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Universal Time Cycle and Tribal Shield


Themes: Universal Time Cycle and Tribal Shield, four cycles of time within the Universal Time Matrix being accessed through the core, tribal shield accessing universal genetics, cell clusters and creating hubs, trinity fields sparking eternal God supply capable of raising the dead, re-constituting universal monads like Jehovah and Beelzebub, how reversal monads create a drag on the monadic staff toward annihilation, as inner and outer fields meet a new creation is being sparked.

Opening: We are memorializing our session here today. As we take a nice big deep breath of cosmic source light. Beloved God please open all channels of light, again through all communications exchanges as we consecrate and dedicate to the purposes of God, the purposes of One. As we open our alchemical container and field there is something, there is an energy signature that I feel when we connect. I see it almost as a sonar kind of shape, like I'm sensing some type of inner visualization that's challenging to describe. But it feels like four massive circular spheres with a center core and it's like I'm looking at geometry. But I understand it is something larger, like I'm looking at the mechanics of a creation of universal time cycles. And I'm looking at four major cycles of time, which feel representative of 26,000 year increments. I'm looking at four cycles of time converging into the core. When you do your work the four cycles are accessible at any point in the center of the matrix, which we can access.

So we're looking at timelines we're looking at multiple cycles of histories that feel representative of Universal Time Matrix and how to access these cycles in the Universal Time Matrix. For some reason it's represented in four quadrants coming into the core and I also get the sense of tribal shield, which is an access to multiple levels within the universal time field of genetic material. Because I understand the genetic imprinting in the morph fields in the instruction sets are a part of our returning at this time.

Cell Clusters create Hubs

So I'm understanding that we have come together to work with something that has to do with a cluster of cells. I understand that these cells make up, it's almost like looking at mandalas, because now as I'm seeing the universal cycle it's moving me into cell clusters. Which have to do with what sparks the light, what sparks the radiation units of the eternal and perpetual supply of God's Christic light. The three fields, the three particle fields that create those trinity forms that allow these cells and hubs. I see, understanding the cell and the hub as the same thing. We are moving into a time period where apparently we are going to be more active or co-creational in our human physical forms, with creating embodied hubs and hubs on certain points of the planet of the earth.

I'm looking at these things called cell clusters and I'm looking at how the cell clusters create hubs. What seems to be the result of this creational matrix, because I'm understanding that it has the mathematics to it, has the fire letters to it, has the arrangements that work with the primal life force field. So this is like first causal creation primal force looking at tri-wave light fields and how these tri-wave light fields interact, how they spin. I am looking at the physics of the cells, the physics of these tri-wave fields as they are built within the cells of these clusters. Again I think these are seed clusters of some sort and it has something to do with building hubs and building primal force fields the planet. Meaning wherever we are or are assigned to.

I see, so they're showing me that when we go in that center, as I'm looking at the 4 bases of the quadrants and I going to the center, which is like understanding the first creational phase cycle. We're going to where the phase cycle that literally sprung forth through multiple cycles of creation. Even though I'm looking at four main cycles, I understand that I'm looking at layers. Because there are multiple layers that are connecting into the core, the core is that which is cycling through multiple creations.

So I'm understanding that not only are we interfacing, when we are talking about our current primary mission directive is these transits and trans-harmonic portals that allow gateways through the core of our universe, into the core of the next universe. The spiral of that light is into Andromeda. So for me at this particular point in time I have known that the mission directive has been keep the gates open, work on the cycles of the trans-harmonic gates creating multiple transit gates and transit stations through that center, that I'm looking at when I see the four quadrants and into the core. So we go into the core where the primal first creational phase cycle, meaning I guess the first out-breath of the source in the multiple levels of dimensionalization which that source light has moved through. We're going right into the first creational phase cycle where it generates triads. I'm seeing these triads also create eternal monads? I think that's what it is.

It's like I'm seeing these phase cycles that generate Monads and I'm looking at triad fields, I'm looking at diagonal fields, and I'm looking at almost like something that looks like the creation of monads. I think that's what we're looking at. We're looking at monadic bodies that went into multiple phase cycles of evolution into others, because I'm seeing it move out. Like the monad fragments it self and that's a part of the natural evolution or de-evolution of the experience in multiple phase cycles in multiple fields. So we're in that center cycle and we're accessing I want to say the information, the cell clusters that make up hubs and primal force fields that are generated in these triad clusters that create monads, that move out into different phase cycles. So in these fields we are accessing apparently, encodements that are a part of the clusters that create a certain field body.

