Thousand Years War

Thousand Years War,1 Million YA, War over realities based on the Law of One, Service to Self vs. Service to Others conflicts, First Draco and Annu hybrid root races, and Elohim and Annunaki wars.

The Thousand Years War was significant in the damage of the 6D Stargate and its related portal systems, including the destruction of the direct 6D passage to Sirius B. This passage was called the Halls of Amoraea, this passage was especially important for the Elohim Blue Ray mother sophianic lineages, Michael-Mary sacred union process of Building Wings and for supporting the activation of the Permanent Seed Atom in the human lightbody. During phases of early Egyptian civilization, this 3D passage link to 6D Sirius B was an initiation rite for the Blue Flame Melchizedeks third eye opening, thus it was called the Third Eye of Horus (RA).

This particular passageway linked the lower dimensional timelines of the planetary matrix with the higher Harmonic Universe timelines existing in the Sirian constellation via Sirius B. At that time the Sirian constellation included a tri-matrix that was acting as the repository for some of the Founder Records through another area referred to as the Hall of Records, these included Diamond Sun records that were being studied and protected in Sirius B by Christos Guardians. Blue Ray Indigo lineages were assigned to help repair this 6D passage through embodying 6D Indigo frequencies with activated 6D DNA imprints, and this damage was finally repaired through the Mother Arc Gates. However there remains holocaust histories and miasmatic imprints to clear from this timeline connected to the hybrid memories humanity has enmeshed with the Annunaki Hybrid Fallen Angelics and Elohim genetics.[1]

The Universal Mother of Life is Tiamati

The Cosmic Mother’s reclamation of the Tiamat Logos white diamond core revealed the ancient Emerald Founder Records of the original Anuhazi Mu’a language that was spoken and sung as the Universal Mother of Life principle for building and administering to the creation. Specifically, the Blue Solar Reisha Dragon family were created by Cosmic Mother to embody her ancient musical language of the Holy Mother’s Sophia code transmitted from her White Diamond Sun and Emerald Crystal Hearts within a 48 layered Emerald Crystal Heart matrix.

Thus, during the warring conflicts resulting in the destruction of Tara and Tiamat, the Holy Mother Priestesses that embodied the Emerald Order Elohei higher creator knowledge, also used Cellular Telepathy to transmit and speak the genetic language into manifestation which further built out organic architecture for timelines and stargates. They were directing the Kantarian solar dragons on how to repair the energetic integrity of the Mother Arc and Arc Zones with Emerald Order Kristos Azura blue rainbow architecture after the Thousand Years War. This White Diamond Elohei Mother Solar Dragon creator language was transmitted from the Cosminya’s tri-matrix of Elaysian fields running through the Staff of Elaysa, as received by the Emerald Order Melchizedek Yanas in the format of Cosmic Mother’s solar daughters original Anuhazi Emerald Crystal Heart language sourced from the Emerald Order’s 1st Creation Matrix.[2]


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