Yellow Subtle Forces

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In the middle level, there are Yellow Subtle Forces that are in the Positive Polarity of activity, forward movement, transformation and the ability to address and resolve conflict. The active quality encourages the force or power behind the movement necessary to make great changes, which is needed for transition and spiritual growth. These forces also may incite deep feelings of inspiration, passion and personal desires. If the Pain Body has not been cleared appropriately, these desires can become overstimulated, taking the mind into obsessions and quickly resulting in pain and suffering. The pursuit of over-activity in the material world can be used as an escape mechanism from looking at the truth, as when these forces are imbalanced they easily become destructive and explosive in the person’s life. People that tend to be active too much of the time, burn themselves out through excessive mental and physical activity. Many people that are in a chronic state of doing rather than being will tend to undergo shocks in their life, in order to dismantle their energetic imbalances. The mind becomes agitated and stressed, as it’s dominated by the Negative Ego, and thus unable to hold the observer and find the inner stillness of calm and peace. Many Controller archetypes are imbalanced in these subtle forces, as they tend to be materialists, and are very unhappy and suffer when they feel they have lost control of their environment. Thus, these types of people are usually disconnected from their spiritual purpose. The over stimulation and need for constant activity makes it hard for them to be still, be alone or meditate. Because the imbalances of the positive polarity tend to generate selfishness and short term ego gratification, Higher Sensory Perception and the inner compass of the heart become blocked.[1]

Healing Imbalances

A person with imbalances of the positive polarity that has produced overstimulation and excess physical or mental activity, must move towards neutrality, stillness and holding the observer state of engaged detachment. This transforms both black substance and yellow force accumulation in the body, into the pure white and clear forces of neutrality. Because too much positive polarity generates the Service to Self level of consciousness, this group needs to transition from self-motivated actions to selfless service, such as dedicating to the Service to Others. In order to move past selfishness, we must depersonalize our problems and see the pain in others as a result of the entire human condition on the earth. To create more inner empty space, we surrender our personal disappointments and sorrows to be willing to look at ways we can be of service to the greater whole, helping to be a productive cause to solve the problems on the earth. Highly mentalized people that have problems with quieting their mind and finding inner stillness, may need more assistance with methods of psychological and emotional clearing. A cluttered and undisciplined mind makes the body restless. Through the study of Negative Ego functions and learning how to discipline the mind, while working with resolving inner conflicts, they may do better with visualization techniques before they can meditate. To move out of the selfish imbalances of the yellow forces, the healing of humanity and the earth must become the main focus.[2]


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