Omni-Universal Monad Bodies

What I'm understanding at least at this point, is it feels like these are bodies that we are building. It's hard to say building because they've already been in existence. But it's like were bringing it to this field, in which we are in human form in this time and space. Reconnecting this part of the cell bodies and hub clusters that were connected to these multi, I mean they feel like multi-universal or omni-universal monads. I'm looking at almost like a monad of creation, it's the first creational phase cycle. I'm seeing the monad go off in another universe. So we're in this quadrant and I see us, it's interesting if I'm looking at the cycle of four and there's four circles, we're in the bottom right is where I'm sensing we are. Like in the physical presence of us in this moment, is in this quadrant. I'm going into the core and we're looking at cell clusters and the primal force fields that spin off these various monads into different phase cycles. There is something within these cell clusters of these monads that we are re-collecting as a part of, what it feels like to me is a re-collection of monad. But more than that it's like saying that there is an inclusion or a connection to monadic parts that are beyond this universal time cycle, which are being brought back into that center core for our access. And this is necessary because we're working with the first creational phase cycle.

It's like saying we go into the undifferentiated purified pristine level of God force. It's like the first units which that level has engaged with phase cycles of creation and were going in there and we're in these clusters and were looking at triads and we're rebuilding these cell clusters. It is so interesting because this is definitely a different level of understanding of monad. Meaning that I understand that we're in the universal location and we are drawing in body parts that connect to the core eternal standing wave monad, it's an eternal monad. I don't know. It's the best thing I can come up with.

Retrieving Fallen Monadic Body Parts

Which is something very different than what I've understood. Like when we were going and getting monad parts, especially since last November (2010), collecting monads that have been stapled on the Golden Eagle grid. Now parts of lots of these monadic body parts that had been used are being re-collected. And we're now able or it's the time to go into that first creational phase cycle, where these triads have been created and this projection of the God source turned into monad phase cycles. And we're collecting monads, or monad bodies into the eternal monad. And this is coming from other universes, it's coming from other places than our quadrant. I'm seeing that we access that through this core. When we go into the core, we go right into the first creational phase cycles where these triad forms and monads have been created. I'm seeing all of these cluster bodies and cell bodies, like saying the human being is the cell of the planet. It is the exact same thing, I'm seeing the cells of the monad return from other universes.

Like it comes into that center core and we reunite it with the monad body and somehow when this happens, it's creating an internal monad. I don't quite understand it I'm just looking at the physics of these energies and these geometric particles, and looking at inner and outer cells. It's like we're going to a part where we've been re-claiming and re-integrating pieces of monad bodies. This is a part of the restoration of the reclamation to rightful owner, these bodies are being brought together, healed reformed. It's interesting I'm seeing like a part of the carrier function that you have been doing, this is like understanding pieces of reverse monads, pieces of fallen monads. It's like understanding whether it's Beelzebub other beings, that these are pieces of the monad that have spun off into fragmented forms. Then I see in the fragmented forms one of the issues, looking at it this way really shows me the necessity. Like there is no other choice we're going home to God that's it.

It is like the drag of the monad that's in reverse, like say you have Beelzebub or another piece of a fallen monad that's being reintegrated into this larger internal monad body. And we're getting pieces, it's like all these pieces are coming from other universal creations. So understanding we've had, I guess what we're looking at is monad bodies, and some of them are in this universe and some of them are in other universes. And they are being called home. Monads are returning to this core of creation, into the first creational hub phase cycle. It's like were in the pool at the very center where everything exists. And we go in there and we are we reclaiming these pieces of monad and when we do there is something new happening. There is something, there's like a new body a new creational hub. A new field that is being created and at the same time I'm seeing the cells as they are rejoined are in a sense coming back but they're also creating something new. Because I'm seeing spectrums I'm seeing light fields, I think this is a part of the creation of the other universes. When we talk about going through Andromeda or parallel earths, going into next earth type of cycles, I feel this is leading us in that direction.

So this is about the necessity that the pieces that have been exploded off the eternal monad, that have been in reversal or fragmented. What they do is they create a drag, meaning you have one piece of the monad that is ascending or is moving higher in frequency. And then you have another piece of the monad that is so dense and is working at such a level of density or frequency, that is so incongruent and out of balance with this other piece of the monad, that the lower piece in the physics of the creation, it has to come into that piece. Because what it's doing is it's creating a drag where the monad that's existing in that field, to be honest with you I'm just going to say it, is going to annihilate itself if it doesn't come back into the core resonance with its other monad pieces. So it's interesting I'm seeing like these huge monad pieces representing multiple bodies and we have these pieces that are you radiating at the certain level of high frequency. And then you have these other pieces that are split off into these other dimensionalizations of time and space, and they're creating a drag on the seed atom, they are creating a drag on the monad.

