Unity Field

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An opening for access and exchange between Universes. A bi-wave field merged into a tri-wave field unites into One field. Synonymous with the Cosmic Christ Intelligence or Krystal Star energy architecture.


Humanity is evolving from an electromagnetic field of embodied consciousness by synthesizing these forces of opposite into a "Neutral" energy intelligence field. This Neutral field intelligence not only the source of our Genesis, it is a crystal matrix network forming the Universal Avatar of Ascension.

This is where the Guardian term "Polarity Integrator" for the Indigo Family stems from. This neutral energy field is the Unity intelligence field emanating from the Universal Core as projected from our God-Source-Creator. When we heal our inner polarity energies and repair the damage it created in our Aura, we then are able to actually embody the neutral energy field in our formerly polarized physical forms. We also heal the genetic material (DNA) and heal the Ancestral timelines of the past, present and future. In many languages (and sometimes distortions) this act of Unity Intelligence embodiment is also referred to as the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.


February 2010 Newsletter

Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 57