2D Aurora Buffer

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This is described in the Level Three clearing matrix in the HGS manual under Addictions/Phobia, item 12., Integrate Bodies.

The 2nd Chakra and its Instinctual Mind functions have been damaged in many people due to the 2D/4D Split, Addiction Webbing, Negative Form and engaging in repeated high risk and destructive behaviors towards the self.

The Aurora Body is a part of the Guardian assistance in supporting the healing of the the 2D emotional-elemental bodies through Aurora Re-encryptions. During the Ascension Stages, one may or may not be in alignment to the Aurora Host of which these deep cellular and elemental re-encryption takes place to help heal the elemental body and the Soul of previous trauma record.

2D Aurora Buffer is a plasmic light field buffer from the Aurora Body to help heal the 2D/4D Split and the emotional-elemental body damage that may have resulted in Soul Fragmentation and/or Addiction states. The 2D Aurora Buffer is to help begin the integration of the Soul bodies that have been damaged by these trauma events and help to ease the addictive state or its anxiety and craving, which are commonly generated through the damage in the 2nd Chakra energy centers.


Term first found: Page 104, HGS Manual

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