Monadic Body Staff

And that monad has a staff, meaning it's got a vertical connection that is connecting to multiple cores. I'm seeing that piece that is reversal monad or broken monad, karmic monad has to be brought back in. And that's a part of what your job has been, in terms of carrying these humongous pieces of these body parts. Because these are huge chunks of reversal monads that have been spun off in various directions. I'm seeing this amazing kind of collaboration where you have this big being with huge body parts, it's like they're an entity and we personify them. But it's so difficult to describe them because they're not really personified, they are huge they are not from the human context of understanding they are group consciousness. That group body is coming in at all of these different levels of fragmentation. So I'm seeing that a part of the holding and the healing of the bodies, of this huge body part that is like a reversal monad that's been split off in all of these different directions. There's a container that is put in and that's you. And that container comes in and it's sort of like, as strange as this is, it would be like looking at a shattered peace of glass. Like a wine glass and then gluing it back together. You have all of these pieces of glass lying there and what your body does is you go and you collect the pieces of glass, and then they start forming again.

It's like the substance that you are in terms of the consciousness you hold and the ability to go into the first point of creation, allows the template in your body to be held as the mirror, which is projected to the broken mirrors on the floor. That's in the container of your body. The mirrors start forming into the shape they were originally designed. When that happens the being that was once fragmented into zillions of pieces, starts to have self-awareness or a realization, or this other access of consciousness or self-awareness or lack thereof. It's a hard thing to say because it's very paradoxical it becomes aware of itself in a self-organizing pattern. Your body in the container holding is like self-organizing. Meaning that it harmonizes and it puts together, through the reflection of the template that you access at the first point of creation. Within those cells it's like projecting the original memory to the fragments lying there, and then the fragments start collecting themselves. As they do they get to a certain level, meaning in its new form or in its old form, in its new and old form.

Because it's such an interesting thing it's ancient and it's new all at the same time. I'm seeing that when something is created and then it explodes into bits, like a glass and it splinters and explodes in all these different directions. When it's brought back together it actually has more pieces, it's really interesting. Like saying the glass is now a goblet and it's got different pieces on it now. And even though it's symmetrical it's interesting, what was wine glasses is now a crystal goblet. That happened from the act of taking an original creation and fragmenting it into bits, and crashing into bits and then reforming it. And as it reforms it's got new parts of itself that have come into a part of its reformulation. And that's exactly what I'm seeing.

Rehab Program for Fallen Monadic Identities

These beings that having been like Jehovah and Beelzebub, that when they fragmented themselves I'm seeing another level memory and I'm not entirely certain at what point they're going to have a memory. But it's almost like seeing that they agreed to do this as a part of an understanding at that inception point. Meaning when they were at the first phase in the creational cycle when they agreed to do this role of reversal monads, and how this would be splintered and fractured all out there, they did this with an understanding that they would be reformulated into a new aspect in God's creational universe. It was something that was actually done from love at the time. It's interesting because I'm seeing that the memory is erased, like when you fragment yourself into all those pieces you don't remember.

So in a sense a lot of what our job has been, as you have been in that role is to love these beings back into understanding who they truly are as they have forgotten themselves. So it's like saying in a sense it's really the most amazing thing to witness and observe. Because it's like saying this being has ultimately given the ultimate trust to God to say that I'm going to forget myself, I'm going to fall into density and I'm going to become something completely foreign, that I don't know myself to be. And then we are the ones that came in to say 'I will not forget you, I will not leave you here, I will reformulate you to what you truly are by remembering who you really are', and we will create this together. I'm seeing that as a co-creative partnership in creation, these parts of self are being reformulated into something. That has a foundational basis of the first point of creation in the original beauty and power of what this monad, eternal monad being was. And at the same time something new is being generated, a new spectra, a new universal corridor, a new something in the process of this is being built or created organically from this.

