked", these beings don't know how to act in any other way. What they are doing is they are attempting to get our attention and many of us in the galactic family have been given the energy and authority to release them from their enslavement. (question...) Did you see my tool about the resignation from the program, have you seen that? Okay I'm going to send you that, because what I'm getting is that is indeed what's happening. And it's going to be more prevalent as we move forward, because of what's happening in the galactic fields right now. What we're understanding is that the Galactic fields hold the memory of the seed conflicts of discrimination and race wars, between the human and nonhuman and the genetic wars. Kind of like the seed of that allegory of where the anti-life force and the life force had a conflict. So this big "war" went on and is a part of the genetic memory that humanity will feel, but we won't understand that's what it is.

What's happening right now in terms of manipulation is around the fear that humans feel. Because our genetic material is ET we will feel the memory as an emotion, but we won't know where it's coming from. So the feeling the seed of it is cataclysm. Meaning the planet is going to be destroyed or something like that, some cataclysm is going to happen or invasion or terrorism. Now if you notice what is happening in the mass consciousness fields right now, there are a lot of movies about the end of the world, or the saving of the world. The Guardians told me when the 11th gate started opening, which is Stonehenge over in the UK which is reptilian central, that they were going to start to promote these seed fears. Because they know when the Galactic energies come in that the mass consciousness is going to feel this and is going to be reactive without understanding why.

And that is again the Armageddon scenario, people can feel something big is going on but they don't have a framework for it. So it depends on if you're religious, what you think Armageddon is. So cataclysm and the fear of cataclysm is big right now. There has even been talk about the coastlines changing or Denver's going to become waterfront property, all of this. There are a lot of cataclysm fears right now and there are a lot of invasion and terrorism fears. So if they can't get somebody in Iraq to be a terrorist that we're afraid of, they can add something else, invasion by the swine flu. So these are the agendas of the controllers, the guys that don't want to let go of their control and dominion of the planet and are still working it and this is their angle.

So for us when were working with these consciousness fields because we are galactic beings, these energies and entities are group consciousness that are going to show up in our world. In my own example, I can feel the race of this and they do feel Annunaki related, like Annunaki or Nephilim related, the ones that we're talking about the dark ones there. Right now there's a ton of Nephilim rehabilitation happening. I know that for myself, because I'm a Syrian walk-in, I had a lot of negative Sirian energy that I didn't realize. I didn't know the Sirians had been involved, just like everyone has enlightened issues and not so enlightened issues. The Sirian's apparently were a part of selling off humanity to the genetic manipulators and all kinds of weird stuff. So there are all kinds of histories that we're clearing and it's important to understand that we have physicalized ourselves in a human being bodies to be the singularity and unification point. And we have the power granted by God at this time, to hold the resignation and heal these programs, by liberating these beings from the enslavement matrix. When we hold and command the space in the word of God, the law of grace and being in a physical human's body, allows us to do this.

Resignation of the Program

So this "Resignation of the Program" is a verbiage you don't have to use it, but I will give you the language so that you understand the concept of it. Because what you're doing is you're collapsing the program. (question...) When you become aware of some kind of program, whether it is a war program or an attack program, basically what you're saying is I'm not playing the game anymore. It's done, it's complete and in my authority I am commanding it as such. And any entities, spirits, races that are attached to this you have two choices. You are going to be resigned from this program, either you're going to be sent to your own time space continuum or you have the option to be merged back into source. That's it.

So the issue is now of course is your are now learning how to own your power, how to command it in the name of God's Law and Light, and to resign from any illusion or matrix which has been contributing to this "program". Because all of these programs are levels where the consciousness has been controlled into thinking it is something it is not. Even these beings, like you found out, that's a perfect example. When did that happen? That was really early and you just seemed to exemplify a lot of these patterns quite early. I can see that there was a lot of attention to get what you brought in, in here. Like you had a team with you of genetic experts, I mean literally you have beings that came in to hold you down so that you would be able to stay in that little body, for at least like six years. I don't think they were sure you could actually get it in here. You are probably saying do I really want to do this? I can see that you brought in things that were very early for that 60's era. So it's almost like you would feel so uncomfortable in your physical body, because it would be like being in an energy field that didn't even exist yet down here.

You're a very powerful individual and you're not quite grown into the awareness of what all that is yet. People may see you or hold images of you in a certain way that are not accurate. And because they do that and they're not aware of what they're doing, it can project certain images on you that cloud and clutter up your landscape. So again without taking it personally, without having to make people feel comfortable. Be yourself, don't diminish your light in the presence of others because you're afraid to overpower them. Be present and be loving but don't diminish yourself, if that makes any sense. (question...)

This was given to you with the understanding that if it's going to be successful you're going to have to create the intention and the holographic architecture and take a part in holding the intention of it. So the issue is, at what level are you involved with it? Because what it feels like to me is it was an experiment in helping you to understand, that before anything can be birthed into the world, it is literally understanding the intention of the creation and how it is held. And I feel like it was given to you because you are the one that will create the mission and intention of what it is, because it's not coming from a level of the old energy program. Like say, if you put in an idea of greed or profit it's dead. It's almost like the other people involved that brought it to you, would have to be almost reeducated or removed from their involvement. Because your energetic signature would be necessary for its success, you're the cohesion factor you're the glue. There are the people there and I see you wrapping your field around them, it's almost like you're the umbrella. There is something about who you are and your galactic energy that is important to the project.

Over the last six months, since last July (2008) we started opening and penetrating energies of cosmic and galactic origin that have not been on this planet. And that means that's our food. Beings like us have not been exposed to our frequencies in a long time. This will give us support but in the interim remember any time there's massive amounts of light frequency, there are dark energies that come with that. It is what it is. And we know our job at times, is understanding that in the physical human experience we are commanding God's authority and assisting in the release of the enslavement, of not only human beings but the beings that have been enslaving the human beings.

Closing: You're so welcome sweetheart. I'm so glad that you're here and I'm really grateful and thankful that you're here as a part of this family of consciousness and doing all that you're doing. And I do really feel when you get this more expansive view of who you are in your power, a lot of this personal stuff is going to shift. You just have to understand that larger stewardship that you have agreed to be. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 5-21-2009]

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