13th Dragon Ouroboros Line

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Solar Dragon Ouroboros

Solar Dragon Christ Michael has risen and is the 13th Dragon Ouroboros Line for Earth, Tara and Gaia.

After the Luciferian Rebellion, as the planet plunged into darkness during the darkest Aeon, Solar Christ Michael was one of the 13 Solar Dragons that went into stasis sleep in the Earth. His Solar Body was infused in the crystalline matrix of the earth grid as a single Golden Ring or Master 13th Dragon Ouroboros Line, that would remain dormant until he would be awakened by the Emerald Covenant of Rainbow Dragons and the living holy spirit of Mother’s reclaimed grail.

Christ Michael revealed himself as the embodied Golden Ring surrounding the Earth which was previously in stasis, as he was waiting for this divine moment of the return of the Emerald Order.

He is the 13th Ring of Golden Fire surrounding the Earth in a Solar Dragon Ouroboros line connected to the Taurus constellation with Aldebaran as the Royal Star of the East in the Universal Maji Grail Crown. The Golden Ring was lying dormant until he could be resurrected through the rainbow dragon animating breath of the Cosmic Founders and fully directed by the authentic Emerald Order and Cosmic Holy Father presence to help usher in the Golden Age of Ascension in Perfect Peace.

Taurus Constellation

Rainbow Dragons

Taurus constellation holds the Earth Cube platonic solid principle in a Dragon Line that governs the alchemical themes of matter transformation and lunar Transfiguration within the 2D layers of the human Lightbody and in the planetary lightbody.[1]


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