So it's pretty fascinating to look at it from this level because it's like feeling where we're able to access now that first creation hub. And we're holding that it's taken a lot for us to get to this core first creation hub. But this is what this is I'm seeing the circulation of all of the currents that come in and out of that in the cosmic manifestation template. This is looking at merkaba fields these hub bodies that are being created are Universal or cosmic manifestation merkaba fields. And these merkaba fields of cosmic manifestation are part of these multiple monad, eternal monad bodies that are being reconstituted now. There's something about now, and again feel what feels in alignment to you, because this is so challenging to bring words to. Is the big pieces of the reversal monad factions, in understanding these huge players that were a part of the first creational cycle, the first point of creation, agreed to do this. These are the beings, these are the main guys I guess the main monad pieces in the first creational hub that are being re-collected. And your job was to do that as was described.

First Point of Creation in Universal Core

Now we have moved into the point of creation. I'm seeing what happened is as these beings were carried and they were reconstituted into a new creation they went into the center hub area. This first phase and point of the primal fields and I'm seeing now a connector into other Universal cores. And these Universal cores are picking up the resonance of those monad bodies that were in the core. It's like we're looking at pieces that are in other universal creations coming back to the core. So I guess what we're understanding is that we have multiple universes having some kind of an event, where the core access is creating something that has never been created before. It is a new creational cycle and the end of a creational cycle, it's all happening at the same time.

And we're moving into that first point of creation where now what appears to be happening is the architecture that is the eternal life architecture is what we are building access to in these creational hubs now that we're bringing here. I'm understanding that all this into the center core is about accessing these cell bodies that then align themselves into clusters, which can bring the trinity fields these tri-wave fields. Because again we understand that we cannot connect to the core without the three principles rotating in the particle, anti-particle and anti-matter levels, where these three levels come together and create that trinity field. So we are in the process of bringing in the mechanics in the cell clusters in the merkaba fields that allow the tri-wave light fields to be distributed throughout these cells, then we anchor them as hubs within the planetary body.

So I'm understanding again that we embody it, we become the physical conduit I guess in this particular creational structure. We're the physical conduit of the inner and outer cells that merge. I guess we are the outer relationship while they are the inner relationship, and we need the inner and outer. Meaning that when we're dealing with Beelzebub and Jehovah and these beings that have gone into reversal monad status, and we're re-collecting these crystal fragments and they are reconstituting themselves. As they reconstitute they are a necessary part of the agreement of all of this that the inner and outer have to meet. And as the inner and outer meet we're creating a new tri-wave light field, or some kind of field of energy that we talk about as the eternal core substance of God, the primal light field of the eternal and perpetually sustained light.

Somehow this feels like yet another extension of this that I don't have words to describe at this moment. It's like understanding the basis through which these trinity or tri-wave light fields can emanate in these cell clusters, are directed into creational hubs that emanate primal force. And the primal force of God is that which is enlivening and animating, it really reminds me of the biblical passage, the dead will walk again. This is what I understand by this, if we look at what's happened to planet Earth and we see the disconnect. And honestly and unfortunately the challenge of watching beings that are like The Walking Dead. I'm not just talking about people that have passed on into multiple planes and are kind of static and their growth. I'm literally talking about that which animates the dead into life and I'm understanding that's what this is.

This is a re-creational hub that emanates an extension of God in tri-wave light fields that emanates a primal force that animates the dead. This is the strangest thing to try to explain but I'm understanding that these living light bodies are God force currents that are coming in. Or we're building the vehicle through which this can come in. So I'm understanding the core foundation, meaning we've laid the cement we've got the foundation for the body on the planet. Now we're looking at these cell clusters that create structures that allow these extensions of the God force currents to come in. I'm seeing that this is so huge. Because what it does is it reconstitutes all the colors. It's like saying the ionic fields on the particulates of all of the ray structures are going to be reanimated by this. So when we have first ray, second ray, third ray, etc, the rays that our chakras are built upon. These are being reanimated into new particulate units that come from this God force current. And again it's all about the triad fields and building the trinity fields and collapsing these bipolar or Vesica Pisces false structures that were splitting light fields in different directions.

Reconstitution of Fallen Angelic Identities

So the necessity of carrying these big pieces of monad in you has been the necessity of the recollection and the re-creation of these pieces of monad that are being reunited. With not only the memory, through which their primal core structure was created but another extension. They are being moved into this other beautiful light body. And that light body is a part of their, like I said they are the inner and we are the outer. Once they reconstitute and they go back into the core. What I'm seeing as an example is Beezelbub comes in and he gets reconstituted, all these fragments of himself start building into the core structure of what he truly is at the first point of creation. Which he agreed to or however we want to describe this, to participate with this level of creation. He fragments himself all over the place and he's able to have all these different experiences at different levels. At a certain point in the game he becomes a reversal piece of monad that now is creating a drag on the center staff of the monads that connect to multiple monads. So he's got to be reconstituted back into the core because the drag is now to the point of annihilation.

Meaning that at a certain point of the distance of the spinning, because I'm seeing the spinning light field of let's say a Rishic level consciousness a being that is like a Star. And that being is holding a position as a Star and he's got pieces of himself over here in this other universe, or in this other dimension. Now at this point in the cycle they have to re-spiral, it's almost like you have to reverse the polarity. The being spun so far out into the reversal form of itself, we've got to start spinning it back. I can see the spin it's been spinning out, and now it's got to spin in. At a certain point when that being gets to the core and he has been spun back into the core, and some thing sparks. And when that sparks it creates a cell relationship between an inner cell and an outer cell, which have been projected from the monad. And when that merges it creates another extension of this triad light field, which is something about the animation of the dead into life. It animates a force of cosmic God current that actually can raise the dead I don't know how else to describe this.

Building a New Core Body

So we are now in the process of building the core. These cell clusters create an arrangement that then become hubs these hubs are a part of our embodiment. Meaning that those of us that are a part of this family that are doing this, we are building these hubs within us. And then they become extensions as we are a nerve cell to the planet's body, at the same level these beings have been a nerve cell to the monad. Meaning there are pieces of the monad being re-collected they return back to the core and spark off a whole different set of creational elements and forces. The same thing is happening with us down here, so it's like saying the inner and the outer are starting to meet. Meaning the inner worlds and outer domains. Because what I'm feeling is that where these beings have been sent is a domain of God worlds that I can't describe. But I understand that there is an inner world and there is an outer world, and the inner and outer worlds are meeting. And it's meeting from these processes which are being described as a reversal monad that starts spinning in its proper direction and returns back into the core of creation.

There is a force field that is created upon its merge that sparks something within the inner and outer fields. And were going through this right now, or we're experiencing it in this moment for the first time. And this is a God force that is starting to circulate into manifestation, meaning physical inner and outer meet. It starts to move into the manifested world, we are the point people in the manifested world that start accessing this I guess at the nerve cell level. Meaning the personal body is the nerve cell of the planet, but through this extension of this position it becomes a hub. And these hubs become transits and transduction places of the point of all. Meaning I guess what we're trying to say is the first creational position and that which connects the point of all union. The core of the God cosmic heart energies, these God spark sources are coming into individuation through us and coming into clusters that create hubs. And this apparently is possible now.

Because what I'm understanding is that what we're looking at is group monad levels. So it's sort of like saying as I see this we're doing this for monadic families. It's hard to say yes it's a part of our individual body development that's happening, meaning the Lisa and the body and you and your body are going through a unique individuation of this process. But this process is absolutely not individual, it is a part of a huge piece of meeting, the best I could say is God worlds, Universes and God worlds that are coming together through these processes. So we are merging more Universal or what I would call God worlds. Up to this point I think probably for simplicity sake it was like there are seven lower heavens and there are seven higher heavens. We are connecting in the hub between the two, for me that's what Orion meeting Andromeda is all about. Is opening the center staff the eighth portal, through which everything came into this universal time matrix into some kind of manifested structure in the particle universe and here we are. Now were going beyond this, we're going into I don't know how to describe it, beyond Andromeda? It is into a core of God worlds that connect and intersect between multiple universal creations. And as that happens pieces of monad that came from our universe but had pieces of itself in another universe, are merging back into this first point of creation cycle.

So it's like saying, I really didn't understand this until now, that we have pieces of monad bodies that were not only spun off like Jehovah and Beezelbub when they came through here. But there are pieces of themselves also that are being reclaimed in another Universe. So it's like when they came back reconstituted they came back into a form, which could reclaim them selves in another God world, and that part of the God world is also being reclaimed in the core. And then it creates this force, this God force current that is starting to reconstitute the ray spectrum in which we exist. It is like saying we've got tons of ray colors, but just the three primary colors of creation and then the four attributes for the seven rays. It is like seeing all of these ray structures be reconstituted into the trinity forms now.

Universal Rays infected with Static Fields

So we're understanding that the ray structure of our universe has also been impacted and infected if you will, with bipolar or static fields. The ray spectrums are starting to move into different spectrums of color and the spectrums of color are coming from other universes. And those colors are being given to us because of Beelzebub and Jehovah and these beings, because when they go back into the core of creation and they collect themselves, it allows them to go and collect themselves into the center core. And then they can beam, or there is something that happens that changes the structure, as the core's relationship to us is changing, meaning us in density down here. So these body templates are being built into what I could just say is a multiple God world core, a multiple God world or multiple universes of which we have been a part. Apparently many aspects of our self that are here have aspects of in another universe or God world. This is also being returned at this time. And it is a part of the new force that is emanating in whatever I was describing in the animation of the dead to the eternal. It is more than a tri-wave field I'm talking about the cosmic heart of God in the primal force of creation. There something more and I don't have a word to describe it, like another extension of this and that extension is the animation, the reanimation of the dead to life.

So this is definitely amazing because it also feels like if there was any doubt about God's promise to remember all of us, I mean this is definitely something to cast those doubts away. I mean it's really understanding the illusion that we have been in, through the stages of thinking of hellfire and brimstone situations. There is no chosen one we all are a part of this and it's all bringing us back into the core of completion, into a new creation in these God worlds that are very difficult to describe. And yet we're being given an understanding that there is passage to other universes that is opening at this time. And that opening and those passages seem indicative of the processes of these beings, which you have been carrying. These beings are a necessary part of merging that balance or that ratio if you will, of the inner God worlds and outer God worlds, and the merging of these two worlds together. Which is similar to saying particle and antiparticle, these two levels of existence are merging. And as they merge something else is created from that.

Starseed Hub Gate Holders

So it appears that we are the point the portal for that. We are starting to work with different cell cluster arrangements to create hubs and these hubs are a part of our individuation process of being a hub and a inner Stargate. And as a part of the nerve cell of planet Earth that nerve cell in us is going to be creating or bringing that structure here. And this is about these currents, these God force currents getting into this reality into the bodies down here. And apparently that is a part of the process of the cycle we are embarking on now. I don't know exactly what that looks like except that clearly we're being reassigned into a different extension of what we've been doing. Understanding that this architecture is here and what our relationship to it is is extremely empowering as well. Which is really a demonstration of what we were speaking of earlier, in terms of these pieces of resistance that have been very difficult for us. Through the processes of beings that have truly forgotten who and what they're doing or what their role is. In returning them back home this feels to be a delineation point. There just isn't that same resistance because the architecture and the structure is here. And there are several successful beings that have been reclaimed and reconstituted back into the core now.

The impacts of that, as you mentioned the minions don't understand it, but there are the few that are left that do. And they're able to sense or have a realization of some sort of what it means to be returned to the core and what is going on. It is like the memory of that is starting to stir and this is a very positive thing. So it looks like as time goes on here we're probably going to be working with locations. So this means that in the coming months and at least until 2012, and then there's a measurement or an assistance that is going to happen. They will probably reassign us to something new at the end of 2012 when they do that quantic field measurement. But right now this feels a part of our role in getting these hub clusters down here on planet Earth.

These are a part of the embodiment processes that we've been working on. And I'm understanding that you have because of the role of carrying that you have had, it's almost like saying you have the template for the inner domains, I have a template for outer domains. It's interesting those of us that do this work, we're also merging in coming together to bring these pieces within ourselves into union or into the file share, of allowing these alchemy's to happen. In terms of the presence of the consciousness as it meets. So I am seeing that there are things with this that are to be applied in travel, I don't know where exactly. We've been going through a process which had multiple purposes of course.

But what we're understanding is there's another level of information and cell clusters to create these hub forms, that now are a part of moving around and getting those hubs into the nerve cells of planet Earth, in these certain parts of the planet's grid. Because these are hub cell clusters that allow the connection to certain God force currents, which we've been talking about in this cycle which are new spectrums of energy. It's like saying it's beyond triads and trinity forms and is another extension of a revitalizing force of God current, to come through these hub cell clusters that assist in the correction of the planet's brain. If we think of the planets grid it's a nervous system that's what we're correcting, is the nervous system.

Closing: So okay, thank you so much. Is there anything else? Thank you for our beloved connection, guidance teams, sharing and assisting in the completion of our session here today. Thank you. Again as we send our infinite love and gratitude to our beloved families, to our Guardian's and to the Aurora force. We thank you with all of our heart for this opportunity, and for our session and sharing and exchange here today. We ask to please seal our field and our communication links, as we come into the full presence of the now moment, in deep love and gratitude. A lot of dropping down to do. And so it is. We seal and complete our session. Thank you so much beloveds.

[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Session 5-24-2011]

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